At least Rhodesians tried to break free from colonial Britain yet independent Zimbabwe leaders eagerly defending Chinese colonialism! 

I love comparing life in colonial Rhodesia vis a vis independent Zimbabwe – as those are the only two epochs we have known ever since the establishment of the modern day unitary state between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers after its occupation by the British in 1890.

Source: At least Rhodesians tried to break free from colonial Britain yet independent Zimbabwe leaders eagerly defending Chinese colonialism! – The Zimbabwean

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


Furthermore, the fact that our post-independence government came into power in 1980, on the back of a liberation struggle, premised on promises of a better life for the previously marginalized and oppressed majority – renders the Zimbabwe administration always under close scrutiny and comparison with those they pushed out of power.

This is only natural, and the same will befall any other political party that comes into office – having won elections under the pretext of being more effective, efficient, and trustworthy than the current incompetent, inconsistent, and corrupt ZANU PF regime.

If God Almighty preserves my life to see that day, I will definitely be one of those at the forefront in keeping a very close eye on that new administration, and holding them accountable for their promises.

Therefore, my mind automatically switches to “comparison mode” whenever the post-independence ruling establishment makes any decisions, and takes any action – since this should measure up to what they assured the majority of this country’s citizenry, to the point of engaging in a bloody liberation war, resulting in the loss of thousands of innocent lives.

It ,then, only makes sense that those lives are seen not to have perished for nothing – by ensuring that the ZANU PF regime keeps, or even surpasses, its pledges for a better country for all its citizens, more so, free from foreign subjugation.

Herein lies the problem!

Zimbabwe never truly became independent from foreign domination on April 18, 1980 – as it merely switched from one colonial master to another.

In fact, before 1980 – the Rhodesian regime had been at odds with the colonial power, Britain, after the November 11, 1965 attempt by the latter’s prime minister, Ian Douglas Smith (Rhodesia Front), to free the country from British rule, through his UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence).

This was such an unwelcome and disdained move by the British, which enraged and outraged them to the extent of leading in the imposition of economic sanctions by the UN (United Nations) against Rhodesia – whose embargo still persisted for the next 15 years, until a negotiated settlement was reached between the erstwhile master, Rhodesia, and liberation movements at Lancaster House (UK), resulting in the 1980 independence.

What is more interesting about this entire scenario is that, in spite of the Rhodesia regime facing a civil war (against freedom fighters who were clearly receiving military, intelligence, and material support from foreign countries, including global powers as China and Russia) – Smith never reneged on his UDI path, even if solely for the sake of thawing relations with Britain, in order to secure desperately required assistance.

He remained as stubborn as a mule – sticking to his belief of his so-called “independence”, from a domineering power, that were actually his (and, other settlers) direct kith and kin – even if that meant using old-dated second world war military hardware against freedom fighters.

Why I decided to bring up this issue is quite simple.

Here we had a settler regime that craved for its freedom from the domination of their own kith and kin, so much that they were prepared to face international sanctions and isolation – even when confronted by a foe, being militarily and materially assisted by some of the world’s greatest powers.

Although, this was an administration that oppressed and marginalized the majority of the country’s indigenous people – I can not help admiring such determination for independence from external influence, although an unbreakable bond obviously still existed.

This is in stark contrast to what is prevailing in post-independence Zimbabwe- where we have a ruling elite that has not only willingly invited and permitted the country be under the domination of China, but has gone a step further in appointing themselves this emerging superpower’s defenders and spokespersons.

We now have a regime that actively participates in the recolonization of our own country – regardless we are not even kith and kin with the Chinese – such that, the highest office on the land will go out of its way to cover up the brazen trampling upon of local communities’ rights by Chinese companies, and the ruthless exploitation of workers.

We are all Zimbabweans, who are actually based right here in Zimbabwe, and are fully aware of the hideous activities of these companies – such that, we do not need to be told this by any supposed “Western governments who were sponsoring pseudo environmental and mining advocacy groups”.

Who does not know of the harrowing plight of the people of Marange and Chiadzwa – who were forcibly evicted from their ancestral lands several years ago (with the aid of Zimbabwe’s military), to make way for predominantly Chinese diamond mining companies – and, are still wallowing in abject poverty, having been dumped on unproductive areas, without benefiting anything from the vast minerals resources surrounding them?

It is truly disingenuous for any leader, who wants to be taken seriously, to defend these abuses – by hiding behind statement such as, why did we not make similar objections towards Western companies that exploited the people of this country during the Rhodesia era.

