South Africa stops processing permits for Zimbabweans

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | SA govt stops processing permits for Zimbabweans 17 May 2014

The MDC-T SA has reacted with shock and horror to the directive by the South African Department of Home Affairs instructing its officials to stop processing any document related to the Zimbabwe Documentation Project.

The worst fears of millions of Zimbabweans living and working in the neighbouring country have been confirmed, says the party’s spokesperson Rogers Mudarikwa.

Under the documentation project Zimbabweans were issued with four-year renewable work permits.

“In meetings four years ago we sat with the then Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, now chair of the African Union, and her Director General Nkuseni. The minister promised to renew the work permits upon expiry. She dismissed our suspicions that this was an intelligence gathering exercise. Now, four years down the line, the South African government is singing a different tune,” said Mudarikwa.

“Home Affairs is no longer renewing the permits. The department is also not re-issuing new work permits for those who lost their passports containing valid work-permits. Those who got two years work permits on the basis of the ending life-span of their passports are not being issued the remaining two years – even after acquiring new passports. We wonder if we made a mistake to trust the government of South Africa,” he fumed.

Home Affairs officials in Johannesburg told MDC-T officials today that they were completely in the dark. The department is now saying Zimbabweans must apply for the renewal of their work-permits from Harare. The officials said the decision to stop the project was a complete u-turn to what was agreed on between the Minister and members of the stakeholders forum that resulted in the documentation project.

The project was initially shunned by Zimbabweans who suspected that the South African government was trying to flush them out. But when MDC-T officials in South Africa encouraged fellow Zimbabweans to participate in the project, more than 250,000 came out and applied for the four-year permits. Those with refugee statuses were coaxed into surrendering them in exchange for work permits.

“Zimbabweans feel deceived by the South African government. The ANC government is now running away from their signatures. It is ironic that such a revolutionary party whose leadership was kept comfortably in Zimbabwe during their liberation struggle could treat us like that. We have a strong suspicion that the current Minister of Home Affairs, Naledi Pandor, has little understanding of challenges faced by Africans. We urge the ANC government to be sensitive, compassionate and considerate. Such a decision by the government has the potential to fan xenophobic attacks,” says a statement from the MDC-T.

The party has urged all Zimbabweans to email or call senior officials in the Home Affairs department urging them to reconsider this decision:

Mkuseli Apleni: Director General, 082 449 7535, (012)406 2501 email: OR

Jackie Mckay, Deputy Director General Immigration Services 0824428998, (012) 406 2697 or email:


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58 comments on “South Africa stops processing permits for Zimbabweans
  1. Kabunga says:

    Perhaps if the ANC would insist that Zanu PF sort out their own policies on the economy and ensure that it gets up and running again then the desperate Zimbabweans wouldn’t need a SA work permit and instead could contribute to Zimbabwe becoming the bread basket of Southern Africa once again.

  2. japananga says:

    Lets just fix our problems and not beg to remain in another country enjoying fake comfort… Return home and stand up.

  3. kagamba says:

    Chidzokerayi kumba manyanya pretoria you are turning that place to mbare go in esselen street by 10:00 am they are already drinking beer

  4. Chaka says:

    Let fellow Zimbos prepare to come back home. Let’s fight together. It is very unfortunate

  5. Jrr56 says:

    It may be a good thing as the gutless wonders in Zimbabwe are unable to stop Mugabe destroying the little than remains of Zimbabwe.

  6. nyoni says:

    Those Stupid South Africans can not handle the fact we are taking their jobs and doing it better. Shame on you SA shame. FOR ALL WE DONE FOR YOU NOW THIS.

    • Proudly South African says:

      if you can tell me how are you handling our jobs better because you should first do better at home. We can’t have unemployment at home and have foreigners from Far away steal jobs. It does not make any sense. Its time you all go back home.

      • Saddened says:

        Ask nearly any employer who has Zimbabweans in their employ who they consider to be better employees when comparing South Africans & Zimbabweans & you will inevitably get the answer loud & clear. ZIMBABWEANS!!!

