Firm alleges racism in perjury case 

Source: Firm alleges racism in perjury case | The Herald

Firm alleges racism in perjury case

Court Correspondent
LAGRANDY Electrical Industries (Pvt) Ltd is opposing the confirmation of a provisional order granted by Justice Siyabona Musithu in favour of Craig Guthrie, Kenneth Moores and the Toremore Park Residents Association interdicting the company from developing stand number  37 Pomona Township.

The firm — through its lawyers — has prepared a notice of opposition against the order claiming that the application was created on racial grounds.

“We have established that this application is a conspiracy hatched by the applicants to dislodge us from the area on purely racial basis,” reads the notice of opposition.

It also states that a tenant at 17255 Gleneleg Road, identified as RP Madzime, conspired with his son identified as F Madzime for the latter to append his signature to a petition.

Legrandy said F Madzime had a history of mental incapacity and therefore lacked capacity to sign a petition.

RP Madzime is a teacher at Hellenic Primary School and was said to have strong links with the white community in the area.

“J Kandemiri is also a tenant at 22 Armadale and related to P Kandemiri and C Kandemiri. Ryan Ressel owns house number 2 Palms Road and conspired with an employee Panganai Shiripinda,” reads the notice of opposition.

Lagrandy stated that Guthrie of 10 Balmoral Road and Sarah Moore were next door neighbours who engineered the racially inspired conspiracy.

Last week Guthrie, Moores and Graham Clark appeared at the Harare magistrates court for perjury after they allegedly falsified in an affidavit which was submitted to the High Court claiming that the land in Pomona, was donated by their family member and was supposed to be a park.

They were remanded out of custody to September 16 for trial.


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    Zimbo 3 weeks ago

    Why cannot it not be just a “un-neighbourly” dispute? Why does it always have to end up Black vs White?