Muderer Zimondi’s bid to prosecute appeal flops 

Source: Muderer Zimondi’s bid to prosecute appeal flops | The Herald

Muderer Zimondi’s bid to prosecute appeal flops
Pritchard Zimondi

Fidelis Munyoro Chief Court Reporter

Pritchard Zimondi, who killed his girlfriend Monalisa Chinomona and was jailed for 18 years seven years ago, had his application for condonation for late filing an appeal thrown out by the High Court yesterday.

Zimondi filed the application out of time, six years after his conviction and sentence in December 2014.

Justice Amy Tsanga dismissed the application on the grounds that Zimondi’s explanation for the delay was implausible.

Charges against Zimondi arose in April 2012 in Chitungwiza, when he went to Monalisa’s place and found her alone in her bedroom.

He entered the house unnoticed, headed for the kitchen and armed himself with a kitchen knife which he used to stab Chinomona on the left breast.

Zimondi left the knife stuck on Chinomona’s breast and fled.

Chinomona was later discovered dead by her brother Tanyaradzwa, with several stab wounds and the knife still stuck on her breast. Tanyaradzwa reported the matter to the police, leading to Zimondi’s arrest.

He was found in possession of Chinomona’s pants and bra, the court heard.