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via Rebel MPs to ditch Biti – DailyNews Live by Fungi Kwaramba  11 MAY 2014

Seven renegade MDC MPs, who initially joined the Tendai Biti renewal camp, are on their way back to the main formation led by Morgan Tsvangirai after Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda indicated on Thursday he had no powers to save their jobs, the Daily News can reveal.

The Daily News is reliably informed that informal talks were taking place between seven of the legislators who had earlier sided with expelled party secretary-general Biti.

Already, the MDC has directed those willing to return to the party to make formal requests.

Nelson Chamisa, the party organising secretary confirmed the developments but refused to divulge names of the seven legislators.

“In line with the ‘big tent’ approach of our president (Morgan Tsvangirai), we are saying even those who were misled to attend the Mandel conference, the door is open. We value loyalty and membership, those who feel that they went there accidentally, we are taking them back,” said Chamisa.

In a statement, Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, who is doubling as the director of information in MDC says they are now going to recall the rebel MPs riding on the letter from Mudenda.

“The response by Speaker Mudenda leaves the door open for the MDC to exercise its power of recall according to chapter 129(k) of the Constitution. Therefore, the party is going to proceed with recalling those Members of Parliament that no longer belong to it,” reads part of the statement.

With their jobs now on the line, the runaway MPs are reportedly keen on a return to the party, a move that could further expose Biti.

Jacob Mafume, spokesperson of the renewal team however, said the MPs were not going anywhere since they never left the party.

“The thing is that they never left the party MDC, (Morgan) Tsvangirai was suspended, but this is what a village bully always does when he is cornered, he takes the victim aside and asks for forgiveness and then tells people that the victim is asking to be forgiven,” said Mafume.

Mudenda washed his hands off the MDC debacle effectively directing the warring parties to the country’s courts —  a move that both parties are unwilling to take.

“What other letter do they want to write, the Speaker has made it clear that it is an internal matter, as for us we are not going to court, they can go because they want MPs expelled,” said Mafume.

In his letter to the august House, Biti claimed that only he as the bona fide  secretary-general of the MDC can write a letter recalling legislators and yesterday the main opposition claimed that the “Speaker Mudenda has refused to aid Biti’s sinister move of a Parliament coup. He has in fact, educated Biti that in circumstances where he intends to overturn and over-throw an obtaining legal order; Parliament is not the appropriate platform.”

“As such, the Speaker of Parliament has not made a ruling endorsing Biti’s position, neither has he ruled that Biti is the sole communicator with Parliament,” reads the MDC statement.


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28 comments on “Rebel MPs to ditch Biti – DailyNews
  1. dennis chikuve says:

    The truth is finally out. These so called rebel MPs are looking out for themselves not the nation. They are driven by greed and position that enables them to have an income. They are no better than Zanu PF and given that they are all considered “young” and political rookies, God help us when they decide to sing the same Bobby song; “Handiende” Fellow countrymen and women, we are in trouble and have a nation full of narcissists. We need a complete break from Zanu PF and the dubious fighting opposition that is beginning to act like a clone of Zanu PF. We have lots of genuine leaders and emerging ones that have the right mentality and the country’s best interests at heart.I am sad and ashamed to be a Zimbabwean.

  2. thembani says:

    You could not have said it better. MDC currently has unprincipled leaders who can not stand for what they believe in. All they care about is their salary and family. Biti should continue with the formation of the big coalition.2018 will judge these id.ots.

  3. colo says:

    bitis, mangomas and mafumes wil not go anywhere the mistake was not to
    use the congress to push their agenda. now they are sellouts of the mdc

  4. mujibha says:

    Thembani, Biti is a headless chicken has no direction in politics, better he stay just as a lawyer, jusg wait and see we r going to hear more from them rebels who r trying to come back. Biti is going nowhere bcause he hasn’t got the mass on his side come election time its not hoing to change nthing.