      • Gomogranny says:

        Proudly South African when your next door neigbhour’s house is on fire I hope your attitude will not be “sorry, your problem mate, deal with it”. You better remember that the reason we are still lumbered with this government of our that has caused 3 million Zimbabweans to flee to South Africa is that YOUR leader refused to ensure that the voice of Zimbabweans were heard when we voted Mugabe out in 2008. YOUR government is the sole sponsor of our current problem….Proudly South African are the only goods we find in our supermarkets (which are South African as well, SPAR, Pick’n Pay etc.) You export everything to us and it suits South Africa that our Manufacturing Industry is now DEAD. Your government wants ZANOIDS to keep “running thingS” – It makes us ripe for South Africa to pick and choose from our skilled people, sell your products to us (NOW THAT WE ARE USING THE SOUGHT AFTER US$)….. stop being so smug – you South Africans are enjoying the benefits of holding Zimbabwe down – IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

  7. Jono Austin says:

    Well then do the same to all the South Africans who have flocked to Zimbabwe in search of work. Who are these South Africans to come to Zimbabwe and take all the jobs?

  8. Mixed Race says:

    Well said comments except one from Nyoni who thinks Zimbos are better people than the rest of Africa, when they are terrible beggars caused by their naive and misguided mentality.
    S Africa does not owe you anything Zimbos because you ran away from your home problems and looked for easy solutions.There is no such thing in life,you have to struggle to resolve your home problems.The Holy Bible makes it quite clear that you reap what you sow through your sweat not by running away to neighbouring countries expecting the brave ones at home to do the dirty work for you.
    If they really need you they would have given you permanent residence status but they don’t thus why they want you out of their country.What can MDC-T do when they are not in government any more?Think logically before you make a useless statement in the media.
    You call yourselves hard workers when in-fact you are over driving yourselves so that you could get citizenship of those foreign countries at the expense of your health,because most of you come back home totally exhausted due to induced work stress.You are not hard workers,but people who are easily exploited and used for quick financial gains by some unscrupulous employers.I would not want a foreigner to tell me that he is better than me when I know my countries surroundings better than him/her,so the S Africans are wronged by your attitudes.

    • Kanganwiro says:

      I totally agree with you, Zimbabweeans have deceived themselves into thinking that South Africa owes them anything. I hate it when Zimbabweans in SA go around claiming to be more hardworking and educated than South Africans yet we are being hosted by South Africa. It is a wonder that South Africans have tolerated us for so long, what with crippling job shortages among South Africans , I find it distasteful for us to boast of taking people’s jobs yet we have failed to create any in our own country.

  9. truth says:

    Again the headline wrong again hey these people always write what u hear not exaggerate stories. Home Affairs SA has never said that they said the discussion under debate in the new government. Dont panic Zimbabweans all sides are good for you. God knows best than human beings. His wisdom is far greater incomparable.

  10. haranga says:

    come back home and work to make it a better place

  11. Onyonyoo says:

    If maDlamini had remained at home affairs we would not be having this problem and these xenophobic inclinations…. You see, she is one official who prefers to stick to her agreements.If any signatures were put on paper.. as it appears to be the case, let’s SUE the department so FAST and HARD Pandor and Apleni will think they are sorrounded!

  12. nyoni says:

    Now we are talking . Thats what freedom of speech is all about.

  13. Mixed Race says:

    Yet another illogical comment.Why not take your home government to court for not generating jobs for you?Why waste your limited foreign acquired funds fighting a hopeless case? Think again if you still have personal dignity left within you.

  14. Gomogranny says:

    Do not waste your energy on RSA Home Affairs….come home and squat at the Parliament Buildings in Harare….the problem is there and so is the solution.

  15. Tingwes says:

    Our permits are going to be renewed, that i am confident. Sometimes people we want to speak on behalf of the South African authorities, thereby putting our own words into their month. Zimbos watch out, this could be another belated fools day.

  16. Legal Eagle says:

    A lot of misinformed bigoted opinions here. Firstly Mixed Race, you accuse people of being ignorant/making illogical comments yet your comments are the most baseless. Firstly, when the SA gvt “gave” these work permits to Zimbabweans it was on the basis that they surrender their asylum/refugee-seeking status. SA is a signatory of the UN Refugee Convention of 1951 meaning it is obliged to respect the rights of anyone who enters its border having been subjected to persecution in their country, seeking refuge there.

