When a president celebrates while people die around him – Tanonoka Joseph Whande

via When a president celebrates while people die around him by Tanonoka Joseph Whande | SW Radio Africa February 24, 2014

Under normal circumstances, living to age 90 would be cause for celebration. It would be an indication of how the gods have decreed.

In our case, watching Mugabe cause so much misery, rule violence, kill people and destroy the nation, it is difficult to tell on whose side the gods, not God, are.

It is a worrisome issue of why good things happen to bad people while the good die you.

When Robert Mugabe or any of his ZANU-PF people speak about the war of liberation, one would think they themselves did a wonderful job.

They ignore the fact that they survived because they are cowards and conniving thieves.

The brave ones died to liberate people like Robert Mugabe himself. What we see today is not what the people died for during the war of liberation.

Every day, we witness something ZANU-PF does against the people. They are so self-centered that the deaths of people no longer bother them.

They cause deaths of innocent people and say they are protecting the nation from us.

Nothing confirms the insensitivity of Mugabe and his bootlickers than the amount of money used to celebrate Mugabe’s birthday at a time the nation is in financial distress and at the very moment when our compatriots are left to fend for themselves during and after the Tokwe-Mukosi disaster.

As Phyllis Mbanje of the Standard aptly observed, losing a home, along with a lifetime’s collection of belongings, robs an individual of their self-esteem and sense of worth.

Apart from pooling national resources and being with the disaster victims, a normal president would have been with the people, comforting them and giving them hope while instilling a sense of belonging.

Instead, Mugabe is such a coward that he flies, at taxpayers’ expense, to Singapore whenever he thinks there is some speck of dust in his eye.

How do ZANU-PF adherents themselves feel at such show of selfishness?

While thousands of displaced Tokwe-Mukosi villagers huddle at a Zimbabwe Red Cross Society transit camp in Masvingo Mugabe and his stooges are putting up a senseless million dollar birthday celebration for a man who permanently extinguished birthdays for thousands of Zimbabweans.

Even if we were to believe the nonsense that no taxpayers’ money was used and that ZANU-PF party faithful raised the money, it still boggles the mind as to why they prefer to fundraise for a useless birthday party and not send a cent to the flood victims elsewhere in the nation.

Is that not appalling enough? Is that not evidence that Zimbabwe is being run by organized criminals? Where is our sense of purpose when we decide that a birthday party is more important than assisting our compatriots ravaged by the floods?

Why did former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Gideon Gono give Mugabe 90 head of cattle instead of giving even just ten cattle to the flood victims marooned at a transit camp in Masvingo?

There are children and elderly people there, for goodness sake. If evidence is ever needed that Mugabe is an evil demon, we cannot ask for more. And the little greedy devils like Gono are beginning to grow their tails and horns as well.

How can anyone in their right mind celebrate anything at this time in Zimbabwe?

Mugabe himself goes to the British to ask for money to pay fees for poor students while he squanders money on birthdays and endless trips to Singapore as if he will ever get well. Even if he were to get well, so what?

Million dollar birthday celebrations at a time when we are punishing students at our own university with fee hikes instead of assisting them.

The fee hike per semester now sees parents earning less than what their children need at school.

This at a time when all our parastatals are struggling and are embroiled in massive financial chicanery.

These are the same people who say they fought for dignity, freedom and independence yet they stripped us of all dignity; we are still not free and we are not independent.

What Mugabe and his thieves have excelled in is theft, murder and corruption.

And they claim they liberated the nation? This is nationalism?

ZANU-PF is outdoing itself in corruption and thievery. Now I see why Ian Smith called Mugabe and his ZANU-PF “gangsters”.

When will the abuse and rape of the nation end?

Aren’t these people ashamed at all, wining and dining while people are dying around them? What kind of animal is this president who treats the country as if it were his own tuck-shop?

When it comes to milking the nation, they attack as a unit like a pack of wild dogs.

