Zimra introduces measures to minimise delays at border posts 

Source: Zimra introduces measures to minimise delays at border posts – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 20, 2017

THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has introduced other interim measures to minimise delays in the clearance of cargo at the country’s border posts, after its Automated System for Customs Data (Asycuda) World system experienced technical glitches since last week.


Zimra’s Asycuda World system has been down since last week, resulting in delays in clearance of goods and traffic at the ports of entry. Commercial car importers using the busy Beitbridge Border Post have been stuck as a result of the systems breakdown.

In a statement yesterday, Zimra spokesperson Canisio Mudzimu said the interim measures put in place were in line with the authority’s business continuity plan to ensure quick clearance of travellers and commercial cargo.

“Please be advised that the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is experiencing challenges with the Automated System for Customs Data World system. This has resulted in delays in clearance of traffic at the ports of entry,” Mudzimu said.

“To militate against these challenges, Zimra has put in place interim interventions to ensure that the delays in clearances at ports of entry are minimised and that there is continuity in the clearance of travellers.”

As part of the interim measures for the clearance of commercial cargo, Mudzimu said where importers are able to show or prove that the required duties and taxes have been paid into the Zimra prepayment account, such consignments are being released on the basis of proof.

Asycuda is a web-based system where customs and trader transactions are handled via Internet and/or intranet system designed to help countries automate customs processes on the importation or exportation of goods and compile accurate trade statistics.

This is not the first time the system has experienced some technical glitches since its introduction a few years ago.