Zimbabweans in tribal shocker over Mugabe health

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Zimbabweans in tribal shocker over Mugabe health 19 January 2014

As rumours on President Robert Mugabe’s health or death or imminent death spread around world press and social networksunalleviated by government, Zimbabweans are beginning to grow despondency and clashes in the populace on the issue begin to be the order of the day.

Since the beginning of the year, the world through press and socialnetworks have been inundated by unconfirmed but likely news of the death of President Mugabe or his critical near death illness.

The rumours or leaked information from state house have all gone shockingly unconvincingly disputed by the Zimbabwean Governmentwhich points at serious problems in the State House.

As the rumours or news spread, Zimbabweans of different cults across the country have reacted to the issue differently causing divisions among the usually calm and peaceful population.

The country is now divided physically and emotionally with some mourning the illness or death of the President while some are celebrating it.

Numerous reports of violent physical and/or verbal clashes have been emerging in the country top of which is a fist fight between two Gwanda cousins who clobbered each other terribly over the rumour.

A Mutare teenage has also reportedly been arrested for a Facebook post somehow celebrating the death of the president.

Hardly a minute passes by on the social networks without a Zimbabwean throwing in a post either celebrating or seeking confirmation if the president is still alive and well or he is dying or dead already.

In a latest gulf, a Zimbabwean woman Patience Gumbanjera Mlauzi purportedly resident in South Africa, this morning shot through a shocker tribal comment castigating the Ndebele speaking people of the country over Mugabe’s death.

Reacting to a Bulawayo24 news opinion column “Mugabe’s death not regretted before Gukurahundi apology” by Ryton Dzimiri, Gumbanjera Mlauzi from nowhere uttered a shocking tribal slur at the Ndebele people.

In his article Dzimiri was calling on President Mugabe to apologise for the murder of more than 20 000 Ndebele people in the hands of Gukurahundi before he dies if his death is to be respected and regretted by the Ndebele people.

In her comment, Gumbanjera Mlauzi (pictured) says that the Ndebeles must not celebrate Mugabe’s death as it is a sign of lack of hunhu/ubuntu.

According to her the Ndebeles have not cried enough, they are yet to cry.

She envisages being the country’s head of state and if she gets the chance would “kill all Ndebele speaking lizards”.

Her sentiments did not receive the best responses from cross sections of the country. She obviously got a huge bashing from the Ndebele people who did not take kindly to her comment.

Adding to the voice were some people also from the Shona tribe who regretted Gumbanjera Mlauzi’s statement. Heated cross insults from the two tribes went on showing a huge division and despondency in the population.

With such early pointers it is quite certain now that comments by some analysts that Mugabe’s death may bring violence and divisions in the country may be right.

The continuous call for government to at least bring President Mugabe to a public appearance may just be what is needed now in the country to bring stability.


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79 comments on “Zimbabweans in tribal shocker over Mugabe health
  1. Rukweza says:

    Gumbanjera instead she is sick and vulnerable don’t know why the husband is allowing her to create enemies&spend less time on baby care

  2. Chamunorwa says:

    I cannot believe that in this day and time, after what we Zimbabweans, both Ndebeles and shonas have gone through over the past three decades there is still people like Gumbanjera, God forbid. She needs mental assessment, there is definitely something wrong with her head. Well, why not egnore fools. Imhegera mumbaiyi kana kuti mwedzi mutate. In the next election, I’m gonna chose a party that has no tribalism, regionalism and corruption nokuti ndivo zvauraya nyika yedu nhasi. Kana pashaya party yakadaro, then ndotofoma yangu ndega. Kwebere zvavana Gumbanjera, this is a person how is trying to instigate violence chenjerayi maZimbo.

  3. Mzilikazi KaMashobane nabantu bakhe says:

    Definitely this woman is not ok in her mind. She is based here in South Africa yet she continues to verbally abuse us. I think she should look around and see,this is not Zimbabwe, i have my family members from Shona side but if this what one of them feels about us then i can tell you there are many Shonas who are vulnerable here in South Africa than you calculated. This is where the battle will start and the weapons are readily available, so be careful. Nja mgodoyi onukayo.Ngiyafisa ukwazi la ohlala khona bewuzoyikhotha imbenge yomile sifebendini

    • Smart Talk says:

      Your response shows that your mind and hers are the same and its unfortunate she has aired hers earlier than you. Why don’t you just mature and tackle this issue professionally. Whatever you are saying you can do, can also be done anywhere in the world where Zimbabweans, and by any tribe, so do not think that you have got an advance because of the altitude that you are on. Be mature and give the best advice if some of our kinsfolk are going astray. Your threats might not be taken lightly my dear. All Zimbabweans should be concerned about what happened in Matabeleland and we should all be prepared in convening for an amicable solution to this regrettable incident. You are not privileged being Ndebele and also being in South Africa. You can also meet your fate dear.

