Chihuri fire: widespread scepticism over official version of events

The is widespread scepticism over the official version of events that took place at Police commissioner Augustine Chihuri’s Greystone Park home yesterday afternoon.  Here is one of the comments received by Zimbabwe Situation:

I believe that it was a planned thing because:
1.The policeman’s aim was not on stealing because how can he commit such a crime in uniform during the day when everyone is alert? Surely he had a better opportunity while  performing guard duties there at night.
2.If he wanted to loot, why would he shoot at his workmate since there was no way he could be arrested by his constable since no crime was committed at that time
3.If he wanted to loot, why would he burn down the house.
4.If the details exchanged fire for three hours how many rounds of ammunition did the suspect have and how did he carry all that and also why did the armourer give the constable such a large number of rounds. An FN rifle fires sixty rounds per minute on rapid ie three magazines per minute.Whether it was in which type of fire 3 hours requires ammunition that cannot be carried by one person. And the armourer would never give out that quantity at one time.
5.How come police details took three hours from PGHQ to attend a scene at Borrowdale at their Boss’s residence.
6. Why was there no death report after exchanging fire for three hours.
7.Why did the Boss leave his car keys in the ignition.
Its either imba yapiswa to destroy exhibits in the house or the circumstances are incorrect.


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    Ok…..but can we now have the true version of the story?

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    Domingos Rui 4 years ago

    The policeman was on a mission to collect and destroy evidence. period.