Adjust to new work ethic: Matanga

Adjust to new work ethic: Matanga

Source: Adjust to new work ethic: Matanga | The Herald July 30, 2018

Adjust to new work ethic: Matanga
Comm-Gen Matanga

Fortunate Gora Mash West Correspondent

Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga has called on members of the police force to adjust to the new work ethic that is expected to re-align them into professional law enforcers.

He said the new approach puts the safety and security of Zimbabweans first before members’ personal interests.

Addressing police officers from Mashonaland West province in Chinhoyi at the weekend, Comm-Gen Matanga said President Mnangagwa had, during his inauguration last year, clearly spelt out several policy positions, which gave direction and credence to the police force’s new work ethic.

“I envision a national policing organisation which all citizens can trust to be capable of delivering their constitutional mandate that is clearly spelt out in section 219 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Comm-Gen Matanga said in the new dispensation, every police detail has to justify the need for the organisation to retain him or her through the exhibition of unquestionable dedication to police duty.

“In this regard, we ought to deliver quality service that is characterised by visible and responsive policing, predicated on high level of professionalism, teamwork, unity of purpose and loyalty to both the organisation and the country,” he said.

He applauded police officers for heeding his call of reinvigorating police patrol units for heightened and purposeful police visibility to reduce crime in all crime-prone areas.

“Without doubt, these patrols shall help us in earning public confidence from the resultant quality of our service if the deployments are well planned, adequately supervised and the members are periodically rotated and obviously capped by unwavering top leadership commitment,” he said.

In line with Police Standards and Crime Strategy, Comm-Gen Matanga said people visiting police stations must be attended to on time, investigations must be exhaustive and comprehensive, traffic police deployments must reduce carnage on roads, reduce congestion and increase compliance with relevant laws.

He urged members on duty to be visible and exhibit a high level of duty consciousness.

Comm-Gen Matanga said there was also need to regularly gather and make effective use of criminal intelligence, coupled with engaging and maintaining sound relations with all relevant stakeholders in the whole crime management.

He said ZRP was restructuring to flatten and reduce duplication of roles so that the organisation gains more of its personnel dedicated to operational duties which form the core of its existence.

“Restructuring is a very common and effective strategy employed by all organisations desiring to enhance efficiency and deliver better quality of service for the satisfaction of service recipients and is thus relevant in this age where we are all striving to win and maintain public confidence,” he said.

Comm-Gen Matanga reiterated Government’s call on zero tolerance on corruption.

He said the move has been evidenced by the commissioning of Anti-Corruption Courts and the formation of the Special Ant-Corruption Unit in the Office of the President and Cabinet.

“As the country’s sole law enforcement agent and most visible arm of the State, it is expected of us to put up the toughest fight against corruption,” said Comm-Gen Matanga. “Therefore, we have set the ball rolling by forming and operationalising the ZRP Anti-Corruption Unit under our CID.

“On the issue of corruption and any other form of indiscipline, please, never expect even the smallest measure of leniency from us should you be found on the wrong side of the law.

“Indeed the ZRP will never be a safe haven for individuals given to indiscipline or those who abuse public office for personal gain.”

Comm-Gen Matanga urged the police to continue its awareness campaigns of discouraging politically motivated violence and promoting tolerance of divergent political views ahead of the harmonised elections on Monday next week.