Borrowdale billboard case deferred pending review

Source: Borrowdale billboard case deferred pending review | The Herald

Court Reporter

The trial of two Harare men on charges of criminal nuisance for erecting an illegal billboard in Borrowdale with allegedly damaging information on a local development company has been deferred to June 3, as the results of a High Court review of an earlier magistrate’s decision are not yet ready.

Grant Russell and Mark Strathen are being represented by Mr Tendai Biti.

They applied to magistrate Mr Shane Kubonera for exception, that is for the charges to be dropped and the whole criminal process to be dropped.

Mr Kubonera said there were issues that needed to go to trial and so he denied the application.

The charges arise from a billboard erected at around 2pm on December 10, 2020 along Liberation Legacy Way opposite Celebration Centre in Borrowdale.

Russell and Strathen are accused of erecting the billboard with allegedly damaging information to a development company in a bid to tarnish its image.

The company objected and complained, and the arrest of Russell and Strathen on public nuisance charges followed.