Be exemplary, police urged 

Source: Be exemplary, police urged | The Herald April 27, 2019

Be exemplary, police urged
Minister Mathema

Crime Reporter
Police officers have been warned against abusing their powers and getting involved in corrupt activities at the expense of their organisation and Government. Addressing officers in Harare province after visiting Harare Central Police Station, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Cain Mathema said it was important for police officers to regain their public trust and confidence.

He said this can be achieved by visiting them and taking note of their concerns so that they will appreciate the command’s expectations.

“As the Commissioner-General has acknowledged that some among you have wandered off course due to acts of indiscipline, corruption and other misdemeanours, what is important, therefore, is to ensure that past mistakes are corrected,” said Minister Mathema.

“In the same vein, when a police officer chooses to go against the police disciplinary code by abusing their powers and pursuing selfish ends at the expense of the organisation and Government’s reputation, they are doing more harm to themselves and their careers.”

Minister Mathema said what was required was for the force to diligently and effectively discharge its mandate through its various branches, units and provinces.

“I believe all of us, being parents in our own respects, are responsible individuals who are expected to perform our duties in our areas of operation,” he said. “The Commissioner-General has been clear of what is expected of all police officers.

“I only wish to add that as Government, we are confident in the command of the Zimbabwe Republic Police and its rank and file. Your conduct and actions in the line of duty should, therefore, not only be exemplary, but make us all proud that this is our professional police service.

“There should never be a moment where doubt filters on your ability to perform assigned tasks.”

Minister Mathema said President Mnangagwa had been clear in the new dispensation that all civil servants must adopt a new work ethic, shed undesirable behaviours and entrench servant leadership.

“Ensure that when you investigate crimes, criminals do not go scot free at the courts due to technicalities and if you are patrolling, ensure that people can even sleep with their doors open knowing they are safe,” he said.

“In short, what I am saying is that do your best at what you do.”

Minister Mathema said Government was rendering to police and ZRP Harare province in particular, the necessary support so that they were able to diligently discharge their duties.

Comm-Gen Matanga said Harare stands as the most populated police province in the country, with close to three million people and, therefore, the standard and attitude of officers should be beyond reproach.