Bindura town clerk in soup over abuse of office

Source: Bindura town clerk in soup over abuse of office -Newsday Zimbabwe

BINDURA councillors have moved a motion to impeach town clerk Evelyn Madziire for alleged abuse of office, corruption and flouting tender procedures.

Madziire appeared at the Bindura Magistrates Court on October 16, last year where she was remanded out of custody to a later date.


In a report issued by the councillors seen by NewsDay, Madziire is accused of employing her son as her personal driver without following due processes. The report also revealed that regardless of the charges laid against Madzire, she continued to execute council duties while at home.

“For instance, from February 7 to 11, 2023, she travelled to Mauritius to attend an awards ceremony for governance. The trip was discussed at the first special council meeting, which took place on January 24, when approval to spend funds and travel authority was requested,” reads the report.

“The council decided not to go on the trip. So, defying the board’s decision and acting without Cabinet approval, she travelled to Mauritius with her personal assistant, Chipo Chidavaenzi. They claim that a well-wisher who may become an investor in the council donated about US$1 000 to help fund the trip.”

The councillors accused Madziire of attending an International Conference on Renewable Energy representing the council between February 27 and March 1, despite being suspended.


“This is puzzling as her attendance does not benefit the council since there is no feedback from her because she is not reporting for duty. Other issues involve parcelling out of stands to her cronies, friends and allies for speculative purposes,” further reads the report.

“Allegations of distributing municipal stands to friends and allies for speculative purposes have surfaced. This not only constitutes an abuse of power, but also fosters an environment of nepotism and corruption, further eroding public trust and integrity within the municipality.”

The report also states that the situation has fuelled hatred, division, bickering and mistrust within the entire council as she is pressuring councillors and other politicians to influence her coming back, promising them residential stands.


“The absence of a town clerk is creating a governance vacuum, increasing the risk of conflicts of interest, nepotism, and favouritism. This can undermine the integrity of the municipality’s operations and damage its reputation,” said the councillors.

Contacted for a comment, Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) spokesperson Simiso Mlevu said she cannot comment on a matter which is before the courts.

Madziire was arrested by Zacc officials in October last year.