Courts not the solution to the doctors’ crisis

Source: Courts not the solution to the doctors’ crisis – The Zimbabwean

An attempt by the government to resolve their impasse through the courts is not only ill-informed but extends the period of crisis resolution.

Having a court of law dealing with the legality of a job action does not entail the problem has disappeared. In fact, therefore the issues being raised by the medical practitioners are legit and reasonable.
The doctors want the ratio between patients and clinical personnel reduced, drugs procured, health facilities improved, equipment sourced and medical supplies ensured.

All these are selfless demands meant to save lives yet the government is happy with a cosmetic appearance of doctors at work while unable to save lives or adequately serve the people.

The , therefore, reduces the discourse to the issue of the welfare of the practitioners just to misinform the public, assassinate the character of the profession as one driven by greed and even worse decide to use scare tactics.

Scaring the practitioners using court orders will only prolong the crisis period. Dialogue would have found a lasting solution, it seems the government is allergic to this phenomenon.

Even if doctors return to work today with the working conditions as deplorable as they are, lives will still be lost to avoidable causes.

There is danger in a hospital manned by disgruntled personnel. More importantly, labour is not forced, people’s rights in this respect are Constitutional, and they cannot, therefore, be taken away through the courts.

The route taken by the government has a potential of a long winding legal battle which at the end will cost the public.

The government ought to address the issues being raised at this stage when budgets for the following calendar year are being discussed.

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Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson