Manama hit by water shortages 

Source: Manama hit by water shortages – The Standard

THE Manama business community in Gwanda has bemoaned the acute water shortages  in the business centre amid reports that they fetch the precious liquid about 5 kilometres away.

Boreholes at the business centre are either broken down or often dry, they said.

“We don’t have enough boreholes due to the fact that there is a hard surface around the Manama business centre, and efforts to drill more boreholes in search of water have been in vain,” Manama businessman, Stanley Mlilo said.

Mlilo said they are sometimes forced to buy water from owners of private boreholes.

Another businessman, Langton Moyo appealed to responsible authorities to find other alternative means to ease water shortages in the area.

Gwanda Rural District Council chief executive officer, Ranganai Sibanda said the completion of the Tuli-Manyame dam is the only answer towards water shortages in the area.