Citizens’ Manifesto: Defend the Vote Campaign

Citizens’ Manifesto: Defend the Vote Campaign

Source: Citizens’ Manifesto: Defend the Vote Campaign – The Zimbabwean

Citizens of Zimbabwe – we’re excited about Monday!

We’re all going to turn out in our numbers so that our voices are heard through the ballot box. BUT, It is not enough just to vote. We need to defend the vote as well!

Recording the results at every polling station helps to prevent fraud. We are asking you to send us the results from your polling station as soon as these are posted outside (The V11 form).

You can do this by filling in a simple form ( and sending a clear photo to 0774746925 by WhatsApp or SMS. 

The V11 forms will be posted outside your polling station when the counting finishes.

You are legally entitled to do this and if you are stopped from doing this by election officials, let us know immediately so we can advise the election observers.

Thank you for joining us in this people powered initiative to help defend our vote!

Defend The Vote! Record The Result!

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