    The SA government was duplicitous in that it offered Zimbabweans work permits in exchange for them relinquishing their refugee seeking/asylum status, a process which might I add they deliberately frustrated offering 6 month permits then thereafter 3 months, and furthermore arbitrarily withdrawing them. They furthermore made a promise to renew the permits, which they are reneging from.

    You furthermore allege(with Japananga et al) that the people of Zimbabwe who are here have the capability or capacity to “stand up” against the ills of the Zimbabwean government. This however betrays your ignorance of the unequal power relation between a government and its citizens and how a government with no respect for the rule of law can abuse its citizens rights. Those of you who think that it is better for the Zimbabweans to go home and fight is akin to claiming that the Jews should have fought for their Jewish nation when Hitler persecuted them. In essence you are consigning Zimbabweans to death camps.

    I also abhor the pride and arrogance shown here by some claiming entitlement to work in South Africa on the basis of their inherent “ability”. Whilst it may be true that private companies are willing to hire skilled foreign labour because of the advantages it poses, ie cheaper training costs etc, there are dynamics at work here. Firstly the SA government needs to ensure that its citizens enjoy access to opportunities, which puts it at loggerheads with private enterprise, who’s interests are not reconcilable with that of the government. Consequently government is constantly looking at ways and means of plugging whatever loopholes private companies exploit in order to subvert affirmative action policies and employment equity measures. It is within the SA gvt’s rights to do this because it derives its legitimacy from its electorate, and cannot pander to the whim of non-voting immigrants to which it owes nothing.

    The SA government is however not permitted to conduct itself illegitimately, be deceiving asylum seekers who were in the process of applying for refugee status on the basis of political persecution, by offering them a work permit and a promise to renew them, and then reneging on this promise. This goes against the principle of “unclean hands”. As a result I urge all Zimbabwean when going to Home Affairs and their applications for the renewal of their work permit refused to immediately apply for an asylum permit. We are to form a lobby group and contact PASSOP and start immediately seeking legal recourse on how the SA government has maliciously and deliberately tried to subvert the due process of refugee application. Many of us left the 2008 political persecutions, and saw our friends and relatives murdered. People treat this as if it is a bread and butter issue, but in actual fact it is a life and death matter.

    It also explains why the SA government has been so quick to declare the elections in Zimbabwe free and fair as it wants to portray an image of political normalcy in Zimbabwe so it wont have to accommodate millions of Zimbabwean refugees. Unfortunately life is a strange thing and the very thing that you think you have out-witted usually out-wits you. The SA Home Affairs department is in for a grave shock when us Zimbabweans go to the Courts of the land seeking justice on this matter. It is of no surprise to me that the Department of Home Affairs has had so many of its processes, rules and practices considered unconstitutional and therefore declared invalid. They should appoint proper legal advisors, and consult all relevant stakeholders when they desire to implement something because they are wasting a lot of tax-payers money!!!

  17. zimbabwean says:

    Please Zimbabweans lets face it, we are definately depriving South Africans of their well deserved Jobs because of our ‘Yes Boss’ attitude. I agree with the writer above, we are not hard workers, but infact we are desperate workers who are willing to do anything at the lowest wage possible or even for free. We go around begging for people to exploit us. We are definately taking food from the mouths of these South Africans. After spending 7 years in the country, l have come to realise that its time to pack my bags and go back to Zimbabwe and face my demons there. South Africa should stop issuing this work permits because its affecting the deserving SA citizens. Ngatidzokerei kwatabva weduwe tisiye varidzi venyika nenyika yawo. Asibuyeleni ekhaya madoda namankazana isilindile iZimbabwe.

  18. nyoni says:

    Wena Mixed Race. If people want to work or go where they want to they are free to. When Zambia had their economic problems they came here to Zims. Did we chase them away. I dont know what u are on about but you are lost and bloody confused. Your comments are illogical baseless and definitely out of context. Vince was right in what he wrote about us. Think about it from now and put your energies to rid us of Zanu. Something I think you are not even trying to do.

    • Straight Shooter says:

      Yes, when Zambia had problems Zambians used to flock to Zim but you insulted them and bragged left right and centre. Accept it please, some Zims are not the nicest people on earth and we all know who we are talking about here. They also know themselves!

  19. Dube says:

    It’s the haves Nyoni. He is obviously one of those since he talks so admiring about his homeboy Johnathan.

