Zimbabweans will rise against Mugabe, says Sikhala

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Zimbabweans will rise against Mugabe, says Sikhala 26 January 2014

Former MDC99 leader Job Sikhala claims that Zimbabweans are tired enough of President Robert Mugabe’s ‘heartless lot and rebellion against this regime is imminent.’

In a statement , Sikhala said: “It is correct that there is shock among Zimbabweans, after the revelation of the astounding salaries of CEOs of Zanu-PF and government aligned companies. But people must know that many Zimbabweans are aware that despite the sea of poverty amongst Zimbabweans a tiny minority in Zanu-PF is eating on behalf of the 13 million Zimbabweans.

“It starts right from Robert Mugabe himself and his greedy wife who has entered into astonishing wealth accumulation crusade withChinese and Arab partners. It cascades down to his cabinet ministers who have become an irritant to the population, cutting across to the military chiefs from the rank of Brigadier General upwards and the same rot is deeper in the police service from the rank of Supritendent right to the Commissioner General.

“The late Air Commodore Karakadzai was giving himself a salary of more than $50 000 per month when workers at the National Railways of Zimbabwe where not paid a cent for years. It is not only Cuthbert Dube and Happison Muchechetere who are representing the insulting salaries and benefits at our midst.

“They have put their tentacles in all facets of the economy. They own diamond minefields, all gold concessions, platinum fields and all the farming land in Zimbabwe. This is the economic stratagem we have as a country that will soon lead to rebellion and insurrection against this regime. It’s just a matter of time. Zimbabweans are tired enough of this heartless lot that rebellion against this regime is imminent.”


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32 comments on “Zimbabweans will rise against Mugabe, says Sikhala
  1. Well spoken. But seasoned cynics understandably question why zimbos rose up against smith but fail to rise up against zanupf mugarbge?? That’s why there is global journalistic fatigue about reporting the evil in mugabeland. Chete

    • Sikhala, your observation is not very far from the mark. People of Zimbabwe, for how long are you going to seat like lamb ducks, when you see the future of children and grandchildren being compromised by these selfless, greedy monkeys, who will stop at nothing untill they have destroyed your birth land. History is amass with wealth of evidence where people stand up to what they believe to be rightfully theirs. What should be born in mind is that, the entire ruling class is not immune from people’s wreath.

  2. John Thomas says:

    Job you are like duck quacking. Try getting a job.

  3. CHINDUNDUMA says:

    John Thomas you are an idiot. MUGABE you worship is a dead donkey and a goner

  4. Nona says:

    John Thomas everything comes to an end. There used to be the Berlin Wall but all is history . Remind Mugabe it won’t be long he came into the world with nothing and soon he will go back empty handed.

  5. Ndebvu Mukomichi says:

    My Observation:

    High Salaries: The GNU salaries are now being corrected by the ZPF govt. That must be why RGM called it a monster, a three headed creature pulling itself in different directions and going nowhere fast.

    Uprisings/wartalk: Zimbos have the highest literacy rate in Africa-they are the most educated. They will never start an insurrection/ rebellion in order to satisfy the wounded egos of failed politicians. Kuitwa cannon fodder- for what purpose?

    Let us all fight the war of developing our country- where there is corruption or failures let us correct them together using due processes. Peace and progress ndizvo maZimba!

  6. ZUNDE says:

    we should unite to rid the country of this evil. see http://www.zunde.org.

  7. Bona says:

    Mugabe is also involved . How much is he earning a month when he spends most of the day in bed recuperating?

  8. Rich says:

    Bring back the Whites to control the blacks , who could never operate a progressive country, from hundreds of years ago and up till now.

  9. NBS says:

    Judgment is coming. God is not mocked. Talk about the revolution eating its own. They are destroyers. I am disgusted!

  10. Johnson@yahoo.com says:

    There is no night without end. Zimbabweans are too complacent. Ride them like donkeys…they say ‘yes baas”. Smith is like a saint. This situation in unnatural, insensitive and hedonistic. Guys enough is enough. What are we waiting for. You think they will come and say “We want to normalize thing?” To them things are already normal as they are. Guys this is too much.They refuse normal economic policies because their evil corrupt deeds will be exposed. Since 1890 the suffering in Zimbabwe never reached this level. Smith was segregative and

  11. Johnson@yahoo.com says:

    Smith was segregative but never failed to deliver the little he promised. This mafia style defies all logic and that we can put up with it is a strange situation.

  12. jokonia says:

    i am very angry with this corrupt leadership until when r we going to suffer under mugabe regime?May God help us to have a good & leadership with the pple @ heart.

  13. Mzwazwakankoviyo says:

    My sixth sense tells me that the CEOs for parastatal companies were used as conduits to symphone funds from these companies for the benefit of either Zanu as a political party or some big guns within Zanu. If a lifestyle audit of Cuthbert Dube is done it would maybe reveal that he doesnt have the kind of wealth which he should considering his salary. If the bank was to do the paper trail of the monies which are deposited and withdrawn from his account more revelations will come to light as to what is happening. The appointment of Zanu cadres to these companies was a calculated move to clandistinely get money from government using subtle means. No wonder why nothing will ever happen to these guys despite revelations of such gross and noseating corruption.

