Zimbabwe’s migrants ‘anxious’ following SA election

via Zim migrants ‘anxious’ following SA elections | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell on Friday, May 9, 2014

Zimbabwean citizens in South Africa have said they are anxious about their futures, following the elections in that country this week.

South Africans voted in the general elections on Wednesday, and despite some reports of ballot paper dumping, the process has been praised as free and fair.

By Friday, the vote count was reaching its end stages with the ruling ANC party looking set to retain its national leadership. This will see Jacob Zuma being re-elected as the country’s President.

Daniel Muzenda, the spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Migrants Association in South Africa, said on Friday that the new government needs to deal with the country’s immigration policies, as well as the lingering xenophobic tensions.

“There is a lot of anxiety because people are not clear about which direction the new government will take on immigration,” Muzenda told SW Radio Africa.

He explained that the lack of clarity of the issue of work permits for Zimbabwe nationals was a worrying indicator of the ANC government’s attitude towards immigration issues.

Cabinet in March resolved that all permits granted to Zimbabweans under the special dispensation period in 2010, will expire in November. The resolution also included a decision that the permits can be renewed, but only in Zimbabwe. The Department of Home Affairs has still not clarified what this means for the future of Zim nationals in South Africa.

Muzenda said that this issue, along with the permit regulations for migrants and refugees generally in South Africa, will determine what kind of immigration policy the new government decides to have.

“This all has a negative impact on migrants and it all depends what decision the government will make. More migrants might come into South Africa depending on the immigration policy, depending on how restrictive it is,” Muzenda said.

He continued that xenophobia is still a real fear among the migrant population in South Africa, and called on the new administration to deal with the issue.

“Last week there were threats of violence against migrants in Rustenberg, where (local) people were saying that after elections all foreign nationals will be sent back home,” Muzenda said.

He added: “The new government should try to promote social cohesion as part of their core mandate when it comes to migrants. Government ministries should conduct social education and initiate peace building programs and public awareness campaigns. At least then people will become aware of migrants’ rights and responsibilities in South Africa.”

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37 comments on “Zimbabwe’s migrants ‘anxious’ following SA election
  1. Mixed Race says:

    I would be also worried if I were in S Africa judging by the way how the current election went.The ruling ANC lost many votes in the most important province that is Gauerteng maybe due to its relaxed immigration policy which has allowed many Zimbabweans and other nationals to replace locals on many cheap jobs.
    Get home whilst there is peaceful time for you to do it with your full dignity.No party wants to reduce its popularity,particularly where it had massive support.The ANC will do everything possible to please the voters to regain these provinces.I followed their pre-election debates which highlighted unemployment as one of the worries affecting the S Africans,so if they chase all illegal immigrates,more jobs will be available for the locals.

  2. Africanson says:

    ANC’s reduced numbers has nothing to do with forrign nationals. It is their internal issue of which the the part admits that it is fully aware of. EFF too almost its candidates from ANC. The Marikana and inkadla plyaed a role. SA has and is always xenophobic but that has no bearing in their reduced numbers of voters. These guys are fully aware that their problem is mainly on Zuma who is their weakest link at the moment.

    • Zim Reeper says:

      @africanson just like mugabe !!!!! If the people do not STAY and do something about these idiots and vote them out you would not have to leave your country hey afi.ZIMBABWEANS NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS SITUATION NOT RUN TO THE NEAREST COUNTRY LIKE A COWARD. YOU OWE IT TO YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR FUTURE.IMAGINE IF ZANUPF AND MUGABE,ANC AND MANDELA DID NOTHING WHERE WOULD YOU AFRICANS BE TODAY. SLAVES AT BEST.DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELVES FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Lenzo says:

    Mixed Race is a bit cowardish and confused. Anc should in fact thank Zimbabweans for their hard work that is keeping its economy afloat, without paying a cent for nurturing such brilliant brains. Zimbabweans are not only cheaply employed in SA, but are holding various decision making positions in industry down there. Why targeting the poor Zims then? Because they are hard workers? Zimbabweans will conquer the World and prosper just like Israel and the JEWISH NATION is doing whilst you look back in retrospect. Move forward,learn from the Zimbabweans, educated and desciplined. FULL STOP

