Lebensraum, coming to a street near you

via Zimbabwe Situation Facebook  By Oliver Mukome

Still shocked by the election results?! I am too. Of all things, one strikes fear onto my very soul. No, it’s not the possibility of Justice Minister Chinotimba or Finance Minister Kereke. Its that they could have rigged the elections to just a simple majority but it had to be a two thirds majority. The significance of this should be of concern to everyone in the know of the Zimbabwe situation.

Basically, a two thirds majority is needed to pass laws in most of the world including Zimbabwe. Two thirds is the magical number which all democratic parties vie for before which they would have to seek collaboration from other parties which in most cases have different ideologies. In essence, Zanu is saying, WE are government and most importantly, WE are parliament. It removes the need for working across the political divide. The need to argue the content of policy. Faced with the huge challenges we have ahead of us, one would think now is the most critical time where scrutiny of all policies has got to be done robustly by an effective opposition. Instead, having done the heavy lifting for most of them that have won, the new intake of Zanu pf MPs is heavily indebted to Robert Mugabe for putting them there. So rather technically Mugabe has stuffed parliament with ‘yes men’. It will definitely be his way or the highway with no chance for the likes of Mliswa to argue a different position to any avail.

Better yet, marvel at how easy it has become now for Mugabe’s ultimate price: Constitutional change!!! Forget the economy. So what you need a job. So what you have no school fees. Constitutional change is the ultimate price. Amendments to ‘solidify our sovereignty from the British who….EU and America that…’ I get tired even thinking about it.

The constitution that so many people fervently voted for is about to be turned on its head and guess what we’ll have in the end, his much beloved defeated constitution of 2000. The imminent death of Mugabe is shaking Zanu pf to its core so it will seek to solidify it’s position. Whoever comes after Mugabe will be not have his following which Zanu has been counting on to carry it through. The constitutional way will mean the highest court in the land will support it not covertly as now but overtly BY LAW! No one will be able to challenge it’s authority again. Forget opposition parties, forget elections, forget freedom of expression, dual citizenship…what? Thought you lived in a dictatorship before? You ain’t seen nothing, as they say. Learning from their dear friends in China they will have us chanting ‘ein volk, ein furhier ein reich’ sooner rather than later. Little do they know, China runs by a deal with its people: peace for prosperity, otherwise chaos.

They don’t even have to do a lot of work to achieve this police state. In a country of 13 million people, all they need to do is to ‘inspire’ a few Gestapos.  A Chipangano here, another one there to make sure Mai Muzembe does not use the president’s name in vain. Maybe finding the respectable name to call the commander in chief and whatever. Something like… maybe ‘He-who-must-not-be-named’?! But, remember, this is all for your own good. Since you cannot think and decide for yourself, let Chimanasa do it for you though he might hit a couple of women MPs in the process…USSZ.

Like all communists, Zanu sees people as a mass. Not as a group of individuals with unique sets of likes and dislikes. This very aspect is the bedrock of what it means to be human. The reason for the friends you have, the clothes, the food you like. They will seek to control the masses. How they think by state media as other forms will be banned ‘for hate speech’. How our young ones grow by making youth service compulsory and school books filled with as much propaganda as possible while they read Plato and John Grisham and send their children to western universities. Is this not the paradox of Osama bin Laden and Kim Jung-il…obsessed with pornography but bashing America for sexual immorality.

This is the world created by Lebensraum in Germany after 1933. The law that allowed someone unnamed to become the beast he eventually became. Yes, all that which happened, all that, all 6 million of them was made legal because of Lebensraum. This world is about to happen to us. By giving himself this prized majority at such a critical juncture in Zanu pf political life, if his presidency is recognised as legitimate, Mugabe is free to do whatever the hell he wants to do.


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    Rock stone 11 years ago

    What really pains me is Mugabe had allowed to pay Nikuv millions of dollar to rig elections in favor of him & had never thought of supplying clean& fresh water in Zim major roads looks very bad & also not worried about this because he always fly. I don’t. In this regard the chiwengas,chihuris,mnangagwas,chinamasa ,chidyausiku & many more ,now how do you fill children your children are drinking unsanitised water , how do they feel if their post graduates sons and daughters are sweeping & staggering in foreign streets WHAT GOES ARROUND …..,COMES ARROUND .

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      tanyara muchatiguta 11 years ago

      I have watched fiction movies whereby a bad guy is pierced through the chest only to find out that he has no heart.In Zimbabwe its real the people you mentioned areheartless I dont think they even care about their own children,mothers brothers or sisters all they know is their tummies.kan Vachidya vachiguta period……

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    Well Said.

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    bosso40 11 years ago

    Really…!!? Did this contributor just wake up to the fact that we are back to ONE PARTY STATE?? Check Mugabe’s umptieth inauguration speech (or shall we call it?)…same old song,there is absolutely no salt about fixing the economy.Our country is /will remain to the dogs!!

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    william doctor 11 years ago

    Good article. Great insight. Poor country.

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    willy 11 years ago

    Shame on them wat goes around comes around we here we still waiting to see how things will be in the nxt 5 years

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    chondofira 11 years ago

    we are tired of the same old song of liberation struggle and self beneficial indiginisation of the same old bigwigs since 1980 willowvale scandals to nikuv diamond enrichment and hefty payments whilst rural and town development is fast accelerating negatively in the name of patriotism in unabated poverty hunger and malnutrition.