MDC-T deny Mugabe offered Tsvangirai vice presidency

via MDC-T deny Mugabe offered Tsvangirai vice presidency | SW Radio Africa by Tererai Karimakwenda

Media reports that Robert Mugabe had offered a vice presidency position and cabinet posts to Morgan Tsvangirai have been dispelled by the MDC-T, who on Thursday repeated their resolution not to participate in government.

The 89 year old Mugabe has delayed announcing his new cabinet after claiming a 61% landslide victory over Tsvagirai in the July 31st elections, and his ZANU PF party claiming a two thirds majority win in parliament.

The delay has led to speculation that Mugabe may be considering Tsvangirai for the vice presidency. The independent NewsDay newspaper contacted presidential spokesperson George Charamba about this issue and he said: “I don’t know. We will come back to you when ready. Don’t force us.”

NewsDay also published statements allegedly made Monday by the MDC-T National Youth leader, Solomon Madzore, claiming such an offer had been made.

“Our President Morgan Tsvangirai has been approached by ZANU PF offering him the post of First Vice-President” and “some of our think-tanks have been approached with a view to offering them ministerial posts,” Newsday quoted Madzore as saying.

But the MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora told SW Radio Africa on Thursday that no such offer had been made by Mugabe. He said “some overtures” had been made by “people purporting to represent ZANU PF” but nothing official had been received from Mugabe.

“We certainly know nothing about that and I doubt whether it is true. I don’t think Mugabe is that benevolent at all, but we have not received anything formal from ZANU PF at all,” Mwonzora explained.

Regarding the NewsDay report quoting Solomon Madzore, the MDC-T spokesman said he had contacted the youth leader who denied ever making such a claim, only saying that he “was quoted out of context”.

Mwonzora went further to confirm that their National Council had resolved on August 3rd that they would not be part of government at the cabinet level, and would not accept such “benevolence” from ZANU PF.

Mwonzora also confirmed that the MDC-T would participate in parliament and local councils, because he said those party officials had won the positions under difficult conditions and deserved to be there.



  • comment-avatar
    Russell 11 years ago

    MT don’t be a Judas

  • comment-avatar
    Diego Zhaba 11 years ago

    No marriage of convinience guys. Zvema Nigerians marrying Zim women no ways as what happened to PF ZAPU.

  • comment-avatar
    Hango Yapalala 11 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    Ed Mrehwa 11 years ago

    Lets not be emotional, what if this the cleanest way that Tsvangson can gain the presidency given that the army generals had made it clear their intention to never allow him to take over. The current constitution states that the first vice president takes over after the resignation or incapacitation of the president. However as promissing as this may sound, I do not think that Mnangagwa & Mujuru will take kindly to that & therein lays a clear & tricky hardle unless their mutual hatred will be satisfied with the knowledge that neither of them got the position.

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    khabo 11 years ago

    That would be end of MDC T , Morgan must be very careful before considering any post offered to him .ZANU PF will be working out on how to nutralise MDC T and final destroy it as it is the strongest opposition political party in the country , the same strategy was used by Mugabe to finish up ZAPU PF of Joshua Nkomo.

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      Malcolm 11 years ago

      I wonder…. MDT legitimized ZanuPF in 2008 by jumping into the GPA bed. Then they played ball in an election that right up to the last minute they said was unfair. Their mistake all along has been playing by Mugabe rules. You cannot elicit to play a game knowing the rules and the flaws, and then complain when you lose by those same rules and flaws. By participating alone its a tacit sanctioning of the engagements terms and acceptance of the end of play decision. If MDC are relegated to political has-beens then perhaps the term is justified. The way should now be open to new directors who acknowledge the lessons learned of the past. If Mugabe does not destroy MDC from the top he will certainly be like the proverbial termite and work from the lower foundations. Many MDC legislators will be made offers they cannot, and will not, refuse. Either by enticement or enforcement.

      MDC, unfortunately are like mutton trying to remodel itself into lamb – continuous beating the same old drum will not make one bit of difference. I am not anti the principles of MDC; someone else needs to carry the flag forward, though.

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    Steel Wire 11 years ago

    We the MDC will not be part and parcel of ZANU PF led government. Tongai tione.
    We are back to square one {2008}, dont you think so?

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    Malcolm 11 years ago

    I note the whole toy-town antics at play – The suggestion of a FIRST VP suggests an second is somewhere around the corner, and a third. Seems like there is a lot of dilution of second in commands’ power and at the same time inflation in favour of the gamble of politics. This is statistical manipulation in its basest order. It’s splitting the next level of accountancy into two, thereby increasing the odds of a favorable reception of any executive decision. And if that does not work then the executive decision still stands as a veto.

    Politics is dirtier than pig farming.

    In UK and US similar games at play, where politicians are running scared and frightened of their jobs. They have not yet though resorted to fiddling the ballot as blatantly.

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    Isu-zvedu 11 years ago

    Welshman Ncube will be offered a very handsome post, together with Mutambara. The question I have always had over the years is why such a small country would have two vice-presidents. Zimbabwe is always in the Guineass Book of Records for very stupid reasons.

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    dread ras reckless 11 years ago

    tsvagira would never be a vp. its a shed blood vs crorodile war we now have.