  5. Tino says:

    When you join a circus like Bitis and Mangoma, you think you are together.Then you see money is exchanging hands while you play the foolish actor.The MPs knew exactly that they were doomed.It was their own moment of madness and are now cursing themselves.Come 2018, they are not going to represent the people.Mafume cantsay the leader is a village bully Mafume.The MPS lost it, and soon realised that to be directed by Mafume, who is not in the national council is futile, and Mangoma who was fired is total disaster.
    The MPs are not serving the people, but enriching themselves, hence doing trial and error in politics.It has however further confused them and exposed Biti as a poor politition.Find better ways to sell your ideas rather than do the rebel against the people.Again those who support Biti, have you ever wondered why he is representing Gono but at the same time saying ZANU PF has destroyed the nation?

  6. LUCY says:

    How quickly these people exposed their genitals! Now we all know they have no balls!Scurrying back to Tsvangirai’s bossom for cover!

  7. Chatunga says:

    biti. gono’s lawyer one other political prostitute like jonathan moyo

  8. Chirutanga says:

    Biti has just ruined his political career which President Tsvangirai had paved for him.Shame,Shame,Shame on you Tendai.

  9. NBS says:

    Divided we fall and united we stand. Zimbabwe just doesn’t get it does it?

  10. Truth and Justice says:

    Biti we are sorry for you, you shoot yourself we will never ever support you, you made a serious mistake

  11. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    vanaJekanyika kupupurika semhepo nekupururudza ngoma isina kupfumbira.Doom yourself by following Biti et’al.

  12. Roving Ambassador says:

    MDC, MDC, you can hear from the talk, these chaps are in it for themselves. It is good this mess up happened. All is exposed for us to see.

    If they are genuine in their endeavor to unseat ZANU, They should all leave parliament until ZANU agrees to all out standing issues.
    I bet no one will. They have no power to effect anything in that house but they won’t leave. They are all ZANU supporters. Sale your on mother for a few Dollars.
    We are doomed if we follow This MDC. It is an extension of ZANU.

  13. jobolinko says:

    Dennis i fail to understand your logic rebel mps to ditch biti what s your problem ,all you wanted is to see a very devided mdc ,at the expence of the nation ,i think we having too much cio comments on this column.

  14. Madlanduna says:

    I am commenting from afar in SA and from election campaigns, every opposition party was talking about President Zuma’s home not selling their ideas and fell like water melons, we saw some eating their hats in public view, we had people blaming Mr Tsvangirai, for their failure, now who fooling who, wanted to run before crawling shame shame


    This Biti, learned as he is cant properly express himself. He was always leaning on Tsvangirai’s charisma which he mistook for his own. Now his tiny balls are in the open and he is running to the African diplomats for cover. Biti, you must use your own balls boy, you cant borrow mine!.

  16. munakaimwe says:

    Biti l feel sorry for you we all thought that you have the Brains but you don’t have Shame Shame on you.Even all those so called Rebel MPs takava votera nekuti vaiva mu MDC T even dai pakaiswa Gudo tairi vhotera chete nekuti ndere MDC T saka mairasa.
    Those Rebel MPs havafanirwe kutambirwa back NO HAIBO varatidza kuti they are after their pockets not the Nation plus Hakuna zvekuti vakaenda ku Mandel ne Accident what type of Accident is that yekuti MP vamunotemba navo kukumirirayi vanoti ndakaita zvakati ne accident that’s Rubish .CHAMISA we don’t want.them back imbwa dzevanhu.katsi mahure ema MP. MDC T for life

    Ndatenda hangu

  17. Chitova weGona says:

    Biti,Mafume and Partners! These fools are in political ruins. They must join the masses as ordinary people. No one in his proper senses will vote for Biti,Mangoma and Mafume. Sipepa also is another cunning elder. Why did he stoop so low as to be fooled into joining small minded boys like Mkwananzi and Mafume? Biti will never lead a political party in Zimbabwe that will command respect from us the majority. He must join Zanu.

  18. Kurt says:

    Think of all the lives lost and the great sacrifice made by many Zimbabwians the lost of careers the split of families and all for this useless MDC leadership that have made a mockery of what it stood for.Go to hell with Mugabe and ZANU?

  19. munzwa says:

    I think this is a misleading article.My reading is the speaker has washed his hands of making a decision on this matter and told the 2 initiates to approach the Con court, if they so wish.So the status quo remains….why then would the 9 or so MPs want to return to Tsvangirai? Please correct me if i am wrong…

  20. Zindoga says:

    Takazvitaura isu kuti Vana ava kuna Save.Nyangwe muite maparty anotungamirirwa naana Vince ,Masiiwa naana Mawere pasina Tsvangirai hamurume.zim people knw what they want they are tired of Experiments.Form the Parties and meet Tsvangirai in the Ring Munokwapaidzwa.

