Teachers’ incentives to go

via Teachers’ incentives to go | The Zimbabwean 11.12.13 by Tamuka Maregere

Incentives to encourage teachers to stay in urban schools are to be scrapped. Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, the minister of state for Masvingo province and Mwenezi East National Assembly member, last week said the payments would end from January.

Over the years, urban teachers have been receiving extra money on top of their basic salaries in a bid to keep them in post.

Bhasikiti said the incentives had heavily compromised the quality of education in rural areas and caused divisions amongst teachers.

“Incentives have killed the education system,” he said. “Most schools in the rural areas are recording a string of bad results each year because teachers are moving away in search of incentives,” Bhasikiti said.

He said the Zanu (PF) politburo had passed a resolution to stop teachers’ incentives, as most civil servants would soon be earning salaries above the poverty line. The minister also said the incentives had become a burden to most parents who had to fork out extra money after paying school fees, just to cater for the welfare of teachers.

He expressed hope that, as the teachers received their salary increments, the pass rate in schools would also improve.

The Masvingo provincial education director in the ministry of secondary and primary education, Fadzai Jirivengwa, said the highest pass rate at a rural school averages 30 per cent because pupils were being taught by mostly student teachers or school leavers who lacked experience.

“The educational standards at most rural schools are very low. The ministry noted that the highest number of qualified and experienced teachers is concentrated in urban centres, whilst most schools in rural areas are flooded by student teachers on attachment or school leavers who are waiting to go to universities and who do not have the expertise in teaching,” she said.


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11 comments on “Teachers’ incentives to go
  1. Gogo says:

    Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, the minister of state for Masvingo province and Mwenezi East National Assembly member… Aufunge…lol..

    Saka akabva ma incentives acho salary yavo inenge yava kukwana here???

    you are just a mere politician without sense,

    Usaroto moke Silly

  2. SADC says:

    So says the Minister of State in Masvingo province…whatever the post is…

  3. kanyembwele says:

    is ths man being quoted in his domain or z just a street voice, ths z poor news ethics, who makes that deciision yemainventives . u may as well write kt teachers incentives to increase, just another strret voice. i guess th writer was givenmoney just tomention the ministas name. fire yo reporter.

  4. papa says:

    Just another useless, unqualified, inexperienced, clueless rural minister battling to justify his existence.

  5. ngwalongwalo says:

    You haven’t seen or heard anything, more surprises are to come , guys those who did not know the works of Zanu Pf will sure know that now, I hope these were some of the pre election promises

  6. maita says:

    You don’t expect a mango from a msasa tree do you?

  7. Kondo says:

    Kudakwashe Bhasikiti wakazungaira. Uri idiot. How much were u (or those u represent) contributing to the payment of incentives? U really have no say on how parents decide to motivate their children’s teachers? Do you remember how incentives came about? You are irrellevant so either shut up or continue singing ZANU praise songs.

  8. Kondo says:

    Bhasikiti, remember many teachers left rural schools when your illiterate and semi illiterate militias went around terrorise teachers under orders from your party, ZANU.

  9. Gutu says:

    Majongwe was the first teacher to congratulate zanu in the just rigged elections,hezvokoka izvo! We are waiting for your response. Waiti Biti anonyima mateacher mari?

  10. Inno Due says:

    Kupenga uku musiyeyi

  11. Analyst says:

    Who is this Bhasikiti

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