It is painful for us to watch people who used us to free this country mercilessly riding on our backs while subjecting us to the worst living standards imaginable because these people decided to be corrupt enough to steal from their own people.

I agree that corruption destroys the economic and administrative backbone of a nation.

“The politicians, the bureaucrats and the criminals gain at the cost of the common man…the people remain poverty stricken…”

Corruption leads to economic stagnation and both the people and the nation suffer.

Corruption creates poverty and the people suffer; corruption hinders the nation’s growth.

But ZANU-PF “stalwarts” do not care about all this. They want more and they are taking more than they need. That is the unfortunate thing about greed; you just amass what is not yours while the next person starves to death.

With corruption, the poor stand no chance of improving their lives and yet a government is in existence to improve the people’s lot.

The state of affairs in our country cannot be allowed to continue.

I know that, one day, Mugabe and his people will go on trial for these heinous crimes. Those who survive will pay dearly for these transgressions, which are literally killing our nation, our children and our people.

We have killed three generations already and ZANU-PF does not care. Such crimes will not rot; someone is going to pay.

I frequently hear ZANU-PF murderers, from Mugabe all the way down to the fake illiterate war veterans, say, “Zimbabwe yakauya neropa” (Zimbabwe was born out of bloodshed).

We are often reminded of the spilled blood when we resist some diabolical moves forced upon us by our so-called liberators or when we question the way they handle our nation.

They think that having gone to Mozambique to fight for the liberation of Zimbabwe was itself a license to do as they please with us and the country.

They think that crossing into Mozambique gave them the right to own Zimbabwe and to do as they please with it.

The morons think since they used violence to wrestle the nation from colonialists, they must use violence to force people to toe the line.

The heart of the matter is that time will come when Mugabe and his people will answer for all they are doing to the people, to the nation and to the country.

ZANU-PF’s evil is unequaled.

I cannot understand how such a large group of literate men and women can stoop so low as to cause the demise of fellow Zimbabweans while actively destroying our nation.

How can they ignore victims of disaster and fail to provide school fees for the nation’s children while they bake 90kg cakes to celebrate murder and thievery?

How can they not feel for the dying children, starved by their party, or the elderly, driven from their homes by their youths?

Yes, ZANU-PF is right when they say Zimbabwe was born out of blood.

But whose blood?

Mugabe and his thieving aides are the cowards who let others spill their own blood while they survived to take the country out of the dead liberators’ hands…only to ruin it for everybody.

Those who died paid the ultimate prize, not those who survived like Mugabe.

A leader who wines and dines while his people are suffering and dying is no leader. We will get even soon enough and that is not a threat; it is a promise.

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Monday, February 24, 2014.

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40 comments on “When a president celebrates while people die around him – Tanonoka Joseph Whande
  1. Peter tosh says:

    You are a star, I couldn’t agree more.

  2. chessplayer says:


  3. Nyoni says:

    Brilliant article by a person who has opened their eyes to reality. You may have all the riches on this earth Bob and crooks but the day will come when you will leave all that on earth . Unless being the heartless souls you are you bury your loot at Heroes or Sheroes Acre. Twits

    • Tonde says:

      Excellent article Joseph. Zanu PF is worse than the drug warlords in Mexico or mafia in Italy. They thrive on deceipt, force and cruelty but guess what, one day is one day… this will all come to an end. Mugabe is a disgrace to humankind.

  4. chessplayer says:

    We can change things Zimbabwe…the Ukranians have done it. If we are not prepared to take the bull by its horns and revolt…we may as well put up and shut up. We have to make sacrifices. Zimbabwe ndeyeropa….true indeed. But of course words do have to be put into action. Munyaradzi Gwisai we need more of your kind.

  5. mucha says:

    Stupid analysis. Birthdays come and you cant stop celebrating just for a day even in war.

  6. Roving Ambassador says:

    Much a, bless you. I love the fact that you are reading these comments. Those with eyes shall see and with ears shall hear. Wake up Zimbabwe. The truth shall set us free.

