Zanu-PF councillors pledge better services

via Zanu-PF councillors pledge to provide better services

Zanu-PF Harare councillors-elect have pledged to strongly advocate home-ownership for low-income earners and better service delivery after council is finally sworn in next week. Seven councillors from the revolutionary party were elected in the capital.

In an interview last week, Mbare Ward 3 Councillor Mr Innocent Masekwe said he would work to ensure the local authority prioritises service provision while shunning personal aggrandisement.

He said the last council — dominated by MDC-T ward representatives — failed residents by looting resources.

“In terms of service, we have areas where flats and sewer systems are dilapidated. Water pipes are old to an extent that water cannot flow properly. The state of sanitation is not good either. We have areas here in Mbare like Jo’burg Lines where our great-grandfathers have stayed and died, but those living there are still tenants. They should move on to be home owners. Accommodation is critical. We will facilitate every project that has to do with housing for the sake of the electorate.

“Apart from accommodation, we have the business side. We have vendors who are selling wares outside and along the roads. We will advocate more market space for them.”

Clr Masekwe said he would serve the people of his ward diligently despite MDC-T dominance in council.

“We are not going to be moved or hindered by the dominance of MDC-T councillors. Yes, we might have problems with resolutions, but we will always stand as Zanu-PF. We are happy to have seven councillors. Last time we only had one.

“We are also pleased with the directive by President Mugabe to slash bills. Mbare was one of the worst affected areas. One resident had a debt which was around US$10 000.”

Ward 4 councillor Ms Rai Gwenambira pledged to work towards improving Harare South.

“Being elected into council means service delivery must improve. The electorate vote for you so that they see things happening. In Harare South, there are no roads yet. We want to ensure people have proper houses and water supplies.”



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