Mujuru apologises, hints at comeback

via Mujuru apologises, hints at comeback – The Zimbabwe 3 June 2015

After months of silence, former Vice President Joice Mujuru has spoken out about her mistreatment by the ruling party and her plans for the future.

In a formal statement this week she has challenged her persecutors in Zanu (PF) to prove their allegations of treason and corruption in court. She was fired from the party and government after being accused by President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace of incompetence, corruption and plotting to topple the veteran leader.

“I have been accused of plotting against the elected leader of Zanu (PF) and the President of Zimbabwe. In addition, baseless allegations of corruption, personal enrichment, witchcraft, and more have been made against me. I’m not told that this was ‘political banter’ or mere politicking’ leading up to congress. The right and proper place to face these charges is in a court of law,” says the statement.

“It is now six months since I was expelled but, to date, no charges have been filed either at party or state level. I was never called to a disciplinary hearing. The law … is used not as an instrument of justice, but as a blunt weapon for silencing dissenting voices.”

In an unprecedented move, Mujuru apologised to Zimbabweans, saying “For my own role in this failure, I am truly sorry and I apologise to my fellow Zimbabweans. It is a time in our history for contrition and reflection, for cleansing and for divinity of faith.”

She said Zanu (PF) had descended into “a paranoid and insular organisation”. “We collectively failed in our basic mandate to the nation,” she admitted. Mujuru also hinted that she was not done with politics yet, saying she was ready to “serve the nation”.

She said she could imagine a new Zimbabwe where leaders “embraced its greatest asset, people first”.


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    mark longhurst 7 years ago

    The law … is used not as an instrument of justice, but as a blunt weapon for silencing dissenting voices.” Now you know spillblood what you have been abusing against your own people-you zanoids are such lying hypocrites

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    laazuk 7 years ago

    Zanu PF is ZANU PF whether expelled or suspended. It does not mean that the former vice President is better than the current Vice President. It doesnt mean that when one has been expelled from the party they automatically become the Darling of the people. Dr Mujuru was never voted into Vice Presidency. She was appointed, just like Comrade Mnangagwa. By ZANU PF Standards, she has failed. She is out. It was a ZANU PF ticket which propelled her to where she was. It was not out of her political witty. On her own she cannot stand.

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    Chanisa 7 years ago

    You may want to let politicians be politicians. They are all the same – self serving. But you stand a better chance with one who speaks well, as it is principally through their speeches that events are energized. If we say ZANUPF is ZANUPF then so is Morgan Tsvangirayi.