Harare unveils $213bn budget 

Source: Harare unveils $213bn budget –Newsday Zimbabwe

Harare City Council

HARARE City Council (HCC) yesterday unveiled a $213 billion 2023 budget hinged on improving water reticulation and other key service areas, while maintaining 2022 health, water and garbage collection tariffs.

Announcing the city’s 2023 budget, council’s finance and development committee chairperson Costa Mande said some services such as clinic and hospital fees would remain static and pegged in United States dollars — or Zimbabwe dollar equivalent — at US$5 for adults and US$3 for children.

Maternity fees will remain pegged at US$25.

“Hospital and clinic fees are substantively static in relation to the 2022 financial year to promote access to health by all. It is expected that government grants for drugs and related programmes will cover the shortfall as well as contribution from property tax,” Mande said.

However, council hiked ambulance fees from US$20 to US$35.

The city fathers have also not increased garbage collection fees, with residents living in high-density suburbs paying US$8, while those in low-density residential areas will have to fork out US$11.

“Rates have been maintained at the current levels and in some cases, adjusted downwards. Clamping and towing fees were reduced as a response to public outcry and as a measure to reduce corruption in the sector,” Mande said.

“The WASH [water, sanitation, hygiene] programme is the cornerstone of service delivery. It has a projected expenditure of $95,559 billion and will totally fund its activities through cost recovery tariffs after taking into consideration funding from devolution, loans and others. The WASH programme is expected to realise internal revenues amounting to $86,342 billion to support its functions.”

The council also announced that those who are renting council accommodation are now eligible to buy the houses.