  4. Mixed Race says:

    @Lenzo-what a day dreamer you are with limited power of logical thinking.You claim that Zimbos are hard workers and very brilliant,which to me is an insult to the S Africans.
    This is the main problem with us Zimbos,we think we are better than the rest of Africa when we are the worst economically,so where is your intelligence if you cannot implement it at home.Charity begins at home mister so-called clever person.Its you who is confused because you select limited facts and try to twist them with more ignorance on your part.Yes Mr Zuma might have contributed to it but they are many other issues which you or me have not stated due to limited space here.Yes S Africa might have needed cheap labour from our desperate people not because they needed all of them due to their brains.That is completely naive and misplaced.Your attitude could compel S Africans to have more reasons to send all of you self praising people back home.

    • Petal says:

      Zimbabwe you need the Mixed Race people but as long as the bufoon is calling the shots this will not happen

    • Petal says:

      You are rifght mixed Race Zimbos think they are better than others see this being atttributed by BOB behaviour.

      This Southern African Dictators Club was it not their aim to make it a Common Monetary Union among the Countries that are represented as well as allow FREE MOVEMENT OF ORDINARY PEOPLE BETWEEN THE COUNTRIES THAT REPRESENT THIS SILLY NON EXISTENT CLUB besides just been there for themselves only???


      Well put.

  5. Ndaneta ndaneta says:

    Well done Mixed Race. It is always prudent to first see yourself in an undesirable position, then try to move out of it, than to see yourself in a better position so you can remain in it forever. We are in a real mess back here in Zim, we need to turn things around at home, not to always want to find means to remain in other people’s countries. South Africa are doing it for themselves, why do you want them to it for you??

  6. Africanson says:

    Zimbabweans are hard working and the facts are on the ground to prove that. I have worked on three international projects including one for Anglo Platinum in SA. I saw Zimbabweans in key positions. We are hard working but we have been failed by the ruling part and its partners the opposition. The ruling part did not grow our economy and the opposition assisted zanu to reduce our economy further by campaigning for zimbabwe isolation. As a result zanu and seinior opposition members eat and sleep well everyday while our poor citizens leave the country in order to look for ways of staying alive. You cant blame them for that they are victims. Blame those who plunder our economy and those who go about inviting strife in their country to gain political relavance. SA has a sound economy because they dont have rampant corruption by the ruling party or an opposition that celebrates the demisr of theirveconomy. They know that SA comes first and political parties come and go. As for zim zanu think they are zimbabwe and mdc reason the same. Both parties think screwing the economy is scrrwing each other. As a result the general populace eat bread crumps while politicians prosper. Zimbabwe must come first and we must learn to campaing of the growth of our economy. If we don’t do that who will? Zimbabwe is not zanu or mdc. God bless my country Zimbabwe.


      Younger, don’t lie to yourself. ZIMBOZ are the most laziest pple on this planet. I flew to zim from Holland, first class on KLM, and right from the plane and onto immigration, long line ups, lazy airport officials, lazy customs officials, lazy and inefficient hotel agents…zimboz are just a disaster case!

      • Petal says:

        are you comparing them to the Motswana because they are twice as bad!!

        • MR EUROPEAN UNION says:

          Well, if Motswanas are that bad, then zimboz have be 10 times worse…I infact must have understated how lazy, inefficient, stupid, unprofessional, ridiculous and common sense-voided zimboz are. And im writing all this from FIRST HAND, I REPEAT, FIRST HAND, FIRST HAND EXPERIANCE!

          • Petal says:

            Understand where you are coming from. a senior lady when making a reservation requested wheel chair assistance at the airport and never did get it lucky her children made arrangements for people to meet her. Its a disaster case probably because the brain drain!!

            • Petal says:

              coupled with Bob’s behavour ” Zimbabwe is Mine ” ICHO!