      • Mzilikazi KaMashobane nabantu bakhe says:

        yes you are right no one has the right to kill in this world, i was completely a lunatic to make such a comment. Shonas and Ndebeles Vendas Tongas lets join together and fight the real problem whether balot way or gunsway.

  4. LUCY says:

    This is very sad news indeed. While I may have issues with the rulling Party and the way they have mismanaged the country, I still give credence to the role played by all people regardless of political affiliation in the liberation of Zimbabwe. Their collective desire albeit approached from different angles was to see the Black Zimbabwean free to walk the streets of our motherland without fear. At no point did any of them say they were in it to liberate a particular ‘subset’ of the population. ( If anyone knows different please correct me).Somewhere along the line ,however after independence some selfish elements( no need to go into it) lost focus and started dividing people along tribal lines,by unfair distribution of the country’s resources, and these people are responsible for creating the miscreants on both sides of the political divide who cannot see good in anyone who does not subscribe to their ideology. Gumbanjera Mlauzi is sadly a typical example.These people have become so blinded by hate they will kill their owm mothers for belonging to a different tribe(Rwanda comes to mind). Sadly our leaders pretend that they do not see this huge bomb they are creating in the middle of our nation.

    Who knows what propaganda and brain-washing young people are subjected to when they join dubious groups like ‘Green bombers?I dont know if Gumbanjera Mlauzi passed through that mill but’I am sure none of what they chant at such gatherings includes..’lessons on love thy neighbour or respect your neighbour’s right to choose his/her political preference because that is what we faught for. FREEDOM TO CHOOSE..Its all’ hate anyone wearing a different colour shirt. KILL anyone who has a differnt opinion from you.’Even schools have been turned into platforms for propagating hate fueled retoric. Headmasters, village heads, chiefs, Police chiefs and judges have been used too and rewarded for their intolerance of other opinions. They justify this blatant disregard of people’s freedom by spouting the lame excuse that those who have a different opinion are UNPATRIOTIC hence fair game for bullying,raping, killing and maiming.

    Young people are used ruthlessly used by those in power to do their dirty work. It happened to the Mijibhas during the war. A lot of them came out with nothing but blood on their hands having been used to kill and maim sometimes for nothing other than an allegation of witchcraftagainst a neighbour.The same happens now .You don’t see the Party bosses toitoing with pangas and sticks and making threats in the streets. NO! NO !that is the job of the impressionable,misinformed and gullible young people who are given a pittance and sometimes strung along , with empty promises for as long as possible until their youth is gone.

    The true heroes for all Political Parties who liberated this country are turning in their graves because I am positive this isn’t what they sought to achieve. Why should unity mean belonging to one Party? Why do we have to speak with one voice and echo each other’s thoughts? What is wrong with diversity? As long as I abide by the laws of the country should I not be left alone to enjoy my freedom and make my choices? Why this pigeon-holing of people into groups/ why can’t one love across colour, OR politics? The current crop of leaders is WRONG for dividing us

  5. John Thomas says:

    The colonial boarders held so sacrosanct by African leadership are in need of fresh thinking. When Checoslovakia broke up there was no fighting. It was by mutual agreement. Scotland is to vote on independence. Let the Ndebele vote if they wish to remain part of Zimbabwe. There is no need to fight.

  6. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    If Im not mistaken ,there are no Ls in the Shona language,hence Murimi, and not Mulimi.But this could be her married name.
    We have to be sober minded here,its no longer a Zanu or Mdc thing

  7. Backward fools says:

    This woman seems to forget that we are descendants of a mighty and proud WARRIOR nation. I wonder how our cousins in the south would react to such ignorant comments considering we Ndebeles share the same zulu blood. You madam are an imbecile.

  8. Nyoni says:

    Hatred brings forth silly ideas. This lady hates Ndebeles. But the country she lives in is full of Ndebeles ( South Africa). So lady be weary of what you say or else you will be deported back to your “heroes”acre.

    • It is ironic that this is what we were speaking about for the last day or two.This is a time for cool heads. Right here on this forum we have some that are fueling tribal hatred.Others are campaigning for Zimbabwe to be torn apart. Who can say that if Matebeleland broke away from Zimbabwe these Secessionist will not be Dictators. Zimbabweans need to come together and stand united during these hard times. Yes Scotland is voting for it’s independence but the Scotts,English Irish and the Welsh might not like each other but they tolerate each other. As I said the Scottish situation is not a case study for Zimbabwe.

      • Mthwakazi says:

        Mthwakazi and Zimbabweans should go their separate ways!!

