Govt moves to reinstate auditor-general 

Source: Govt moves to reinstate auditor-general – DailyNews Live

Blessings Mashaya      20 December 2017

HARARE – Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday moved a motion in
the National Assembly to reappoint Mildred Chiri as the auditor-general
after she was unceremoniously dismissed from her job in July, triggering
cheers from legislators.

Former president Robert Mugabe was forced to concede defeat in the
appointment of Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) boss Mike Ndudzo
as the auditor-general after his nomination was rejected by lawmakers.

This comes after legislators across the political divide forced Chinamasa
to rescind the appointment of Ndudzo as the new auditor-general.

The IDC chief executive had been earmarked to replace the illustrious
Chiri, whose term of office had expired.

But in a rare show of independence, Members of Parliament broke ranks with
the Executive by shooting down the proposed appointment.

Yesterday, Chinamasa confirmed that new president Emmerson Mnangagwa had
agreed to reappointed her

“To move that whereas, Subsection (1) of Section 310 (Appointment of
auditor-general) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides that an
auditor-general is appointed by the President with the approval of
Parliament; and whereas subsection (1)(a) of Section 340 (`Appointments’)
of the Constitution provides the President with the power to reappoint a
public office holder into such office; now therefore, in terms of the
aforementioned Subsection (1) of section 310 of the Constitution, this
House resolves and approves that … Chiri be appointed auditor-general of
the Republic of Zimbabwe for a further term in office effective from the
25th of February 2017,” said the motion, which will be debated when
Parliament reconvenes in January.


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    Mukanya 5 years ago

    Her reinstating is greatly applauded and appreciated, but its the follow-ups to her findings filed in her reports, which deserves the national anthem of praise in exposing the institutionalized ‘rot’ bedeviling our country if we are to make head-way in growth and development.