  20. Lerato says:

    How many permits is Zim giving to South Africans? This politics of entitlement must stop. It was a special project and it ran its course. Get general work permits, quota permits, special skills etc. There is nothing special about Zimbabweans. Malawians, Mozambicans, Nigerians etc never got such a favour. Tongoda kuita pamuromo. Its not a right.Sort your papers if you want to stay in RSA.

  21. Wilbert Mukori says:

    The SA government that has routine renewed Zimbabweans’ work permit in SA has announced that is no longer going to do so. Zimbabweans are to renew their permit in Zimbabwe from now on.

    “We wonder if we made a mistake to trust the government of South Africa,” fumed Rogers Mudarikwa, an MDC official in SA.

    It is not a matter of trust; but accepting the reality that SA had been generous to al-low so many political and economic Zimbabwean refugees into the country. We should have implemented the reforms agreed in the GPA and we would be talking of a different Zimbabwe right now.

    Samuel Sipepa Nkomo admitted the other day that SA government advised MDC to implement the reforms and then strongly advised them not to have elections without the reforms but they were ignored. MDC-T supporters in SA were reportedly endors-ing Tsvangirai’s leadership of the party the other day; in otherwise endorsing the mess he created but paying no heed to SADC warning. If Zimbabweans are happy with what MDC have been doing then we must also be happy to go back!

    SA is sending back Zimbabweans at a time when the Zimbabwe’s economic situation is even worse than it was back in 2008. Millions of Zimbabweans relied on SA directly or indirectly and the future for them is grime. By failing to bring about meaningful change when we had the chance to do so, Zimbabweans have played a part in creating this nightmare. One can only hope that the SA government will not enforce the permit to work decision and thus force people back to the hell-on earth of the Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe.

  22. Mixed Race says:

    @Nyoni,I face the evil daily from Byo not from outside the country making a fool of yourself.You are free to go anyway,but not to interfere with indigenous people’s working conditions eg lowering their salary rates because you allow to be paid below minimum level salary.
    This is what I am trying to convey to you that we are not here to do the dirty work for you.You should come back home and join us if you are a person of high integrity.
    How many Zambians came here during their economic hardships?Do not argue on an issue you have little knowledge about.The Zambians who were here came mostly during the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland,I know this because the federation was created when I was old enough to understand the politics of that time.Which normal country can accept such a big number of foreigners exceeding 3.5 millions without compromising its resources adversely? Try to think logically for a charge.

    • Straight Shooter says:

      Mixed Race
      Zambians also came to Zim, to shop, sell stuff and do piece jobs in the 1980s; not necessarily during Federation only. I know this for sure because at the time I was working at Wankie Colliery Company and there were many of them at Vic Falls. True, there weren’t as many as the Zims in SA. But lets get our facts straight!

  23. jobolinko says:

    Zuma should be the last person to flush zimbabweans out because he endorsed fraudlent zimbabwe election he did not even try anything to have a free election in zimbabwe

    • Straight Shooter says:

      Free elections are your business as a Zim, not President Zuma’s problem. I wouldnt be surprised if you are one of Tsvangirayi’s noisy supporters. People who will never take responsibility for anything.

      The fault is Tsvangirayi’s and his MDC-T. They drank Monday teas with the gukurahundi; insulted Welshman when he tried to show them the danger; ignored SADC when they told them to include Welshman in the GPA government; ignored SADC when they advised them to insist on reforms and not to participate in the hurried elections.

      Now how is this Prsident Zuma’s fault?

  24. mayele says:

    Mixed race you not a Zimbabwean your comm can tell baseless irrational and nonsense

  25. Hutu says:

    I just wonder here what some are saying. This situation was created by the present Government. Come home and build others say. Come home to be unemployed and commit crimes others might say. The truth of the matter is that some in our society don’t grasp the situation these people are in. They are eating. And so are their loved ones because of the ducking and diving these people are doing. @ Mixed race you are not in their predicament. Neither am I. So in this particular scenario FIX THE COUNTRY FIRST. THEY ARE WHERE THEY ARE BECAUSE OF the broken country. WHO BROKE IT? The ones that cheated, stole and forced people to swim through crocodile infested rivers to get to South Africa so their families might eat. YES LET US FIX THE COUNTRY SO THAT OUR FELLOW ZIMBABWEANS THAT ARE SUFFERING IN SOUTH AFRICA CAN COME HOME AND SUFFER NO MORE. ZUMA, MBEKI you are a disgrace to UBUNTU.

