US will lift Mugabe sanctions only after reforms

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On Sunday, Southern African leaders called for the West to lift sanctions against Harare as they gave their seal of approval to Mugabe’s victory in disputed elections.

But Washington was unimpressed.

“We have made clear to the government of Zimbabwe and the region that a change in US sanctions policy will occur only in a context of credible, transparent, peaceful reforms that reflect the will of the Zimbabwean people,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

“Our program of targeted sanctions will remain in place as long as these conditions continue to exist in Zimbabwe,” she added.

In March 2003 the United States imposed sanctions on Mugabe and on a list of his relatives.

Mugabe, Africa’s oldest leader at 89, first took the reins of a newly independent Zimbabwe in 1980 as prime minister. He became president following a constitutional amendment in 1987.

He will be sworn in on Thursday for his seventh term, which will last five years.



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    William Doctor 10 years ago

    Keep up the pressure. This is one of the most racist, homophobic regimes in the world. Over 1.6 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora were denied the vote. The electoral ‘victory’ represents the views of subsistence farmers only – not the numerous Zimbabweans forced out of the country as ‘economic refugees.’ Keep up the pressure. Mugabe will depart soon, and those that remain [within ZanuPF] lack the intellect and charisma to resist democratic change.

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    There is no pressure to keep there. The British have never abandoned their policvy if appeasement or lack of resolute decision. See what the French did in Ivory Coast,in Mali and in Central African Republic in Libya recently. See what the Americans did in Iraq when the UN dilly dallied. One can see some hidden cooperation with Mugabe. Why has st the West commented on the Israeli NUKUV company used by Zanupf? Can this organisation work abroad without the supervision of Mossad? Mossad the CIA and other NATO intelligence organisations work together. This is known by everybody. But they are accused of doing the job for Mugabe. So what is what? What ever condemna

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    AMERICA FIRE THEM WITH MORE SANCTIONS…thank u.aka Jukwa’s last born

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    Mashinga P 10 years ago

    Hey William Doctor, dont refer to us as subsistence farmers. We are buying houses and cars from our tobacco crops. Please do not refer to yourself as intelligent because the intelligence ones are making money in Zimbabwe while you are in self exile. We dont need you misguided intelligence to choose who we vote for

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    Zvichapera 10 years ago

    Another”Farce” of a constitutional process, what a joke of a Judiciary, an embarrassment to Africa. Unless people revolt and sacrifice the only other route is to tighten sanctions on Zimbabwe. A small price to pay if you compare with what’s going on in Eygpt and Libya. We all must endure and suffer even if its a result of those sanctions to archieve REGIME Change. Can only be archieved by sacrifice. Zanu PF won’t give up without a fight. The West must help with putting these criminals where they belong.

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      The Lord God Almighty will do it for us. We only need to wait upon Him. The Lord loves justice, and hates wickedness, cheating, murder, and looting, and also many other evils that Zimbabweans endure at the moment. But his judgement is coming. Let us pray and wait upon Him. The West chose who they will support and sacrifice for, we must not therefore wish for what man can do but what The Almighty will do for us. We must wait upon Him.

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      Collin Mackenzie 10 years ago

      Are you a lawyer or did do law ? from the looks of things you did not so please just keep shut you so obsessed with this Morgan and forget the facts everything about Zimbabwe is wrong what thing have ever said.

      This is not about Morgan ask him where is the money people contributed to the trade union when was leader can someone please tell me and the building’s

      Your Morgan is not perfect and the law will get him just like its done