Marondera gets $13,5m devolution funds

Source: Marondera gets $13,5m devolution funds | The Herald

Marondera gets $13,5m devolution funds
Minister Munzverengwi

Rutendo Rori

Mashonaland East Correspondent

Marondera Municipality is working on stepping up service delivery and upgrading infrastructure after taking delivery of equipment sourced using devolution funds.

The council allocated was $8,1 million in 2019 and $5,4 million last year.

So far, council has purchased six water bowsers and a grader, installed three new modular water storage tanks and drilled 17 boreholes to mitigate water challenges in the town.

Speaking during the commissioning of devolution projects by Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister, Aplonia Munzverengwi in Marondera recently, council’s acting town clerk Mr Runashe Nyamuzihwa said they were also using devolution funds to rehabilitate rapid sand filters at Longlands Treatment Plant.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Government for the disbursement of devolution funds which have helped council to improve service delivery,” he said.

“We have used the money (received under devolution) to rehabilitate rapid sand filters at Longlands Treatment Plant at a cost of $4 524 985, procure six water bowsers at a cost of $1 088 555.

“We also drilled 17 boreholes to mitigate water challenges at a cost of $2 112 268 and installed three new modular tanks at a cost of $4 618 234,” said Mr Nyamuzihwa.

Marondera mayor Simbarashe Nyahuye applauded the Government for implementing the devolution agenda, saying it had transformed communities.

“Devolution is a development model which will transform communities as evidenced by projects that are being implemented throughout the country,” he said.

“Marondera Municipality took the initiative to recapitalise its quest to improve service delivery by procuring plant and equipment under a well-structured deal with an investor.

“Council will continue to implement projects that will improve the quality of lives of our people.”

Minister Munzverengwi commended the council for prioritising water provision.

“I want to commend council for prioritising the issue of water provision as evidenced by the projects that you are implementing,” she said.

“Marondera council’s current effort to optimise existing water infrastructure is welcome, as evidenced by the projects they implemented.

“There is improvement in terms of service delivery. Rehabilitation of sand filter tanks has improved the quality of water being received by our residents.”

Marondera’s present water treatment capacity is 18,5 mega litres a day against a demand of 27 mega litres a day due to a growing population.

Minister Munzverengwi said there was need to ensure everyone contributes towards finding a long lasting solution to the water challenges.

She also urged council to utilise devolution funds prudently with a high sense of honesty and decency.

“Marondera Municipality this year, was allocated $91 million under the inter-governmental fiscal transfer facility.

“The council needs to utilise these funds prudently and with a high sense of probity. Let’s prioritise the issue of water, considering that Marondera is the provincial capital.

“Devolution is a concept that underpins our National Development Strategy One (NDS1).

“We have no doubt seeing Zimbabwe taking a trajectory that will transform the social and economic lives of our people,” said Minister Munzverengwi.