Most Popular Zambian Newspapers

Newspapers are our daily dose of information. It is the simplest form of updating our general knowledge. The world changes every day, little by little. It is us who have to cope up with such changes. How do we cope up if we do not know what is going on? Newspapers provide us with that added benefit to keep us updated about such changes and also to have a daily reading session which is suitable for leisure.

Newspapers have not stayed limited to the paper format. Nowadays news is also found on the official website of such newspaper companies. Zambia, like any other country, also has access to newspapers, and they like reading them too. Some of the famous Zambian Newspapers are: –

Lusaka Times

Lusaka Times is one of the latest and well-known electronic means of news. They have its website where all kinds of information relating to recent issues in Zambia are in discussion.  The Lusaka Times publishes news about all sorts of topics ranging from Sports, Health, Rural News, Economy, etc. if you want to know more click here to read about Lusaka Times.


The history of the Lusaka Times goes back to the 1990s. It was a random opinion thought about by one of the friends during the year 1998. The following year this opinion became an exhibit with a launch of Lusaka Information Dispatch. It has hard to maintain this business model at that age of time, and hence this newspaper agency lost its members, causing it to be closed off for the time being in 2002.  The site got restarted during 2007 by changing the URL of the site, which has not changed to date.

A large number of individuals are involved in the existence of this newspaper. Nowadays, there is a vast group of people working under this company of Lusaka Times all around the globe. Each of them working by their own choice and passion with the motive to provide the Zambians around the planet with the latest quality news. Such news would give depth and facts rather than doubts and rumors.  Lusaka Times provides daily information that comes through big Zambian companies like Zambia Daily-Mail, Times of Zambia, ZANIS, etc.

Lusaka Times does not only publish their content but also allows any person from Zambia to publish their articles on their website if they take all possession and credibility of that specific content. Publishing such articles of individuals are free of cost because Lusaka Times is open-source. Lusaka Times has always had one objective since its starting days to provide every single person with daily news and also receive a response for their articles in an undisclosed manner.  The revenue they earn helps them in updating the standards of the website and making it fast and more comfortable to navigate through.

Zambian Observer

Zambian Observer is another famous Zambian electronic newspaper brand known to provide news and all kinds of information about a variety of topics and especially current affairs to everyone.  The role of media is exceptionally significant in modern-day life. Every single individual has a right to know what’s going on in this world. He/She must also get to know what great things are happening in his/her hometown.  The need to know such type of information is one of the rights of every person. In this modern-day scenario, media provides us with such information through the radio, television, or online websites.

Zambia also has a source of such media portals. The Zambian Observer is one of the newspaper websites, provides news on topics ranging from politics, business, court, entertainment, religion, sports, etc.  They have a motive of delivering every recent news to their folks as much as they can. The Zambian Observer can be one of the leading electronic newspaper brands in the upcoming future.

History and Motive

The Zambian Observer came into existence in the year 2015.  It is a new website that has a good number of individuals who have worked for different newspapers and blogs and have gained enough level of experience. The website is pretty much active as around tens, and thousands of individuals have a glance at the website, and most of the visitors use Zambian Observer daily.  The creators of Zambian Observer have aimed to broaden their actions in the future years by adding more fantastic depth to their content and making it one of the best sources of information in Zambia.