        • machakachaka says:

          My father is from Masvingo and my mother is from Kezi. My martenal grandparents were quite close to Dr Joshua Nkomo when he was a teacher. Joshua Nkomo was my mother’s teacher. I have strong links with Matabeleland region and I developed great love and respect for Dr Nkomo from the stories I got from my mother when I was a small boy. I will not let this Mtwakazi thing succeed, because I will not allow anyone to sever those strong links I have with my grandparents, and the Mat South region. Anyone who wants me to produce a passport to go and see my martenal relatives will be my enemy. Kezi is my home, just like Masvingo, and I will not allow anyone to change that.

          • Mthwakazi says:

            Well, you are entitled to your opinions. Many of us have relatives in Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, and Swaziland. We do produce passports when visiting them. There is nothing strange with you producing a passport to visit your relatives in Mthwakazi. Besides you can also choose to be a Mthwakazi – no problem!!

  9. gorongoza says:

    I am not shona. I am a karanga from Masvingo (Nyanda). I do not agree with shonas (read zezurus) in most things. I regard them as uneducated thieves who always want to reap where they never sow!.

    • Mwanawevhu says:

      If you are karanga then you are a Shona mate.

      • Ra says:

        @ Mwanawevhu u are correct mate Gorongora is a descendent of the shonas he hate himself.

      • Mthwakazi says:

        Shona is Zezuru in another name my friend. Lets stop pretending. The missionaries who came up with the cencept of standard Shona, crafted the Shona language around Zezuru. Karanga and Manyika are very different from Shona compared to Shona and Zezuru.

    • Smart Talk says:

      Uku ndihwo urwere chaihwo. If your parents told ou that then research again. Usapindwe nehudofo hwakadaro. Look at your province Masvingo and tell me what shows kuti inzvimbo yevanhu vakadzidza. That is the worst province in Zim so far, for your own info. Wake up BOYIE.

  10. chokwadi chinorwadza says:

    I actually don’t buy it for a minute this lady is a Shona person @ all
    It cud b reverse psycology being used here
    I have seen this a lot in foreign lands where shonas are meant to feel bad and instantly shower a whole lot of apologies and excuses..
    Toughen up its not yo fault Mugabe happens to also b shona..its not yo fault Gukurahundi happened u probably were not even born yet

  11. William Doctor says:

    The champagne is ready. Looking forward to popping it – and cheering – when the news finally breaks.

  12. Patriot says:

    I am Ndebele and very proud of it. I have achieved a lot in Zimbabwe in spite of being Ndebele. I speak Shona almost as fluently as I speak my mother toungue not because I was forced to but because I am one of the few people who still believe there is still hope for our country as long as people of different tribes work together to fight against this evil force that has ruined the economy and torn families apart regardless of tribe. It is so disheartening to know that there are some small-minded people out there like this Mlauzi woman.

    • Mukanya says:

      Hats off to you Patriot! You are the model of a Zimbabwean that the country needs in these critical times. I am also proud to be able to speak Ndebele although I am Shona. Zimbabwe needs all of its people regardless of where their ancestors came from and however their ancestors wronged each other. All that must be water under the bridge. Let us look ahead and rebuild the country.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      I will not speak Shona until Shonas speak Ndebele, PERIOD. I live in South Africa. I am very successful and well educated. I have properties here and in Bulawayo and Gweru. I will never need a Shona in my life. Even Gukurahundi Mugabe, I dont need him and I dont need his language either!

      • Mukanya says:

        It is your constitutional right to hold the opinions you hold Mthwakazi, as long as you allow others to do the same. It is evident that you hate the Shonas passionately. As long as you are not a threat to peace-loving Zimbabweans, stick to your values. I wish you well in your endeavours.

        • Mthwakazi says:

          You are wrong. I hate Shonas with a gukurahundi mentality. Many of these are driven by the 1979 ZANU PF GRAND PLAN; that of dominating everywhere. I have no problem with the open minded, progressive Shonas, some of who are married to my people. Unfortunately the good Shonas are possibly about 5% or 10% of the Shona population. The 95% or 90% are the bad evil apples, who one simply cannot reason with. These are the poison to our nation. They have no concept of human rights and seem to believe their numbers justify imposing themselves on the rest of the population. This is a ZANU mentality and I hate them for sure. I will not pretend otherwise!!!

          • Mukanya says:

            But Mthwakazi don’t you think the Shonas you claim hate Ndebeles need your help rather than condemnation? Don’t you think that due to your exposure and experiences, you are in a better position to transform their mindsets? You are better positioned to lead and transform the world. Do I hear you giving excuses? No Mthwakazi. Come out of your hiding place and show the potential you have. Your contributions I keenly follow on this forum show me that you just need to cross from one extreme position to another and all pieces will be in place.

          • Mthwakazi says:

            How does a manority change a majority? Shona people should understand that being a majority carries a responsibility. Its not just something to beat one’s chest about and bve proud for nothing.

            Human rights all over the world have nothing to do with numbers. This is why many progressive constitutions all over the world entrench minority rights and ensure the minority are protected from the dictatorship of the majority!!

