Forex boon for 1000 Gutu garlic farmers 

Source: Forex boon for 1000 Gutu garlic farmers | The Herald

Forex boon for 1000 Gutu garlic farmers

George Maponga in Masvingo

More than 1000 rural farmers in Gutu are making it big from small-scale garlic production which they are selling in foreign currency.

The garlic wave has swept through Gutu Central constituency in areas such as Munjanganja,Zimbizi,Tachi and Zvavahera were farmers have been boosting their household income from garlic production.

The farmers mostly grow garlic using organic manure under irrigation.

Gutu Rural District Council chief executive Mr Alexander Mtembwa noted that garlic farming had transformed lives of rural communities in the district.

A private company that was contracting farmers to produce the garlic was buying it for US$4 per kg, a situation that was attracting many farmers.

Mr Mtembwa disclosed that farmers’ rich pickings from garlic had a multiplier effect on the district’s economy which was positively responding to the garlic wave.

Gutu Central National Assembly representative Cde Winston Chitando spearheaded garlic farming which was now expanding to other parts of the district.


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    Ndonga 8 months ago

    Coming from The Herald we must be careful as it might be another of their blue lies.
    But if true it is great news and congratulations to Mr Winston Chitando.
    But now the garlic growers must keep the thieving fingers of our Government from saying, “You must sell the garlic through us and we will pay you in Zimbabwe dollars”.
    They can then get a cousin sister with a big handbag, and a CIO helper, to fly away these precious US dollars to their special bank accounts in Dubai.