MDC commits to genuine dialogue 

The MDC notes with concern Mr. Mnangagwa’s lack of sincerity to have genuine dialogue to resolve the challenges facing the people of Zimbabwe. He has shown little interest in dialogue with his body language clearly showing he is not ready and willing to fine a lasting solution to the crisis.

Source: MDC commits to genuine dialogue – The Zimbabwean

Emmerson Mnangagwa

The Party remains committed to a process of genuine dialogue to resolve the multi-layered crisis currently confronting the people of Zimbabwe. The Party believes that genuine dialogue is in the interest of all Zimbabweans. Genuine dialogue must be solely intended to resolve the various challenges facing the people and not to hoodwink the region and the international community that there is a sincere national conversation taking place in the country.

The Party leadership met for six hours today and noted the continued suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans due to the non performing economy and failure to deliver by Mr Mnangagwa’s administration. The leadership however, restated the position that the MDC will only take part in a dialogue that is presided over by a credible, independent, mutually acceptable mediator/convener. It is only under such a convener that an agenda can be adopted and a sincere dialogue process begin to unlock the challenges affecting ordinary Zimbabweans.

There cannot be genuine dialogue in the current environment of systematic violence, intimidation of human rights defenders and contrived convictions. The party leadership noted with concern the slow genocidal campaign in the countryside, especially in the urban areas. There has to be an immediate cessation of the current clampdown to create a conducive environment for a sincere national conversation.

Zanu PF’s lack of sincerity around dialogue manifests itself in the monologues currently taking place in which Zanu PF is speaking to like-minded individuals and institutions.

Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson