MDC-T prepares to submit dossier on ZANU PF ballot theft

Posted by Nomalanga Moyo on Monday, August 5, 2013  | SW Radio Africa

MDC-T coalition partner and Mavambo leader Simba Makoni says measures are being taken to expose the unprecedented ballot theft which saw ZANU PF winning the Wednesday election.

Makoni, who contested the just-ended poll on a MDC-T ticket, said they were rejecting ZANU PF’s victory as an outcome of a rigged process, and calling for fresh elections.

Last Thursday MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai declared the election ‘null and void, and described it as a ‘farce’ which did not reflect the will of the people.

Makoni told SW Radio Africa Monday that a dossier was being compiled by the MDC-T in a bid to reveal how ZANU PF and its leader Robert Mugabe rigged the election.

He said Zimbabweans should expect other measures aimed at challenging the electoral fraud to be put in motion before “the inauguration of the so-called winner”.

The MDC-T has until Saturday – as required by the law – to take their case to the Constitutional Court, in what is set to be an uphill task. The country’s courts are largely staffed by Mugabe apologists who have consistently ruled in his favour on electoral matters brought before the courts since 2000.  ZANU PF’s Patrick Chinamasa has already challenged the MDC-T to seek recourse through the courts.

Makoni said: “We already have a strong body of evidence to support our case. Most of it is elaborating on the irregularities, which have also been variously expressed by the African Union, SADC, and also by local observers.

“There were irregularities around the voters’ roll, the voting slips, the assisted voters, as well as the turned away voters. All these build up a strong body of evidence that renders the outcome not credible,” he said.

Makoni would not go into great detail about the measures being taken to expose ZANU PF’s rigging mechanisms, but he indicated that the MDC-T will soon be seeking an independent audit of all the election material as part of that process.

Last week Tsvangirai said the dossier of “all irregularities and all the illegalities” will also be submitted to SADC, in the hope that the regional body will intervene.

But observers say this may be another tough call as SADC, together with the AU and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa have endorsed the result and urged the MDC-T to accept it, despite noting the irregularities.

Makoni denied that the MDC-T may have got complacent ‘and slept on the job’ as implied in a Monday NewsDay editorial piece.

“It is not true that we took our eyes off the ball, we continued to raise these irregularities even to SADC. In his final rally, Tsvangirai raised concern about the integrity and credibility of this process, and even called on the Electoral Commission to resign.

“The scale of these irregularities keeps unravelling, and we now know more than we did before polling day,” Makoni added.

One electoral commissioner, Mkhululi Nyathi, has already resigned in protest at the unprofessional manner in which the electoral process was conducted.

Makoni said the commissioner’s resignation is an important part of the evidence that the MDC-T is compiling as they prepare to challenge the electoral fraud.

“We are going to give him (Zuma) and other leaders the detailed evidence of how the election was stolen and we hope they will use that to ensure Zimbabweans get the electoral justice they deserve.”

Once complete the MDC-T dossier is expected to include irregularities such as double voting, use of fake registration slips, the busing in of voters from outside constituencies, the inclusion of ghost voters on the roll, the failure by ZEC to provide political parties with an auditable electronic voters’ roll, as well as the involvement of shadowy Israeli entity Nikuv, among many other issues.

via MDC-T prepares to submit dossier on ZANU PF ballot theft | SW Radio Africa.


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    Hango Yapalala 10 years ago


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      Langabi Shakespear Ngomane 10 years ago

      Nobody stole any ballots. Morgan Tswangirai lost the elections because he is dumb, full-stop. Just imagine Zimbabwe being ruled by Tswangirai. Just thank your lucky stars that he lost.

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        Peter Ndemera 10 years ago

        Unotova mbavha chaiyo. Shame on you, how do you explain, a situation where the of registered voters are fewer than the actual number of people who voted per constituency? Uritsvina!

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    ngwalongwalo 10 years ago

    the problem if MDC -T wants to use the resignation of Mkhululi Nyathi as part of evidence , they must do so knowing that they are putting his life at risk because Zanu Pf kills, they will kill the innocent guy, unless of course if he is out of the country, people saw a lot during elections , but are afraid to talk about it because of fear, we all know Zanu Pf , they are mrderers.

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    Guvnor 10 years ago

    No one believes in the “landslide victory”.This time the spanner has gone into the works. Concerned citizens and rational people ponder on what shall be the natural progression and logical outcome of this “man made miracle”.

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    george 10 years ago

    Im an MDC activist, our party’s plan to seek legal action[audit] of the election results is utter nonsense/rubbish coz the courts to investigate the case are staffed by Zanu-pf loyalists appointed by Mugabe to serve his interests. MDC must know that courts will rule in favour of Zanu-pf obviously. MDC must go back to the drawing board restrategise and come up with an effective formula/plan they must adopt and implement to achieve their objectives.

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    Mashinga 10 years ago

    Let the denied voters show their faces and reason why they were turned away. A dead body does not vote. How do you remove the ink to vote for the dead body and yourself. All Aliens are not literate they needed assistance. How many Aliens do we have in farms, check your records.

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    Chapwititi 10 years ago

    The whole story is around the delicate ballot paper, samples should just be taken in one of the constituencies and tested. A well groomed lawyer with reputable international stand will squeeze ZEC, until they reveal the source of the special delicate and water marked ballot paper and the reason of doing so. The results will produce credible evidence to pin Bob and the rigging team. It was said this is the World’s Fraud never happened anyone since mother earth was created. Breaking world record.