More cops nabbed over fake fines book 

Source: More cops nabbed over fake fines book – DailyNews Live

Tarisai Machakaire      9 April 2018

HARARE – Three more Avondale Police traffic section officers that
reportedly cashed-in on motorists’ fines using a fake receipt book have
been dragged to court.

The trio – Romeo Chipokosa, 32, Lloyd Makuni, 31, and Takuranashe Magomba,
36 – are jointly charged with Claudius Mazvimba, 35, and Blessmore
Mushayahwaro, 30, who were released on $50 bail last week, over the same
case, were charged with fraud when they appeared before Harare magistrate
Josephine Sande.

As part of bail conditions the group has been ordered to continue residing
at their present addresses and not interfere with witnesses as part of

Chikoposa and his accomplices will be back in court on May 2 pending
finalisation of investigations in their matter.

The State has lined up witnesses that were reportedly duped by the duo to
testify but the total value of prejudice has not been established yet.

Prosecutor Sabastian Mutizirwa alleged that Mazvimba and Mushayahwaro
connived with other traffic police officers based at Avondale Police
Station and acquired fake a Z69J book that resembled the originals used in
administrative work.

The court heard that Mazvimba and his accomplices would use the book to
receipt fines paid by motorists that breached traffic regulations.

In a bid to cover up the offence Mazvimba and Mushayahwaro would demand
cash only from the motorists to avoid being detected.

They would share the money among themselves with State alleging that this
would prejudice the ministry of Justice.

According to police administration procedures completed dockets can only
be filed after attaching a pink triplicate copy from a Z69J book but in
all the cases Mazvimba and Mushayahwaro attached fake copies.

The court heard that the duo would submit completed dockets to their
superiors for closure and filing.


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    thats why we always want to come back on the roadblocks so that we continue personally benefiting not the nation