Carmaker rolls out first batch for SA, Zim market

Source: Carmaker rolls out first batch for SA, Zim market | The Herald

Carmaker rolls out first batch for SA, Zim market

Sifelani Tsiko

Agric, Environment & Innovations Editor

Mureza Auto, a company jointly founded by Zimbabwean carmaker Tatenda Mungofa and an Iranian investor will soon roll out its Prim8 model vehicles for the Zimbabwean and South African market.

This comes after the car manufacturing firm was granted a licence to produce motor vehicles in South Africa, helping it to break into the highly competitive African motoring industry.

The company will release two models that include its Prim8 SUV range.

“Mureza Holdings (Pty) Ltd is now a licenced entity to manufacture vehicles in the Republic of South Africa under their Mureza Auto Co brand. 

“Our appreciation goes to our dedicated staff, investors, partners and stakeholders who have made this milestone possible,” the company said in a statement recently.

“This is a major milestone in our vision to become the leading car manufacturer in Africa. 

“To the African market, the wait is almost over. We are working in the background to ensure we bring quality and affordable vehicles and an untamed motoring experience to the African continent.”

South Africa-based Zimbabwean Mungofa, who spearheaded the launch of a car called Mureza Prim8 in partnership with one of the largest Iranian car manufacturers, SAIPA Group, is a true testimony of the Zimbabwean innovative spirit.

His footprint will reshape the global automotive industry even though they still face challenges related to the penetration of this industry with cut-throat competition.

The company is targeting to sell its models at around US$13 500 in Zimbabwe and R196 000 in South Africa.

Mureza is aiming to produce high quality vehicles suited to the African conditions.

For the past decades, the automotive industry has largely been dominated by European, American and Asian car making giants.

But in recent years, Africans too, are coming up with their own innovative designs, ushering in a revolutionary change in the highly competitive automobile   industry.

This is a major plus for Africa which reportedly imports some 2 million new cars every year.

African entrepreneurs and engineering innovators have broken into the lucrative automobile industry.

The great six cars made in Africa include the Kantanka (made in Ghana), Innoson (made in Nigeria), the Kiira EV Smack (made in Uganda), Mobius Motors (Mobius II – made in Kenya), the Turtle (made in Ghana) and the Wind and Solar Powered Car (made In Nigeria).