  7. iceman says:

    Brilliant l can forsee a time when these zanu zealots will wish for death not more birthdays

  8. Senzachena says:

    Arab spring, now Ukraine, next Zimbabwe? It can be done, let us rid ourseleves of this trash. Let us pick up the pieces and make Zimbabwe the best country on the continent as it used to be. Let us lock these thieves and murderers in Chikurubi. Let the Diaspora come home,be free and help save the country. It can be done.

  9. Doris says:

    “Losing a home and a lifetimes collection of belongings robs individuals of self esteem and a sense of worth.” Well, Phyllis, that is exactly what has happened to 4000 white farmers – but not through natural disaster, but theft. Can I add that it also causes the elderly to get sick, the young to remember that “Granny, the bad people took all my toys”, and others to need councilling for many months. Did ZANU PF, or, indeed most of Zimbabwe care? Not a toss because the above was used against white people.

    • Doris says:

      Sorry, I should also add that I feel desperately sorry for those poor folk who have lost everything in the floods. There should be a fund set aside for victims of natural disasters – in fact the cost of Bobs celebration would go a long way in helping them rebuild their lives.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      Doris you are very wrong there. Not all Zimbabweans were happy starting with you. You might be white but you are Zimbabwaen. MDC is the main opposition party in Zim. Meaning most Zimbabweans support MDC. JUST to prove you wrong the majority if the Zimbabwaens were against the seizure of the white farms. So please if you say that you are now being a racist like what ZANU of did to the white farmers. Those farmers were white but they were Zimbabweans. Doris again don’t forget murambatsvina. This had nothing to do with whites. This was done to fellow black people by a black government.

  10. Roving Ambassador says:

    Sorry Doris, when murambatsvina, gukurawhund happened did most give a toss? I am just trying to point out we have one monster in the room.

  11. Chatunga says:

    By donating so much, gono is paying for his sin

  12. NBS says:

    Good letter. But a sad and a true one. Read psalm 73v17. Evil does have an end and will be judged. God is not mocked!

  13. Mprang says:

    How much did the salary gate costed the country, yet they just cry tiri pama sanctions we need 12 billion to revive the economy. Hatina kupusa rwendo rwuno

  14. Uncle says:

    No doubt why pple say u are a damn Ugandian used by white pple to fight our nation ,but the truth remainds as long God is on our side u will not win

  15. bingo wajakata says:

    What can I say, you took the word out of mouth!

  16. bingo wajakata says:

    What can I say, you took the words out of my mouth!

  17. tinofiranyika says:

    well said joseph but always we do not have solution who is going to lead the whole nation together with the uneducated folks that are down there i buy the idea that the intellectuals in diaspora should do more than fighting through the media otherwise mugabe is untoppled forever

  18. havanyani says:

    As usual, a passionate installation by Whande telling us what the dim-witted fail to see.
    ZANU-PF’s evil is

  19. Mthwakazi says:

    Tanonoka, the gukurahundi is celebrating becasue you as a Shona, you voted on tribal lines to put him in power in 1980 and 1985. After he militarised the state, you can no longer get rid of him.

    This is what tribalism does, when you are brought up to believe the country belongs to you and you alone because it is named in your language.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      Mkwananzi you have got a problem. You think because you are a Ndebele you think all people from Shona speaking regions are against your tribe. You feel sorry for yourself because you are Ndebele my be you feel you are a minority. Since you give us the advantage of changing how our country can be ginerned because we are Shownas thank you. OK now we are saying he should go. And we mean it. He can cling to power as of now but be reminded his days are numbered

  20. Rwendo says:

    If I am not wrong, some of the most intensive township fighting when ZANU was formed in 1963 (at Nkala’s house) was in Harare – ZAPU had so much support. By 1980, ZANU had taken advantage of a wide border of access to the country, from Mozambique plus the influence of the Chinese brand of socialism to spread widely into the rural areas (like “fish in the water”). ZAPU had more limited access from Zambia, plus the Zambezi to contend with and they also focused more on conventional military training from their Soviet ally. That is not to say tribalism is not a significant factor in the politics of Zimbabwe or other countries. But in 1980, voting was more about support and familiarity with “vakoma” and “vana mujibha” (plus intimidation and the threat of going back to war if they lost) than it was about tribalism.

