‘Close gap between urban, rural women’

Source: ‘Close gap between urban, rural women’ | The Herald

‘Close gap between urban, rural women’
Cde Mohadi

Thupeyo Muleya 

Beitbridge Bureau 

The Government and its development partners should implement more programmes to boost the capacity of rural women and reduce the gap with their urban counterparts.

Beitbridge Senator, Cde Tambudzai Mohadi, who is also the ruling party’ (Zanu PF) deputy chief whip in the Senate said there was a huge gap between those women in rural areas and those in urban settlements when it comes to access to resources and other opportunities.

She said women should also be at the forefront in leadership positions.

“When it comes to leadership positions, women are always propping up men. This affects decision making where women issues are concerned, so we need to change that focus and lift each other as women, and we need should start at village level,” said Cde Mohadi.

The senator added that her colleagues should position themselves to fully participate in economic opportunities that come with the devolution concept.

“The level of participation in economic matters by women based mainly in rural areas versus those in towns is very worrying.

It is high time that limitation was fixed, so that we can all be able to contribute to the national economic development and sustain ourselves as women.” 

She said women played a very key role in national development and that they also carry the larger part of the social burden and hence the need to empower them.

Cde Mohadi said there were many opportunities for women to exploit in mining, natural resources management, agriculture, professional, skills and services.

She said those in disadvantaged position need to be capacitated to improve productivity and self-reliance from house hold level.

“For instance, those women in rural areas, can do a lot in terms in agriculture and natural resources considering they have access to communal land. 

“However, the missing link is capacitating them with the requisite skills, and the creation of market and resource linkages, so that they fully become part of the supply chain,” said Sen Mohadi.

She the ruling Zanu PF through its women’s league was already rolling out a number of initiatives to socially and economically empower most women with entrepreneurship skills.