  26. Mixed Race says:

    What I am against is the attitudes of our desperate Zimbos in these neighbouring countries,ie they think their better than the locals there when they are really the ones who need help, not the other way round.They should respect the indigenous people there and beg for real help not to think they are justified to be there due to their brilliance.We cannot make real political change with misguided Zimbos who think they are better than other Africans.I suffer daily but I refuse to be chickened by these politicians.Look at what is happening in Chitungwiza.The masses are beginning to trust themselves and refuse to be taken for granted when their rights are violated.They are now putting aside cheap political differences to ensure that the land lords who sold them illegal stands should face the law before their houses are demolished.This is progress in the right direction.

    • Straight Shooter says:

      Mixed Race
      I am a Zim in Mzansi, but please leave me out of your generalisations. I have never claimed to be better than any other African. Yes I am educated, but so are many South Africans.

      I integrate myself into every Community I live in; I dont stand out like a sore thum as if I am better. I can speak isiZulu; isiXhosa; isiNdebele; sePedi and seTswana – you would never tell me apart, even my accent has changed. I tshisa nyama with South Africans; I make friends with South Africans – I dont look out for Zimbabweans all the time for company; because I know South Africans are also people.

      I dont brag; I dont show off – infact, if you didnt know, you would never know I am from Zim. I am a PAN AFRICANIST – I can also speak Swahili and a bit of Chewa!!

  27. Hutu says:

    @ Mixed race you have to ask yourself? 3 million that think they are better than the rest? 3 million criminals? 3 milllion returnees that will have no jobs to return to? Cheap politics? Really man this is expensive politics. At whose expense.. THE PEOPLE. You of all people should understand coming from the group your name seems to suggest.

    • Hutu says:

      To those on his website who want to know what is happening. What have Mbeki and Zuma done? Whilst Mugabe sleeps they have taken over the investments that were for Zimbabwe. They have neutralized our farmers so that we buy simple things like eggs from South Africa. They have enslaved us so that our people are beaten and killed and to date who has been arrested for all those who lost their lives. They have plundered or assisted the plunder of our resouses. They have turned us into a nation of refugees. But this is about to change. WATCH THIS SPACE.

      • Petal says:

        Surely this kind of issue should be taken up with an organisation like SADC if this is going on or either do you think that Bob has struck a deal with them??

  28. Petal says:

    what i know of mixed race zimbos the rich mixed race zimbos do not want to know the poor ones it can be their relatives they cannot even help those in need. the rich mixed race zimbos will not employ they own mixed race zimbos who need employment.
    The caucasians will employ anyone they are not selective like other groups

  29. Petal says:

    Rich Mixed Race zimbos are well known for blowing their vuvuzelas about what material stuff they own whehter they are at home or abroad

  30. Mixed Race says:

    Mixed Race tolerate nonsense from all races and tribes with total humility and dignity.Check how all governments treat us eg they give us silly ID numbers, and the colonial government tried to use us to fight our black brothers but we strongly resisted it.@Petal you have changed the debate topic because you have failed to think deeper to convince me.
    You are now bringing a racial topic because you think you will have support from other contributors but you have misjudged my intelligence my friend.How many mixed race have looted in Zimbo land so far?What they have they earned it through their hard works.I am not rich property wise but I am rich spiritually and mentally for my age of over 65 years.I have no room for cheap tribal or racial politics.

    • Petal says:

      the point am driving home which you have misunderstood
      it is factual mixed race people do not assist others thre is a class structure. yes a large percentage of mixed race people do not own land but some do because i know some but a few point am driving home it is time to change the mentality and unite and assist those. It is like very few mixed race people will help when those cross the border.

