Army takes over key institutions 

Source: Army takes over key institutions – DailyNews Live

Bridget Mananavire      16 November 2017

HARARE – The Zimbabwe national army yesterday took over key institutions
in the capital, controlling the movement of human and vehicle traffic in
the city.

Key buildings and institutions that were being managed by the army include
Parliament Building, the Zanu PF headquarters, Munhumutapa Building and
the surrounding buildings as well as Police Support Unit Depot and the
Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (ZBC).

Armoured vehicles and armed soldiers were a common feature in the city
restricting pedestrians and motorists from using certain routes.

At Zanu PF headquarters, armed soldiers were at the gate while others were
walking up and downoutside the building.

At the same time another team with tankers was blocking off Nelson Mandela
Road between Sam Nujoma (Second Street) and Simon Muzenda (Fourth Street)
where Parliament is located, blocking off any traffic from using the road.

At Parliament, members of the police force were seen sitting in a straight
line in the car park. Parliament workers were also grouped at the car park
at the start of business.

However, the Parliament road as well as other roads including Samora
Machel Avenue, between Sam Nujoma and Simon Muzenda streets, were opened
in the afternoon just before 1pm, allowing the movement of traffic.

The army also maintained their presence at President Robert Mugabe’s
Muhumutapa offices and surrounding buildings which include the High Court,
Constitutional Court and the New Government Complex.

Army trucks could be seen making rounds in and around the capital.

The trucks were also seen along Crowhill and Carrick Creagh, close to the
Mugabe’s blue roof residence.

At the national broadcaster, ZBC, the soldiers took over the highlands
station in the wee hours of yesterday announcing their move and

The better part of yesterday also saw the national broadcaster, beaming
fewer programmes and Chimurenga music songs. Soldiers also maintained
their presence at the premises.

At the Zimbabwe republic Police Support Unit depot in Harare, the army
reportedly took charge, controlling and monitoring activities there.

Arcturus Road, which leads to the camp, was blocked off as no traffic was
allowed to pass through.

The paper also received reports that there was heavy military presence at
Robert Gabriel MugabeI nternational Airport demanding national IDs and
searching all vehicles entering or leaving.