Councils setting up devolution structures 

Source: Councils setting up devolution structures | The Herald December 10, 2018

Councils setting up devolution structures
Minister Moyo

Thandeka Moyo Bulawayo Bureau
LOCAL authorities have started setting up structures to start the process of devolution, a Cabinet Minister has said.

Government, through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, recently allocated $310 million in the 2019 National Budget for devolution.

Speaking in Bulawayo on Thursday, Local Government, Public Words and National Housing Minister July Moyo said Government was working on modalities of how to allocate the $310 million to provincial councils.

“All local authorities are already geared up for devolution. There is not much that we can change to align with the Constitution because it is already there,” said Minister Moyo.

“We are going through the motions of circulating an amendment to the Provincial Councils Act and Administration Act. These acts will merge metropolitan councils with provincial councils for smooth administration,” said the minister.

“The $310 million budget will go to all local authorities and provincial councils so that they can start working on devolution.

“This devolution programme is based on the fact that economic development must start from the bottom going up.”

Minister Moyo said central Government would assist local authorities to grow their economies which would in turn develop a balanced Zimbabwean economy.

He said Government is also addressing issues to do with health, education and infrastructure development.

“In fulfilment of Section 301 sub-section 2(d) of the Constitution, we are closely working on addressing marginalisation.

“We are looking at marginalisation in health, education, roads, in electricity and all infrastructure projects,” said Minister Moyo.

“The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development will guide us on how to allocate monies so that those who have lagged behind can be uplifted.”

Implementation of devolution enjoins central Government to release funds for provincial budgets to ensure that areas lagging behind in terms of development are prioritised.

Each province will have its own economic development plan underpinned by resources found in that province.

Economic plans will be crafted by provincial councils led by provincial ministers, whose role should also be development-oriented.

In his 2019 National Budget presentation last month, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube, said the allocation of funds for devolution seeks to operationalise support to provinces in terms of Section 264 of the Constitution.

“An estimated US$310 million in fiscal transfers is earmarked for support to Provincial Councils for 2019.

“As spelt out in the Transitional Stabilisation Programme, decentralisation is a key strategy for fair and just governance.

“All provinces should be able to plan and implement their economic growth and development using their factor endowments, with central Government contributing through the 5 percent allocation annually,” said Prof Ncube.


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    mazano rewayi 3 years ago

    I do not understand the maths but would it not be better to legislate for a percentage, say 30%, of the income generated in a province/district to be retained in that area and the central government uses the balance for national projects and services – tertiary education, referral hospitals, large infrastructure (state roads, railways, airports, telecoms and dams for example)? The danger of allocating funds from the national fiscus is that we will go the Nigerian route where “states” are created for the sole purpose of accessing funds from the national treasury! I believe every district in Zim has some economic base that can be developed with the local population being the primary beneficiaries – think of Vic Falls in Hwange or the diamonds of Marange just as examples.