  21. Read Ezekiel 18 vs 32 God has no pleasure in the death of him that dieth.

  22. Chaka says:

    Tanonoka you are brilliant, saying it like it is. A wonder why ‘literate individuals’ continue to do this

  23. Godonga says:

    Guys, hold your donkeys! Gono is not Zanu PF. Such dubious characters are normally catapulted by Mugabe from the doldrums of abject poverty to important positions to serve Mugabe, and Mugabe only! Gono is simply paying a patronage levy of 90 fattened cattle to thank Mugabe for successive promotions from Tea Boy to Governor of Zeros at 80 Samora Machel Avenue. His CV wil tel you he eats from Mugabe’s hand and not Zanu PF.

    Most bad decisions by Mugabe were executed by him and his close knit cabal and not as a Zanu PF collective.

    From Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina to the Green Bombers, there isnt a single record of resolution by the Politiburo. Mugabe is not Zanu PF, the same way Tsvangirai is not MDC, but just its Leader! His blunders must be squarely be laid at his door!

    An attempt must be made to seperate the values of the ruling junta from the values of the liberation struggle.

    It is naive for Tanonoka to say the only true and brave war veterans are the dead ones. Nonsense, Dumiso Dabengwa fought the Rhodesians in Wankie in a joint Zipra/Mk assault wel before the famous Chinhoyi battle flaunted by Zanu and he is a living hero today. So did many others within and out of Zanu PF.

    The sins of Mugabe s leadership must not necessarily implicate all Zanu PF members. The liberation war was led by a set of solid values: patriotism, selflessness, discipline, sacrifice and voluntary public service. It was unforgivable to loot from the poor during the liberation struggle!

    Please dont disrespect our liberation struggle heroes coz their sacrifice was real.

    Bayete Mzilikazi.

    • Kondo says:

      This is a rewriting of history by Godonga.I was a victim of the so-called liberation fighters and so were thousands of other villagers who lost life and limb to the cutthroats. That was pure banditry with the trophies being human skulls and deflowered maidens.The correct story is yet to be written.

  24. Mixed Race says:

    Tell them the truth @Mthwakazi,I saw everything on local TV,the youths were over excited therefore there is no suffering in this country.The so-called street kids in Harare are just fake individuals wanting more from unsuspecting people like me when I visit Harare.
    Its not ignorance as I previously thought but its total support for the dear leader by the masses in that part of the country.

  25. Roving Ambassador says:

    The sins of Mugabe implicate all in Zanu, they have kept him in power .If they really felt patriotic, they would have kicked him out or left the . I skipped the system in the late 80′s ,way before Dabengwa, when I reader the revolution had been highjacked. The signs were already there. No excuse ,all in the party a guilty of treason.

  26. mambara says:

    Mtwakazi I have noticed that your contribution is either regional or tribal to be specific and I think you are missing the point.The sins of Lobengula must not necessarily implicate all ndebele speaking people.Do not forget in Zanu Pf there are thieves from all tribal divides and you can not run away from that.I liken gukurahundi to marikana where a few misguided individuals sparked a situation which had a devastating backlash.Nobody condones gukurahundi nor marikana but the question is who started these tragedies?Its people like you mtwakazi.Your attitude will continue fueling tribal divisions and lead our people to situations experienced in the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC.Zimbabweans are aggrieved by the system not tribe.As for Doris ,though its unfortunate,but a situation where 4000 families occupied 75% of the country was unsustainable.You enjoyed paradise on earth with house maids dog maids. You are a perfect example of the system which is currently ruling the country of heartless click who believed it to be God given to have so much on the expense of the majority.Now that you were paid by your own coins you fuel the pain endured by the majority during your time.This is what we try to educate our brothers on the gravy train that the days of reckoning is around the corner.As for Cashbelt mapfupa a nehanda amuka

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Shona tribalism fuels divisions in Zim. Its not those who comment on Shona tribalism – get your facts straight!!