          • Mthwakazi says:

            Even you Mukanya, you initially tried to use the well known worn out arguments by the Shona people for the current problems bedevilling Mthwakazi; arguments about the 1890s tribal wars.

            Shona tribalism is essentially driven by this. You never answered me when I asked you whether you believe it will be quite in order for Mthwakazi people to seek revenge from Mugabe’s children for gukurahundi once he is gone.Shona language and culture is against this; you even have a saying against this.

            Yet, when it comes to Ndebele people viz the 1890s tribal wars, this is exactly what you are promoting. DOUBLE STANDARDS NEEH?

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Patriot, what about those who learnt to speak Shona at the barrel of the Gukurahundi gun; should they be proud?

      • Mukanya says:

        I knew you would have excuses Mthwakazi. But Obama, the first black president of US, changed mindsets of a country that is largely white. Mthwakazi, I am Shona and I live among the Shona people. Yes, the 1890s wars between the Shonas and Ndebeles took place a long time ago. However, there are some of my people who are still aggrieved by this dark past and what is wrong for them to seek answers and healing? Is it not their constitutional right to do so? In my opinion, the only difference between the two dark events is that Gukurahundi is more recent, but the pain is the same. I do not think that by proposing an open discussion of the two events is out of step. You may be surprised that one might have influenced the other to a certain extent. Therefore I maintain that the 1890s issue must also be brought to the table if genuine national healing is to take place. This is what motivates me.

        • Mthwakazi says:

          You talk like there is an Ndebele or a Mthwakazi somewhere, who is the President of Zimbabwe, who has refused outrightly and ruled out of question debates or discussions of the 1890s era – who is that Ndebele president? Who is in government kanti; and who has been in government since 1980?

          The Zimbabwean government is largely a Shona government. The President is Shona; Mujuru the deputy is a Shona; previously the Prime Minister was Shona; now as official opposition he is still Shona – (these are all people who are supposedly still nursing the pains of that era)now who is stopping this wholly Shona government from tabling the 1890s for discussion or debate in either Parliament or the TRC?

          I will let in on this secret my friend; they will never raise the issue for discussion because they know it will not go anyway as nobody who is alive today knows exactly what transpired. There are no withnesses, as you well know that African history is largely oral. Oral history’s accuracy depends on the story teller.

          Because of the futility of any discussion of the 1890s, they then use this as an excuse for not allowing discussions on Gukurahundi. Many of us in Mthwakazi we would love to have all these discussions – we say bring it on, but who is stalling?

          And by the way, are you not the people who told us that Gukurahundi was because of dissidents? What has changed, now that many of you Shonas allude Gukurahundi to the 1890s?

          Its interesting that you do not even see the irony in this – that you are merely confirming what PF ZAPU, Joshua Nkomo, Lt Lookout Masuku, Dumiso Dabengwa and many of us in Mthwakazi had always said; that GUKURAHUNDI WAS NEVER ABOUT DISSIDENTS.

          Dissidents were a creation of ZANU PF. Gukurahundi was a tribal war in revenge of the 1890s, (a reason you also agree to) long planned in Maputo Mozambique as comprehensively detailed in the 1979 ZANU GRAND PLAN. You can google it and read it for yourself!

          • Mthwakazi says:

            P/S Mukanya
            And by the way, during the dissident era, PF ZAPU had many Shonas in leadership positions – not even one of them was harrassed or arrested. Any wonder?

  13. NBS says:

    Good morning Murimi. I am afraid to say that ZPF have stoked the fires for a very long time and now here we all are, tearing each other apart. If it is no longer a ZPF or MDC thing then who exactly is it? I don’t think the fires of Gukurahundi need stoking. They have always been stoked. They just became like a latent volcano that is waiting to blow. As are many other terrible hurts and injustices in Zimbabwe. The Lord will not allow us to sweep any of these things under the carpet permanently. ZPF as the party that has been in so called ‘power’ for these last 34 years must step up to the plate and apologise to the nation for all the deep hurt they have caused. Especially that 1980′s debacle. And just in case anybody from ZPF is quick to bring up the pre 1980′s I would like to say this. In the early 2000′s around 2002 a letter was sent to the Presidium, every government Minister at the time and every Head of Security asking on behalf of the ‘white’ Zimbabwean population for forgiveness for the sins and hurts caused by their ancestors. In fact that letter was read out at the ZNA HQ by the Commander’s Chief Chaplain. I know because I was in that meeting! It is now time for ZPF to rise to the occasion and ask the nation for forgiveness. Mugabe divided us in his life and so let us not let him divide us in his apparent illness or coming death (which comes to all of us in time)Sadly, Lucy is 1005 correct and the one who said the President should get out of his armoured car and bother to talk to the people. maybe it is now too late. This is sad. Let not that hatred that has driven ZPF and destroyed this nation continue to do so. Let us ask God in His mercy to deal with those things in our hearts and begin to talk to one another.