Well, for starters, most of us were still toddlers, who were thinking of nothing except making cars, trucks, and buses out of wire – and, most were not even born.

Secondly, as much as oppression is oppression – which, can never, and should never, be justified or defended – but who can deny that these Chinese companies have taken the art of subjugation to whole new levels of shame and disgust?

I was born in 1973, and bred in the mining and steelmaking town of Redcliff, and I know very well that our parents were treated relatively well, with dignified salaries that provided us a comfortable lifestyle, and had all the amenities such as world-class sporting facilities (who can forget Torwood Stadium, the home of ZISCOSTEEL FC), hotel, wonderful schools, a huge hospital that still leaves me in awe today (even though it is now just a ramshackle sorry structure, no longer used for any medical purposes), and shopping centers that provided nearly all we needed, so we did not always need to travel far.

How is that comparable to what these Chinese are doing?

As a matter of fact, our parents – in the midst of present day economic hardships and struggles in a post-independence Zimbabwe – do not hesitate looking back at those years with fondness, or maybe regret at how they supported a liberation struggle based on lies and empty promises.

Only someone who chooses to be intellectually blind can pretend not to see the mayhem, chaos, and misery caused by Chinese companies in Zimbabwe.

Why did the ZANU PF government itself abruptly revoke the operating licence of one of these companies in the party’s stronghold of Uzumba (Mashonaland East provinve), some months ago?

Was it not on account of the outrage expressed by the local community – who threatened not to vote for the ruling party in future elections?

What have these same Chinese done in other areas across the country – such as, in Binga and Hwange (Matebeleland North province)?

Have they not been attempting to evict those communities from their lands, and posing a threat to their heritage sites and forefathers graves?

I will not even go into workers who are being paid paltry disgraceful salaries, whilst working under an unsafe and unconducive environment – with some being shot dead by their Chinese bosses.

Let me not get started on the unspeakable environmental degradation caused by these companies – who have no regard whatsoever of the country’s future, and how this recklessness and callousness will adversely impact tomorrow’s generations.

How can exposing these evils and nefarious activities ever amount to being sponsored by Western countries?

If destruction and wickedness of similar magnitudes is being perpetrated by companies from other countries – particularly, Western nations – then, these should also be exposed, without fear or favor, and those with such information are free to contact me, as I will readily make this known to all.

Surely, are those in power in Zimbabwe seriously telling the world that Zimbabweans are incapable of detecting, standing up, and speaking out against oppression and ill-treatment on their own, without any Americans being involved?

Is the country’s ruling elite not giving the US more credit than they deserve – and, actually treating them as some omnipotent and omnipresent power, who can control everything and everyone?

These clearly criminal and cruel acts by Chinese companies are there for all who want to see, to see – since, they are not taking place in some foreign land, or hidden behind closed doors – but, in communities right here in Zimbabwe, which we can easily visit, or where relatives and friends reside.

Zimbabweans have to stand up against such wanton violations of our dignity as human beings who deserve respect and honour, especially in our own Motherland.

There can never be any foreign entity that should be made to feel above the law – who can ride roughshod over our rights as the people of Zimbabwe with impunity – simply because they are “much-needed investment”, or assisted us during the 1960s and 70s liberation struggle.

If that is allowed to prevail, then it can only mean one thing – this “support” to our freedom fighters was not done in good faith, but the Chinese knew that payback time would eventually arrive, and they would be our new colonizers, with the total connivance of our national leaders.

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    Tendai, the Chinese are racists. They don’t like black people. The only reason they supported the chimurenga was so that they could access our mineral wealth, which they repatriate to china. Our leaders in government are fools. We are witnessing the rape of our land at the connivance of leaders. Once China has bled the country dry of its wealth they will pack up and leave and will be laughing at us on their way out. If the white people had to do to us again what the Chinese are doing to us today in independent Zimbabwe we would be screaming blue murder and racism, injustice, oppression. Are we so docile or are we just stupid??

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      harper 1 month ago

      The Chinese will not leave when they have exhausted the mineral wealth. The indigenous population will be driven out or enslaved and the country will become one giant state run farm feeding the Chinese population with soya and maize. They have not forgotten that in the 1960s the Federation was able to sell them 600 000 tons of surplus maize. The country will again become a breadbasket but no indigenous person will benefit.

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    Steve 1 month ago

    Tendai writes incisive articles in my opinion, but are the enlarged portraits that appear with each article necessary? Why not put in pictures relevant to your different articles?