Video: Muzarabani Fraud and Fear

Video published on Aug 13, 2013

Polling agents and citizens of Muzarabani tell how such huge numbers of voters were “assisted” to vote in the July 31st poll. Many opposition supporters are in hiding as their lives, families and properties are being threatened by members of Zanu PF .
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    Joshua 9 years ago

    What is the meaning of this please.

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    How can any responsible person put these poor people at risks by publishing such videos with people’s images. Thus a very irrisponsible piece of journalism. Unless this is being stage managed for some reason, trully putting these poor masses as clear as these pictures/videos is being irresponsible as these poor masses will be totured later.

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    Diego Zhaba 9 years ago

    I don’t think it’s fair on the part of these people to be treated like this. If ZANU PF genuinely won the elections why are they harassing the people? People have a choice and why force them to support ZANU when it’s not what they want? Why?

    It’s the most unfair thing to do. The elections are over and let people go on with their lives. I don’t think this was stage managed as most people sound very genuine. Why victimize those you defeated and this is true of what has been happening for years.Please give these people a break.

    I was at pain to explain myself as i visited my rural home for a funeral in 2008. They can do this. And who are they to force people to support ZANU. It goes to show the level of political intolerance that is in Zimbabwe.

    Zvichapera izvi. Hapana chisingaperi. We are sick and tired of this kind of life only because you have a different view. Aaah what a country.And it’s ZANU PF that breeds thugs and murderers and this is why people are not afraid of killing because they are protected nemusangano. Munodirei kumanikidzira vanhu kuti vadye makudo when it’s not their preferred meat.

    I’m at pains really with this kind of attitude and it all comes from the leadership that feels they are indispensable to the country and are untouchable. They are driven by arrogance and selfishness.

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    maita 9 years ago

    And they want sanctions to be lifted? Why do we have to indocrinate children to be so brutal to be able to want to decapitate others. And Chihuri says he is the Commissioner General of the ZRP and says we arrest without fear or favour so why the brutes in Shamva and Muzarabani gping on like tha if there is a police force. or those harassed the rule of law only applies to you but don’t think its time you take the law into your hands if they burn your house burn their too, if they want to kill you make sure you die with one of them.