  14. Mixed Race says:

    I have always believed that a sizable number of Zimbabweans in S Africa are spies for a certain political party to monitor our citizens’ activities there.These are the people who are used by Malema to farther his cheap political agenda.This woman is a school dropout who went through Border Gezi brainwashing school and then posted to do her filthy job in S.Africa. This misguided prostitute will not break our spirit of unity against the real enemy.Her comments are of a person full of misguided hatred,ignorance and stupidity.What really counts to me is that people like @Murimi Wanhasi is beginning to see the truth as witnessed by his comments above.

  15. Lawrence says:

    Honestly i would appreciate the Independane of Ndebele people, (Mthwakazi). Ndebele people are considered uneducated and stupid by Shona pple. like now most civil jobs reserved for shona people. So they must simple leave our land . We will strive forward and see if we fail. Its about time. Even in the Bible people celebrated when a bad Ruler dies.

  16. Nkiwane (M'kiwa) says:

    I say again, allow the people in Matabeleland to decide, via referendum, if they want to be a part of Zimbabwe. After what they have suffered, a fair-minded person cannot deny them that. It is very little to ask.

    I don’t understand the rationale behind retaining colonially created borders.

  17. Lawrence says:

    They need to simple start making their way back. Once their mighty Lord(Mugabe ) is no more. we do not want to do it by force

  18. mzilikazi kamashobane says:

    Im Ndebele but I respect other people regardless of their tribes,Im surprised to read this gabbage posted by this shallow minded stupid agent of the devil who seek to destroy and divide the people of Zimbabwe.We did not attain independence as SHONAS OR NDEBELES OR WHAT but we were fighting together for one common goal.Lets work together to bring back the Zimbabwe we once enjoyed

    • gutu says:

      Thank you my brother for such a good piece. Zimbabwe was liberated from all corners of the country and not tribal lines. We must respect the spirits of the founding fathers of our liberation movements ( Joshua Nkomo being a luminary). Formenting tribalism wont take us anywhere but it actually makes those who are oppressing us stronger! United We Stand Divided We Fall! Let us ignore those who are taught to hate and show them the benefits of being One People and One Nation!

  19. Mzilikazi KaMashobane nabantu bakhe says:

    Thanks lucy for your wiseness Shonas or Ndebele we are one.Let this woman sacrifice her life on behalf of RG.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Hell no, we are not one. The evidence of discrimination against our Mthwakazi is everywhere in Zimbabwe. Stop lying to the people, face the facts, be real!!

  20. Mthwakazi says:

    May be secession is the answer. Clearly Mthwakazi and Shonas can not live side by side. Shonas want their forefathers back from the graves. The people who killed their forefathers are also dead. In short, what they want us an impossibility, so lets split!!

  21. Khaya'bonina says:

    I am disappointed by the people managing this website , how come can they publish this kind of an article , even if they were paid a lot to publish but they should have realised the damage which is already caused . Well if it comes to a push let it be , i will dig what i raped in a plastic and buried it on the mountain side and start using it to defend myself , i had been sharing same plates with my Shona brothers but i am deeply hurt today by this article , for how long must we accept this kind of treatment from our Shona tribe brothers and sisters , she is not the first Shona speaking person to say these kinds of words , plently of them have repeated these kinds of heartbreaking words , this must come to end otherwise the division will badly continue

  22. Mabhunumuchapera says:

    Aaah if you have not seen what happened in Rwanda and Bosnia Herzegorvina and Serbia and the massacres of Srebenica you have not started speaking. If one thinks he or she will win or quenshc the thirst of vengeance in a tribal warfare—mmmmh that is a big big lie. Forget about veangeance. Those tribal hyena laughs are just to bring a heavy calamities. That idiot woman in south africa by the name Mlauzi must be sent to Ingutsheni.She is machnun.

  23. Rukweza says:

    Check her profile her original surname is gumbanjera,whylist mlauzi ngesako ndoda u philip twin mlauzi who married her 2years ago she bought a car last year.mina i’m far but i will love to see the woman hurt cause she wants to make zimbos turn against each other

  24. Rukweza says:

    Publish her photos on web,net and locate her so that others learn from her a lesson