            • MR EUROPEAN UNION says:

              Sad isn’t it?! You would think the Harare Airport would have all the services needed to provide for all passengers and people in need of them.Its a very very pathetic place…Infact…in December 2012, I was flying back to Holland and the KLM ticketing agent took over 30 mins to print my boarding pass, he had to ask for help on how to do so, then you have another layer of 3 or 4 people who check your passport, you go through a silly security screen where all your items are to be placed in one bin, and when this happened I was the only one in line, I had checked in much much earlier so I had plenty of time. But no, they insisted I use only one bin for my laptop, jacket, and personal belongings…how stupid can they get these imbeciles? Did I mention , at the check In area, there is a guy weighing All carryon luggage , One guy weighing all carry on luggage!!! He has this small scale , similar to the one used at growth point clinics. You know zimboz really need a rethink, their country is just a big dysfunctional circus…even the very basic common sense issues are just muddled in beaurocract, fourth world type beaurocracy.

              • Petal says:

                The other problem with Bob he only wants his tribe in employment and no one else that is why Harare Airport is littered with people who do not work properly

              • Petal says:

                if he had other people from other races in the manning the airport it would be a different story zimbabwe needs to face these true facts about what is causing the problem and who is causing the problem! he thinks only his tribe is knowledgeable

              • Petal says:

                who knows they may not even be receiving their salaries at the end of the month due to these thieving bufoons. Air zimbabwe passengers were kicked out of their hotels abroad because of NON PAYMENT AND AS WELL THEY FAILED TO PAY THEIR LANDING FEES AND AS WELL THE PIOLOTS WERE NOT RECEIVING THEIR SALARIES but Bob FLITTERS AND FLUTTERS AROUND WITH AN AEROPLANE =- HE MUST OWN IT!!

              • Petal says:


              • Petal says:

                AND ZIMBABWE GETS AN AWARD FOR THE BEST TOURIST DESTINATION 2014 ???!!! OMG OMG and the visitors are experiencing slackness at the airport

              • Petal says:

                the other issue could be NEPOTISM these guys are GOOD at it employing their brothers sisters cousins !

      • Don Cox says:

        There seems to be a difference between Zimbabweans inside the country and those in the diaspora.

        It could be that morale is so low inside the country and pay so low (or non-existent) that people see no point in working hard. It could also be that those with more drive and initiative are more likely to go abroad.

  7. Mixed Race says:

    @Africanson-I agree with you on many points but I do not accept the notion that Zimbabweans are better workers than our neigbours.It is normal that foreigners work harder in a foreign country to try and prove their worthiness in that country,eg we used to call Malawis very good mines and farms workers than our local people.It is not a new theory and practice that people work harder in foreign countries than at home,so your example is not really unique,unless you are one of those who misguidedly believes that we are better than other Africans,which is nonsense in my opinion.

  8. Talisto says:

    Very sound Comments Brothers but how do we turn around the situation and stop flocking to our next door SA.

  9. ike says:

    Usually hard work is directly linked to good motivation. In Zimbabwe nothing really motivates the remaining workers, unless you are sure you get something out of it (bribe)

    • roving ambassador. says:

      I love you guys. you truthfully looking into our psych as a nation. This is a sign that we can progress to greater heights.
      If only we had the leadership.

  10. Petal says:

    At the end of the Day also why is the Southern African Dictators Club not living up to their committments e.g. to create free movement for their citizens???? Another topic for IMBISA to raise when they get their seat with the A.Hs

  11. Petal says:

    To turn the situation around WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN OF THESE THUGS

  12. Petal says:

    Bob and his thieving cronies ….Zimbabwe!

  13. Petal says:

    the RICH zimbo makaradi also must STOP THEIR SNOBBERY AND STOP FROWNING ON THOSE MIXED RACE PEOPLE who are suffering – remember Bob does not recognise you and the makaradi orphans are struggling they are not getting government assistance

  14. Petal says:

    The new SADC represents an ambition to achieve a deeper and wider form of economic integration amongst the member states moving beyond sector-level co-ordination towards co-operation, convergence and eventually integration in areas such as MONETARY and fiscal policies, exchange rate and trade regimes and the UNRESTRAINED MOVEMENT OF CAPITAL AND LABOUR as well as goods and services within southern Africa.

  15. Petal says:

    Someone out there please assist the MIXED RACE ORPHANS especially the ones in MATABELELAND THE NGOS are not assisting them

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