Mugabe leadership, failure 

Source: Mugabe leadership, failure – NewsDay Zimbabwe

There is no doubt that Zimbabwe is being underdeveloped by illiterate presidiums together with the evil practice of democracy.

Y.P Munyanduri,PIMZ Scientific Front

In democracy, popular people rather than competent, talented and knowledgeable people end up in positions of strategic importance thereby contributing to underdevelopment.

Democracy, as practised in Zimbabwe, catapults academic imbeciles and political dimwits into strategic positions just because they are Zanu PF.

Choosing people to occupy positions by voting rather than basing on proven academic prowess and talent is bad and the main cause of underdevelopment.

Scientifically illiterate presidiums will pollute and corrupt scientific facts from below before implementation. In English they say: “Little knowledge is dangerous.”

This is the reason why Zanu PF is heading a failed State that could not even manufacture a teaspoon in the 37 years it has been in power.

Zanu PF is a political party for historians who are scientifically illiterate and, therefore, puts a yoke of hardships on the Zimbabweans. They de-educate the nation by lying that everything comes from the soil.

They misinform the nation that land is the economy and economy is land rather than STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is the economy and economy is STEM.

You can take Zanu PF out of the bush, but you can’t remove the bush out of them — they are the ones who brought the evil practice of democracy.