  25. Khaya'bonina says:

    I can’t drive now , my blood is boiling , why do we have to be undermined like this , we had be part of the chimurenga war to liberate our country , i had been almost healed from the guguraundu issue , but now these are the words bringing me to a fresh bleeding point , as a Ndebele person who eye witnessed the evils of the guguraundu situation iam deeply hurt . Ndebeles are people of Zimbabwe , they deserve to be treated better than this , we fought for this country ——–watch out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Khaya’bonina my brother if any of us are looking for a perfect world then we will all be sadly disappointed. Racism and tribalism are not an easy thing to get rid of. You have been on this forum for long enough and I know for a fact you are not mentally challenged. Me knowing that also leads me to conclude that you are aware that you have been exchanging ideas with people of all backrounds and the amount of Shona ,Ndebele and White people agree with each other has been a joy to see. We have people like Cocrane who despise anything black and even calls us useless good for nothings. We also have others who share different views to ours.We have let them Speak and have answered them the best we could. I refuse to let my day be ruined by a semi literate uncultured woman who still lives in the 18th century. Or Charlie the bitter white man who ‘s only contribution is to insult people of other races. I don’t think deeper moderation by the Zimbabwe situation would be the way to go. Let these fools continue with their rot and it will catch up with them sometime.

  27. Mixed Race says:

    I think she is already scared to death because some people are not tolerant because S Africans are closely link to Ndebele people through history.She made a blander which might cost her life.I suggest she comes back to her masters for protection.Those people in the south do not fool around with silly individuals.

  28. Ra says:

    In other words you guys better not celebrate the death of Robert Mugabe!

  29. simon says:

    please bring us the good news!!!! but be sure…

  30. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Ra , don’t crack a stupid joke here , Mugabe’s failing is even clear to you as a Shona , his failing is not only oppossed by the Ndebeles but most Zimbabweans of different tribes are not happy about him , i am a Ndebele and these stupid words will never intimidate me and the other Ndebeles , don’t try to scare the Ndebeles with a dead snake , Ndebeles are a really brave tribe than your tribe , this is another juncture , try your stupid ideas and lets see , in Mt South we have got a lot of Shonas in our schools and even occupying all government post , go to Gwanda up to Beitbridge immigration point it is all one language , today i am not going to smile at them , how many Ndebeles do you have working at your own Mashonaland provinces , your stupid tribalism style will cost your brothers and sister who have already taken our jobs in our own provinces through this promotion of tribalism by ZANU PF , let Mugabe die today and people in Mashonaland will be highly celebrating his death , fine , you can wast your tears and cry its all up to you .

  31. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @Khaya.My brother,cool down.
    Earlier,I asked,who is stoking the flames,its the journalists.
    All of a sudden,we have so many Gukurahundi issues on the table.
    Its designed to whip up emotions ahead of a mugabe “death” ,damn the consequences.
    The editors of this website should limit news from this BULAWAYO 24 NEWS website.They have a hidden agenda.
    Nothing should be wished away or swept under the carpet,but we are all unwittingly falling into their plan of destabilisation.

  32. Ra says:

    @ khaya boni what have u done since the gukurahundi which proves that u are a brave tribe? nothing totally nothing! Moreover the ndebele tribe is just 1 percent of the shona population so tell me what are u going to do do about it? Nothing totally nothing!

    Joshua Nkomo did a great job by signing the unity peace accord so that you remaining population would be preserved otherwise all of you could have been wiped out like a single tear.

    Now one thing u must all know is Robert Mugabe is one of the signee of the unity accord hence this unity accord is being threatened if Robert mugabe dies.

  33. Mixed Race says:

    Tell this fool @Ra that Ndebele population is 20% of Zimbabwe population.Do not be fooled by manipulated statistics intended to persecute us here in Mat financially.If you are a clever person you would have known that,but you have been heavily brainwashed so much.NEVER use population as an advantage in any modern warfare my friend because figures do not matter due to technology involved eg USA is still the super power compared with China’s 2 billion people.Do not encourage violence because there will be no winner or loser at the end of meaningless destruction.You people are too young to understand the real effects of tribal war,so stop it because this young misguided female has already caused a lot of damage within the two tribes.In fact,there are very few pure Shonas or Ndebeles because of many years of inter-marriages.Most of you young people are people of mixed tribe.

    • Mukanya says:

      Thank you mixed race. There are very few pure Shonas or Ndebeles these days as a result of inter-marriages. For example, I am married to a descendant of a Zulu who migrated to Zimbabwe from Zululand less than 100 years ago. When he got to Mutasa, Manicaland, the locals could not pronounce his Zulu name well and they just shonalised. That is the name my in-laws use today. His descendants view themselves as vaManyika. This is confirmation that tribalism is a social construct. You can choose to be Ndebele, Shona or Nyanja.

      There are so many Zulus/Ndebeles who became Shona and vice versa. Think of the rhyming between the following names: Muyocha/Mlotshwa, Chikoshana/Skhosana, Mthimukulu/Mutimukuru, Chirau/Slai, Mlenze/Murenje, Silitshena/Shirichena, etc. Other Ndebele names that were easy for the Shonas to pronounce retained their original spellings and the reverse is also true. For example, Gijima, Makaya, Mashaba, etc.