      • Tafadzwa Donald Gweshe says:

        Zimbabweans this is why our country seems so cursed even the rains don’t come, you all seem to focus on stupidness instead of coming on the blog and discuss ways we could improve our country without the government, you come on here and talk nonsense like some kids it seems like you all enjoy the fact we have regressed because you keep fuelling it smh. Look at Ghana it turned its country public sector into a private sector. Muka zimbabwe

  27. tafadzwa donald gweshe says:

    i totally diagree with this article, didnt even finish it but i know its rubish.What do u seriously expect Sir robert mugabe to do(perfom miracles)? he is a president not your personal accountant.just a year ago things was starting to look up for zimbabwe so why didnt people do wise things to make sure they wont be in trouble again. ZIMBABWE you want to blame someone blame those that put SANCTIONS on the country because it is they who killed the country. Pamberi ne Zanu PF. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR ROBERT MUGABE hero of the nation i pray God bless you with a 100mre

  28. mambara says:

    Bayete Mzilikazi you write like an aggrieved revolutionary comrade.I totally agree with you though .The war was fought by both Zipra and Zanla and it is only natural that Zanla remembers and celebrate their achievements with out down grading Zipra achievements.We all achieved a common goal of universal suffrage and people cast their votes and the popular side one.So far so good but however winning doesn’t give a licence to loot.The PF was formed to accommodate our minority comrades because we appreciated that numerically winner take all will overshadow their heroic and patriotic contributions.A few elements though like Mtwakazi do not want to see reality.They take it tribal y not realizing that Zipra under Zapu was an ethnic mix with one tribe dominating .Similarly Zanu was also an ethnic mix with a dominant tribe.So when it came to democracy of majority rule obviously Zanu would naturally win.The extension of Patriotic Front was a good gesture from an African context .Lets not forget if we talk of tribes there are zezuru,karanga,korekore,tonga,manyika,shangani,tonga,kalanga,Xhoza,ndebele etc and if a tribal block overpowers another politically,there is virtually no political balancing act which would be fair considering the shear number of tribes.So one click to expect preferential treatment because for one reason they thing they are superior is not only unfortunate but misguided.Alright Mtwakazi

  29. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the exact type of world which the devil aimed to build when the false God vigorously helped mankind to revolt from his God by forming both the Political system of Government and the Political world.

    In this world which the Almighty Lord God of mankind gave to the false God; if mankind is to survive therein, he has to accept that “there is a God in Heaven who solves mysteries.”

  30. Babaimi says:

    100% Tanonoka is right. No mater what you are saying friends. It was good for Mugabe to attend his birthday party in Masvingo where the flood victims are camping than to be in Marondera and feed thousands of which they were not indeed and ignored those who are indeed. On either side as long as you supporting ZANU Pf you are also evil as the leaders are. Mwana wenyoka inyoka. Nothing that is good came from this evil ruling party. And nothing to expect from them. They are only good at killing, stealing, rigging and all evil thing. People who don’t like to build but destroy. People who are always negative to the will of the majority.

    • Tafadzwa Donald Gweshe says:

      So who is better than the evil party? Western countries? MDC? And please tell me when the justification of murder , stealing etc was put in parliament? And if u dnt mind me asking what have you done to improve or better Rhodesia? I’m even just thankful Mugabe changed the name to Zimbabwe to restore the true dignity of an African country.

  31. Zvamusina Kumbirai says:

    Well spoken

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