    • Roving Ambassador says:

      Our politics is so immature, no wonder we cannot get rid of ZANU. Do people really look AF the facts before them or just follow blindly until the nation is down on its knees like now, .
      Bob and Tsvangirai will fool their followers into starvation and like idiots they Will die for their corrupt leaders.
      Are we really that stupid as a nation. Can we not see that ZANU and MDC are one and the same. You are being played the baba jukwa trick.
      Wake up Zimbabwe.
      34 years and you still don’t see the evils of ZANU .Countries like Botswana which had nothing in the 70s compared to us are now lenders of choice to Zimbabwe.
      Wake Zim ,we going nowhere fast with these goons.

    • Roving Ambassador says:

      Masiiwa is already a brand recognized internationally and locally. He hasn’t got a tannished image like Tsvangirai. His world stature is beyond par.
      There is more Zimbos like that. Open your eyes to a wider world and you shall see. This fixation on individuals has brought us where we are now.
      We should be able to hire or fire our leaders at will when they fail us.
      Do not enslave your selves to these demagogue s. I repeat, don’t enslave your selves to these leaders. It gets into their heads ,look at Bob.
      Has any of these guys gone to help out at Tokwe. No interest.
      Wake up Zimbabwe.

      • Saddened says:

        Hear! Hear! Roving Ambassador we are so politically immature as reflected in the many comments above. Tsvangirai may have a large following but his performance during the GNU clearly showed that he is incapable of running the country. Heaven forbid he ever takes over. Come on people lets be guided by ability & performance not blind loyalty. This is how the majority regarded Mugabe in the early years & look where we are today!

  21. Straight Shooter says:

    1. I dont see anything wron with Biti and company’s move against Tsvangirayi. He has given valid reasons; which were proven before during the 2005 split – so what is the problem? Why are you insulting him?

    2. Tsvangirayi company have not contested the reasons given; instead they have resorted to insults – please contest the reasons as domocrats and prove Biti wron. Stop acting like ZANU PF.

    3. To the Tsvangirayi supporters here; please argue the reasons given by Biti for suspending Tsvngirayi. Prove him wrong and Stop the insults!

    • Chokwadi says:

      Biti chose to follow Tsvangirai in 2005. The reasons he gave for expelling Tsvangirai are the same given in 2005 split. He knew Tsvangirai’s weakness but chose to follow him showing that Tsvangirai’s weakness are Biti’s weakness. Biti is no better without Tsvangirai but Tsvangirai is more better without Biti. Look at what happened to the defunct formation of MDC led by W. Ncube. The same fate awaits Biti and defectors come by eletions or 2018. Nhai VaBiti hauchenjedzwi here nechakatanga.

  22. Chimoto says:

    Help me here guys!!! I have a problem with people who see Masiiwa as a clean person.Way back, Econet lines were gold to get.They were sold at exorbitant prizes while in SA spazas sold lines for R2 .Masiiwa knew of the killing made on innocent subscribers.It was really expensive to get an Econet line, but on black market you could get as many as you liked.Where was Masiiwa when his company was fleecing subscribers? Give genuine honest answers not kurotomoka with emotions.The white horse is not white after all

    • Roving Ambassador says:

      Chimoto, which year are you talking about and what economic conditions were prevailing nationally? I do not have to go further because Masiiwa should be able to give reasons.
      I am just giving you pointers so you can open your eyes.
      Two different economies .
      Thank you

    • Chokwadi says:

      Masiiwa is a bussiness enterprenuer let him do what he knows best. Thats the problem we have on the land issue. We took bus drivers. Teachers, politicians, bankers and in vain made them farmers. Look what is happening. Its time we knows that a bus driver who has never had an accident does not automatically convert to a good farmer. Leave him/ her to do the best they are able and find those talented to be farmers do farming. Leave Masiiwa as he is otherwise he will make a mess of his good. Honai paasvitswa nateacher vakanzi you can lead a nation

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