      • Mukanya says:

        I meant tribe is a social construct, not tribalism. KKKKKKKKK

        • Mthwakazi says:

          Agreed, but why MWANAWEKUMUSHA against the Ndebele the; in jobs; senior positions; politics; the “no Ndebele will ever be president”; “Tiri baridzi benyika” talk?

          You will not deny that Wlshman Ncube is hated by most Shonas, because he is Ndeble.

          What about accusations of a regional/tribal alliance when MDC and ZAPU formed an election pact;

          When Shonas do the same its said to be national, as happened between Tsvangirayi and Makoni and yet they are all from the same region?

          • Mukanya says:

            Mthwakazi this is what we, as Zimbabweans, must work to change. It has everything to do with lack of knowledge and information. I might say I am 100% Shona because I lack knowledge and information about my genealogy. I see you agree with me that it is difficult for any Zimbabwean to say he/she is 100% Shona, Ndebele, Xhosa, Tswana or Nyanja for that matter. The reason is that you have information that the majority of Zimbabweans may not have. Therefore an open discussion of all events in our history as a country will help us to understand who we are and how we are connected through intermarriages and migration. I used to enjoy the genealogies that historians Aeneas Chigwere and the late James Dzvova used to narrate on ZTV at one time. That educated so many Zimbabweans and that can be brought back, albeit with a focus on the origins of all tribes in Zimbabwe and not clans. I challenge today’s historians to initiate this discussions. Maybe this could be a PHD thesis for some historian, unless someone has already conducted research in this area, in which case the results should be made public for our benefit as a country.

          • Mthwakazi says:

            You are ducking and diving again, typical – just like ZANU PF.

            I am asking questions, which quiestions explain why Matebeleland people have these concerns about Shona people; questions that explain why we now have seccessionist movements in Matebeleland, which we never had before 1980 – but you are not giving any direct answer. Are you afraid of finding your own Shona kith and kin guilty of the current tribal fiasco that is Zimbabwe?

            You are instead resorting to collective terms like “we Zimbabweans” should find answers – who should find answers? You only find answers if you correctly located the problem and its cause – it lays squarely on the shoulders on many Shonas, not all of them – now find the cause!!

  34. ike says:

    Am a Shona from Mrewa. My party is ZAPU. If there is going to be any cessation, I will be working in Matabeleland South. I’ll be braying with Mthwakazi during the weekends!! We are one my brother.

  35. maxesh Nzima says:

    lo umfazindini abakibo vele ngababulali in either way, Tribal hatred is just an excuse she does not even have any part of her heart elothando ngokudalwa .Its not about tribe its the embeded hatrage ecatshiswa ngomhlobo . uma umubi umubi enhliziyweni kungakhathalekile ukuthi umhlobo wuphi.Some peolpe enjoy when they infict or cause such dishamony thus their food and drink -vele the devel has his own desiplies and appears to be the leading one.? she could a satanist.

  36. Tawanda says:

    Being Shona or Ndebele means nothing. We are just people and emphasis on tribal grounds does not serve us a humanity. We are people first before tribal identity. There is no need for any wars for none of us contributed to being Ndebele or Shona. Evil people are just evil not because of ethnicity. Humanity is yet to mature to recognise life as it is without the labels we are putting on our selves.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      If being Ndebele or Shona didn’t mean anything; Welshman Ncube would have never had to put up with so much tribal venom eminating from mainly Shona speaking people for opposing Tsvangirayi’s leadership.

      A man of Dumiso Dabengwa’s pedigree would not be in the doldrums of Zimbabwean national politics today – I mean, just compare him to Mujuru or Tsvangirayi; there is simply no comparison;

      If being Ndebele didnt matter, the July 2013 election pact between Welshman’s MDC and Dabengwa’s ZAPU would never have been called a tribal regional pact;

      The July 2013 election pact between Tsvangirayi’s MDC-T and Makoni’s MKD, would never have been called NATIONAL, despite the two coming from the same region!!!

  37. papa zulu says:

    I totally agree with you Tawanda.The foul comments are from a primitive being.

