Byo council shuts down public toilets

Source: Byo council shuts down public toilets –Newsday Zimbabwe

BULAWAYO City Council has been forced to shut down public toilets in the central business district and surrounding suburbs fearing an outbreak of water-borne diseases as the city grapples with its worst water challenges in years.

Latest council minutes indicate that some toilets were closed due to water challenges.


“The water shortage challenges forced the department to close some toilets as they cannot be kept clean, when there is no water,” the minutes read.

According to the minutes, some shop owners and vendors have approached the local authority seeking permission to operate the public toilets for their clients.

“The department noted that communities close to the public toilets could bring stored water from their premises to keep the toilets clean, a potentially viable partnership during trying times,” the minutes read.

“Furthermore, it is noted that turning the toilets in the residential areas into pay toilets is not economically viable.”


The minutes state that successful applicants will be given zero-fee service agreements on condition that access to the public toilets is free.

On Tuesday, Bulawayo director of health services Edwin Mzingwane told the media that diarrhoea cases have been recorded at council clinics hence the disease is now endemic in the city.

Mzingwane said council was working on a plan to provide water to residents despite challenges in pumping due to low raw water levels at the city’s supply dams.

In an unrelated matter, councillor Sandra Sibindi sought clarification on the number of sweepers in the central business district.

“She also urged residents to separate their waste. Some of the materials thrown into refuse bags are biodegradable. Some of the material can be recycled or reused. Recycling and reuse should be advocated for in the city. More litter bins are required in the central business district,” the minutes read.