Anger over govt plan to only give vaccine to ministers, soldiers, MPs and top officials 

HARARE – Human rights and political activists have condemned Monday’s announcement by government that the Covid-19 vaccine will only be availed to government ministers, legislators, soldiers, police, health workers and other top government officials.

Source: Anger over govt plan to only give vaccine to ministers, soldiers, MPs and top officials – The Zimbabwean

The position was disclosed by the head of monitoring and evaluation in the health ministry, Robert Mudyiradima, when he appeared before the parliamentary portfolio committee on health.

“The vaccine might not be enough and there will be a group that will be prioritised such as frontline workers, ministers, MPs and members of the security sector,” he told legislators.

Mudyiradima’s revelations have drawn the ire of human rights, civic society, and political activists.

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition said government’s plan to exclude ordinary Zimbabweans from accessing the vaccine was “shocking”.

“The move to sideline ordinary Zimbabweans who cannot access medical care in light of the economic rot in the country amounts to a silent genocide,” the group’s spokesperson Marvellous Kumalo said.

“The Covid-19 pandemic, which has so far claimed more than 1,000 lives, has largely affected ordinary Zimbabweans; most of whom are living far below the Poverty Datum Line and cannot afford medical care.

“It is a known fact that over the years, Zimbabwe’s health sector has been in the intensive care unit and ordinary Zimbabweans have had to bear the brunt of a failed health care system.”

MDC Alliance treasurer David Coltart said he was not surprised the decision taken by the government.

“Cabinet ministers will get the Covid-19 vaccine first in Zimbabwe. No mention of the elderly or vulnerable. No mention of teachers so that children can get back to school. If true it doesn’t surprise me. Zanu PF are only interested in self-preservation.”


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    Kalulu 9 months ago

    I am not at all surprised by this because it is the the typical mindset of this regime. They are self-centred and disregard everyone else,they just need the ordinary people during general elections and thereafter they throw them into the dustbin.

    What they will do is true that not only ministers will get the vaccine but their immediate family members, extended family members, their close and distant friends, Zanu-PF seniors down to ordinary car carrying members. My guess is that known opposition members and other political activists will be last on the list if ever they will be considered to receive vaccine.

    They think they are special but the truth is they are not at all special what we know is that they are thieves who have run down the country to its knees.

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    Ndonga 9 months ago

    Let’s be honest.
    Knowing what ZANU PF has been doing since forever even a small child could have told us that they will jump to the front of the queue for the Covid-19 vaccine.
    Everything good is for them and us ordinary people are just rubbish to them.

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    MILES R ANDERSON 9 months ago

    This report has been sent to US Dept of State and Senator Diane Feinstein. This is truly shocking!

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    Keep giving them the vaccine. They’re dropping like flies.