God rewards real heroism – which is not an entitlement but gained through humility, honesty and integrity!

Source: God rewards real heroism – which is not an entitlement but gained through humility, honesty and integrity!

This year’s ‘Heroes Holiday’ in Zimbabwe were life-changing for my family and I, as we had a rare opportunity to witness genuine heroism at work – and, precisely what this entailed.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


This past Saturday, we had to attend a family gathering in my mother’s rural home of Rusape, and on our way, we stopped at a fuel station in the small town of Norton, to fill up our tank – whereupon, my elderly mother disembarked from the car, thereby taking along her bag, which carried some cash, bank cards, identity documents, and other valuables.

After the refueling was completed, she got back onto the car, forgetting the package – something we did not notice, until we reached the town of Ruwa, where we intended to buy some food.

Unfortunately, my mother did not recall where she had placed the bag, or whether it had been accidentally misplaced somewhere.

Understandably, we were confused as to what had transpired – and debated whether to retrace our steps back to Norton, since that had been the last place we had disembarked the car, the next time being in Ruwa.

As we were not certain exactly where the bag might be, and Norton by then about 50 kilometers away, we finally decided against traveling all the way back, but to check on our return journey to Kwekwe.

Besides, as fervent believers and worshipers in Jehovah Almighty, through His Son and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we had strong faith that, no matter what had become of the bag, “all things worked together for good, for those who loved God, and were called according to His purpose” – and as such, something phenomenal and giving glory to Him would come out of this entire experience.

In my life, I am always guided by the unflinching belief that, nothing can ever happen to my family and I – unless God Himself permits it, and it is all for His name to be glorified, in His Son Jesus Christ’s name.

Therefore, I fear no evil!

We proceeded on our way to Rusape in faith!

As such, on Monday, we reached Norton and inquired at the fuel station if they had seen the bag – since we were not too sure where exactly we left, or accidentally dropped, it.

To our utter amazement and great joy, one of the attendants, Tashinga Jamari, said my mother had placed it on the ground, as the car was being refuelled, but forgot it there when we departed.

He had kept the bag safely at the station.

You can imagine the indescribable exhilaration when he went into the little office at the garage, and returned carrying the bag.

Indeed, our Jehovah God had, as always, been characteristically faithful, and true to His Word!

Everything was as it was when we left it.

Tashinga’s profound actions also reignited our understandably dampened trust in our fellow countrymen and women – amidst a sea of dishonesty, selfishness and corruption, cutting across the width and breadth of the nation, from the highest offices to the ordinary person on the street – as he proved that there were still good God-fearing trustworthy people out there.

I would like to personally extend our immense appreciation, both on my own behalf and that of my mother, for this rare honesty.

Of course, we gave him something as a token of our appreciation.

In fact, I am so excited that, Tashinga’s employers communicated with me last evening, after I had written a recommendation letter to them – announcing that, as a result of the exceptional and outstanding trustworthiness he showed, the company directors had decided to promote him.

Our beliefs were vindicated – in that, God had allowed all these events to take place, so that, in the end, His righteousness and glory are reveled.

He is our true hero!

Those are the attributes that I personally admire in an individual – be they a national leader, business person, employee, husband, wife, child, no matter who!

If only we had more Tashingas in Zimbabwe – our country would be prosperous, as our national resources would have been equitably shared, without any small privileged grouping considering themselves more worthy (than the rest of the suffering population) to enjoy the fat of the land, at the expense of millions of poverty-stricken Zimbabweans, merely because they are in power, and ‘fought for this country’s independence’.

In spite of his commendable, exceptional and undeniablely heroic deeds, at no time did Tashinga ever demand to be acknowledged, nor did he ever make us feel indebted to him, nor did he pressure us to push his bosses for a promotion, nor has he been on social media parading his actions.


A genuine hero is humble (regardless of his phenomenal feats), is not puffed up, nor seeking personal glory.

In fact, being a hero does not entitle an individual to anything or some reward – but, his humility, honesty, and integrity opens the doors for promotion.

Let this be a lesson to all of us – most particularly, our leaders in the ruling elite – that, the main reason they are disdained and despised by the ordinary impoverished citizenry (despite their supposed valiant efforts in fighting for our liberation from colonial domination) is primarily due to their brazen arrogance and sense of entitlement, whilst riding roughshod over the population merely because they ‘liberated us’.

If only they would grasp this simple fact of life, they would have found how easy it was to be appreciated for your good works – through being humble, never demanding respect, and treating each and every Zimbabwean with dignity.

Maybe, they need to get some lessons from Tashinga!

Our Jehovah God Almighty, through His abundant wealth of grace, promotes humility, honesty and integrity – in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, researcher, and social commentator. Please feel free to contact him on WhatsApp/Call: +263715667700 / +263782283975, or Calls Only: +263788897936, or email: mbofana.tendairuben73@gmail.com


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    Mukanya 2 months ago

    Very rare human species of Tashinga’s qualities are found in Zimbabwe…