      Am not changing the topic perhaps did not explain it very clear but in all honesty i know some very well do mixed race people and they are very snobby

    • Petal says:

      and if you have read some of my comments in previous articles have mentioned and wanted to know why Mixed Race and Caucasians eg. like the farmers who are being tortured and chased of their land that they have worked hard on are being excluded from assistance from Foreign NGOs when these are the people that need the assistance most in my opinion
      the Mixed race people should unite and ask questions
      know something no one will have the balls to answer this question

    • Petal says:

      And another comment that have raised the about the SADC surely they are the ones who should be making countries that belong to this organisation FREE MOVEMENT for the citizens of the country (movement of people without hinderance) -NO they do not seem to care. it is not only South Africa that is doing this with permits, visas Botswana is also doing this and they belong to SADC

  31. Straight Shooter says:

    The only solution is to remove the border between Mzansi and Zim and incorporate Zim into SA as was once proposed by the White Apartheid government and rejected by the Rhodesians.

    Only this way will we be able to neutralise the politics of gukurahundism up north via a government in Pretoria. We could form a Federal Government of Southern Africa (SA) with Zim as one of the States or split into two States among the other nine South African provinces, to make eleven federal states.

  32. Petal says:

    my view is that South African Govt. is supporting Bob and not the suffering ordinary people who are battling to fend for themselves because of what is going on in Zim. They are trapped and this should not be the case

  33. Petal says:

    No only them, as well as SADC they are not doing enough to ease the plight of those who are struggling

  34. Petal says:

    How are those organisations in South Africa who are dealing with Migrants reacting?
    Trust they will continue to persue the matter

  35. Mixed Race says:

    @Petal, if I misunderstood you I apologise,however I would like to say this happens to all races maybe more to the mixed race due to our mixed culture inherited from the two cultures our parents belonged which is good because it makes us in a better position to relate to both races easily.
    This is why I am against any form of racism or tribalism.When people think they are better than others it makes me sick.We must admit that we Zimbabweans have annoyed our brothers within Africa by our careless talk.Go to any neighbouring country they will tell you that we Zimbos over rate ourselves

    • Petal says:

      Apology accepted!
      Bob has not taught his people anything accept how to be LAWLESS-he lacks leadership has to come from the very top like cream on a cake
      e.g. when the Late Sir Seretse Khama of Botswana was alive – remember this incident very well. were heading to the train station with alot of luggage and some locals came to our aid and were quite surprised they said ” OUR PRESIDENT SAYS WE MUST ASSIST VISITORS WHERE POSSIBLE AND BE POLITE TO THEM” and while waiting for the train played a game of cards with a two people!

  36. sizwe nhlapo says:

    Most people are getting this confused. South Africa does not ‘need’ Zimbabweans,in actual fact Zimbabweans need south Africa. This country was already developed when Zimbabweans started coming. Look at the contribution of the asians, and central and east Africans here in south and you see that the wealth of south Africa comes from its vast diversity of culture. So because of the fact that south Africa is the capital of Africa more people are obviously drawn to it and inevitably,closest countries in peril will migrate more e.g Mexicans in America is the same example as Zimbabweans in south Africa. Its not that Zimbabweans are more hardworking than south Africans but its only the goals and motives between these people that differ. South Africans are not working on borrowed time like Zimbabweans therefore they have nothing to worry about. I personally love all different nationals in this country but when they start thinking that we cannot manage without them then it becomes a concern.

  37. mutetwa says:

    THE Truth is Shona speaking people have claimed the right to rule Zimbabwe, as they believe is their right as the majority. However the examples made by Shona leaders i.e. Mugabe & MDC-T will demonstrate the caliber of Shona people. After thirty five years of their rhetoric claims, the reality is they have looted the country dry and they do not have a clue on governance. This brings to question the legality of MDC calling itself democratic when they believe in a Shona culture above all other cultures; they are so daft they even try to practice it in South Africa. Zimbabwe is made of mixed cultures. Is it not democratic to have every culture embraced in Government? Unfortunately the hardcore Shona type cannot understand this.

  38. Mixed Race says:

    @Petal,your last comments say it all.We now all know who are to blame for our problems and superiority complex attitudes,which are counter productive regionally and internationally.

  39. Mixed Race says:

    @Petal,your last comments say it all.We now all know who are to blame for our problems and superiority complex attitudes,which are counter productive regionally and internationally.

  40. Hubert jack says:

    Why only zimbabweans as if are the only ones in south africa .they suppose to target all coutries in south africa.we want justice to take its course eg they is no war in Malawi.

  41. Lazzy says:

    Lets put everything in the hands of home affairs

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