Chief faces censure over rantings

Source: Chief faces censure over rantings | The Herald

Chief faces censure over rantings
Chief Charumbira

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter

Chief Murinye from Masvingo will face disciplinary action for his utterances last weekend during which he attacked President Mnangagwa and hinted on an imaginary possible coup.

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga did not take kindly to the chief’s utterances and yesterday told the annual Chief’s Conference that such statements can only be said by a “drunk”.

“What we have seen in the past few days is never done,” he said. “Zvekuti munhu anosimuka otaura zvaanoda kuna paramount chief is never done. Zvinoitwa nemunhu anwa mutoriro. In this country it’s never done.

“We have one Munhumutapa (President Mnangagwa), we have one leader and it is that leader we give respect. It is that leader we show the entire nation what respect is all about. So, what has been done by Chief Murinye is going to be investigated by the Minister of Local Government and the chiefs’ council and if found guilty, disciplinary action would be taken.

“This is Zimbabwe. I thought I should say this, I respect Munhumutapa (President Mnangagwa) and no one touches him as long as I live.”

Chief’s Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira distanced the traditional leaders from Chief Murinye’s utterances.

“I want to tell the President that we are with you as an institution, what was said is an individual’s views and does not reflect the views of the institution, in fact, it’s the direct opposite of our views,” he said.

Earlier, Chief Charumbira had thanked the President for giving them audience to discuss issues affecting the country.

He said President Mnangagwa had restored the dignity of the institution of traditional leaders that was undermined by the colonial regime.

Chief Charumbira thanked the President for agreeing that chiefs change their official attire from the red robes and hat introduced by the colonial regime to new ones reflective of local customs and traditions.


  • comment-avatar
    Ndebele 1 year ago

    Let the game begin. Great to see the big noter Mujibas like Chiwenga and Eddie Cross talking up the President’s virtues and angelic ethos. These people do not seem to remember that it was these very chiefs that supported the ZANLA and ZIPRA during the war and bore the brunt of the civil war. If ED and Chiwenga are going to have a go at the chiefs – we have another Rumble in the Jungle. We can sit back and watch the corrupt Zanu attempt to talk their way out of a left hook from the chiefs.

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    Nyoni 1 year ago

    As suspected my fellow Zimbabweans. Any criticism of this clueless regime by anyone is met with a reaction . Wonder if we will ever be free as in any democratic country where talking against a leader is not a crime. Well for sure Ed is a dictator just like his late mentor was with this one even worse.