  14. machilu says:

    “Mahatma Gandhi”

  15. Anold Anderson says:

    Well I hope your behaviour and understanding things is correct but I want you to note that it is note wise to insight people through your writing why don’t you go and tell the President to step down. Death will come at the right time according to the days and years the creator gave him. Why politicise everything even those beyond our control. If he was your father will you tell him to stop doing things he is capable? Who knows the people you are insighting they have other thoughts about their leader. Lead your own political party well and people will vote you into power. We are not children to be lectured into doing things inappropriate for our fathers and our nation Mr sikala

  16. Khaya'bonina says:

    @ Ndebvu -We are ready to fight such a war of developing our beloved country peacefully , but we need to do that with a well focusing leadership , how can we progress with this kind of autocratic leaders of Mugabe , the fact is that even ZANU PF members are holding their breaths deep as to what really is going happen if Mugabe dies at anytime , unfortunately celebrating death is not humanity , but this time Zimbabweans will feel freed and celebrate the moment as the only way to do away with Mugabe’s leadership . I support your call of developing Zimbabwe , but how with such a dead wood blocking our way , we need a change , let Mugabe resign then he might be respected for the that , hanging on power without a proper succession plan until his death , that would be a huge blow to the entire ZANU PF , you won’t handle the situation properly after his death , already divided as you are , factions , factions , you are just about to scratch each other .

  17. Zvakwana says:

    I am waiting with anticipation for the day bring it on.

  18. nyati says:

    $250 000 per month here Vakomana?
    Even $50 000 yacho ahhhhh! !!!!
    Ndiko kutonga here vanhuweee????
    God is not happy.
    The Lord is weeping for the sick, the weak, the voiceless.

  19. Dave says:

    The clock is ticking. Job Sikhala is inciting nothing. He is simply making an observation. A greedy, heartless leadership will eventually lead to revolution unless there is a change of heart. History is full of such examples. Will there be a change of heart?? I doubt it. When the civil servants and military cannot be paid and more and more workers are laid off with company closures, eventually something will give and anger will rise. Every people have a breaking point. May God intervene and may Job be wrong.

  20. Mena Bona says:

    Are there any good men in Zimbabwe? There is an old saying that goes something like this, ” The only requirement for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing ” hence I ask the question.

  21. NBS says:

    250,000 per month kinda takes your breath away. I thought 40 pm was bad. Zimbabweans, we have been fleeced of billions these last 34 years. They have taken greed to another level. I am sorry but I do not want to see ZIMRA near my office until these things have been dealt with and these people brought to account. I have faithfully paid all my dues for the past 40 years. Zvakwana! Zvakwana! What a sick lot in leadership! may the lord totally blow the roof off all this greed and corruption. They have surely trampled on the heads of the poor. I think if I hear another word from them about being liberators I will be sick. The only thing they have liberated are the riches of this nation for themselves. Will the true liberators please stand up!

  22. Pulsey says:

    Job you were quite a promising politician with the late Learnmore Jongwe. What has happened to you? Zimbabwe is crying for leaders yet you have lost the steam . The language and tone of your speech is not of a politician. Instead of saying Zimbabwe is going to rise, thus too general, you could have given these elders ultimatum to arrest the likes of Dube and Muchechetere or the people will effect citizen arrest . Thus a politician. Its the citizen’s money stolen so to sent a thief to catch another thief is day dreaming.

  23. comrade says:

    I also believe that a rebellion is the only solution in Zimbabwe. Mugabe and his cronies do not mean good and they are educated and experienced enough to know that their policies and moral standing will not transform the country into a prosperous or industrialized economy.
    What these people lack is love if only they loved us like the way they love their families we would all be happy. They only think about themselves, their kids, wives and extended families. They have lost the sense of society and became selfish and individualistic.
    Zanu PF is actually feeding on our fear of dying. They know very well that we are afraid of dying in a revolt or rebellion that’s why they continue to plunder the country’s resource and sleep peacefully at night while we have sleepless nights thinking of where we are going to get the next AMERICAN DOLLAR.

    Lets make the country ungovernable.

    • Pilgrim says:

      Zimbabwe has the recipe for the rule of warlords. I think the Zimbabwean people are playing it right.Look at Egypt. Look at Syria, and finally look at Somalia. Zanu is imploding. The window for an African spring is long past. You have the corrupt people with the guns.If this uprising happens the aftermath of the cross fire will be devastating. The blood that will fill the streets will make this country of good hard working people never the same again. PRAY THE BELOVED COUNTRY.

  24. Hutu says:

    The key is the Army. There are signs and good information that sectors of the Army are disgruntled. Will they fire on they own brothers and sister? They might but I think pilgrim is right. Some might not want to do that.That would be a recipe for a civil war. This would tear the country apart. Now knowing that we also have the secessionist coming into play it is time for cool heads and prayers. Our leader is most likely to leave us in a mess..

    • Pilgrim says:

      What is disheartening is people like Anold. His bread is buttered hence the attitude. Doesn’t even make sense. God help us.

    • mark longhurst says:

      They have been killing their brothers and sister for the last 35 years under the rule of Zanupf, they will be slaves to the regime as they have been part of aloota continua, you cannot trust the police or the army and you cannot trust Zanu pf to assist the general population, if you are lucky enough to be a zanu cadre you have food on your plates. It is time for civil disobedience on a massive scale and disclosure of those close to you who are part of this decrepid leaders disgusting hold onto power-his family will be living in hong kong when he dies as Zim will be broken and not ‘British ‘ enough for him.

  25. Gudge says:

    Even smith was on sanctions bt he maneuvered 2 success,,came a baboon(mukanya) he cheers up his peers n Chinese squandering our minerals,,, musharukwa i don care abt ur father we had father problems 2 bt we still think straight,, jus be constructive

  26. Harper says:

    The sad thing about uprisings and revolutions is that the country ends up with an even worse mob of looters.

  27. Kimball says:

    Zimbabweans should get kick these greedy ZANU PF chefs out their homes for not sharing their wealth when most people have nothing and no money. The power to the youth is stronger then these selfish geriatrics

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