  38. Godonga says:

    I am Ndebele and 100% Zapu and being an obidient Zapu cadre i followed my leader The Great Nyongolo, the real Father Zimbabwe (may his soul rest in peace) into the unity accord, ultimately into Zanu PF. I hav supported the Unity project vissioned by Nyongolo til one day i came face to face with the evils of shona hegemony. I got employed at RBZ about the same time Gono was appointed Governor and rose to become Chairperson of the workers union. Inevitably my Executive clashed with Gono on labour principles and he dissolved the entire Executive and unilaterally appointed his own Executive thru his then side kick Munyaradzi Kereke. That same week an email was circulated to all RBZ staff castigating me fo being ” a stupid Ndebele and that i must go back to Matebeland”; all that on the RBZ network! True as suggested by the email i was transfered to Bulawayo permanently. Since then thugs would be sent to rummage my hotel room, search my desk drawers, laptop and in the following months i got attacked by thugs every weekend wen coming from work til i was forced to resign by emailing Kereke n telling him my predicament. Kereke replied my email accepting my resignation on the same day! I realised sadly 15 years since the passing of uMqabuko that tribalism is institunalised in Zimbabwe. Now it dawned on me why Mthwakazi youths hav been escaping to Mzansi since Gukurahundi days and beyond. Now i understand why my classmates at TG High School in Nyamandlovu would choose to be a Njiva as soon as they completed their O’levels than endure such tribal segregation. If it can happen at RBZ, only spirits at Njelele know what else happens to Ndebele people in these shona offices. Yes reader, u guesed right, i have since become a Njiva too than be a second class citizen in Zezuruland! Bayethe Mzilikazi!

    • Mthwakazi says:

      You are a slow learner, that is why it took you so long to learn Shona people. You are not alone as there are many Mthwakazi people, who have always thought Shona people are good people, who are capable of fairness. They have learnt the hard way!

      I left ZIM in the 1990s because I had seen that nothing would ever come right in that country. I have since been proven right, as many Shona people have followed us to Mzansi. Discriminating against others is a cultural thing among the Shona people; you will never change that. Its called the MWANAWEKUMUSHA SYNDROME. This is why an independent Mthwakazi is the only route to follow in solving this problem!!

  39. Masepa says:

    Pips i am so dissapointed..@ this moment there are still individuals like dis so called ”mlauzi”

  40. Mthwakazi says:

    What about accusations of a regional/tribal alliance when MDC and ZAPU formed an election pact;

    When Shonas do the same its said to be national, as happened between Tsvangirayi and Makoni and yet they are all from the same region?

  41. Amen says:

    Ladies and gentlemen…..we all have the capacity of destroying everything thats good around us but we will not do that because we have so much love not only for ourselves but for everyone around us.Lets preach love for one another and we wont see any colour,tribe,race or whatever that devides us.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Deal with the Shonas, tribalism is caused by Shonas in Zimbabwe. That should be your starting point; NOT these useless pleadings to love one another.

      Its simply not possible for me to love a tribalist – hell no!!

  42. Godonga says:

    @Mukanya. U sound lik my high school teacher. The tribal problem in Zezuruland can not be solved by a PHD thesis, this is not an academic issue. Mugabe has many degrees, some of his ministers hav PHDs but stil the tribal elephant is still fatting poisonous fumes in this house of stones! We dont need the Chigwederes to tell us what happened to Captain Nleya, Lookout Masuku etc ask braveheart Dumiso Dabengwa who survived to tel the story albeit subdued by ghostly fear. The plot to unite was lost in 1980 wen Mugabe as ill-advised by Nkala and Zvobgo decided to snub the PF n go into

  43. Godonga says:

    @ Mukanya cont. Wen Mugabe ill-advised by Nkala and Zvobgo decided to go into the 1980 election alone. Instantly the political rhetoric turned tribal and the number 1 nationalist in the country was turned into a villain. I know there were tribal inspired violence in the mid 60s after Zanu was formed; i know there were tribal shhotings

  44. Godonga says:

    @ Mukanya cont. Wen Mugabe ill-advised by Nkala and Zvobgo decided to go into the 1980 election alone. Instantly the political rhetoric turned tribal and the number 1 nationalist in the country Joshua Nkomo was turned into a villain. I know there was tribal inspired violence in the mid 60s after Zanu was formed; i know there were tribal shootings in Zambia n Tanzania but fo me on reflection, that fateful decision in 1980 was the tribal straw that broke the camel’s back. That was the start of the bambazonke syndrome. The Americans i love to loath atleast hav the First Amendment that prohibits politicians from enacting any legislation that erodes Freedom of Speech! Thats what ur Zezuruland needs Mukanya, not PHDs! By the way what happened to the real Mukanya Thomas Mapfumo? Bayethe Mzilikazi!

  45. Kennedy Nkomo ka nyongolo says:

    Mthwakazi, just pack your bags and go back to your roots in Zululand. If you keep saying the rubbish you are saying the another Gukurahundi is on its way. No one stopped a Ndebele from being president. If you say the tribal wars between Ndebeles and shonas when Mzilikazi was king are irrelevant then wait till Mugabe dies and then Gukurahundi will be irrelevant.

  46. the Zebra says:

    Either Shona or Ndebele, we all Zimbabweans. We are all suffering . And the funny thing is this Patience, grew up in Zimbabwe and came to learn Ndebele in South Africa. Dont incite violence amongst Zimbabweans. If you have a problem go hang mahotsha. You deserve to go burn in hell l wish you bad luck for the rest of your life. How can you call other human beings like you, such a thing that lizard you mentioned is better than you. Hambe kufa wena xamu.

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