Mujuru stoned at rally 

Mujuru stoned at rally 

Source: Mujuru stoned at rally – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 2, 2018

FORMER Vice-President and National People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru and dozens of her supporters were yesterday injured after they were attacked with stones by suspected Zanu PF activists in Glen Norah and Glen View, Harare.


The incident raised fears that Zimbabwe might not have free and fair elections as promised by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his inauguration speech on November 24 last year.

Mujuru was campaigning in Highfield and Glen View suburbs ahead of the impending elections, when her convoy was intercepted by commuter omnibuses carrying Zanu PF supporters, and pelted with stones.

Her campaign vehicles were severely damaged in the skirmishes, as Mujuru herself sustained a swollen cheek after she was hit during the attack.

The former Vice-President described the incident as barbaric and called on the electorate to dump Mnangagwa’s “violent” Zanu PF party in the upcoming elections.

“Some of these things are done by the government and we must ask that if things are being done in this way, are we going to have a free and fair election? There won’t be,” she said.

“Are we going to say elections were free and fair under these conditions? We cannot! Is this the same government that is going to administer free and fair elections? We are now questioning why they call themselves a credible government.”

Injured NPP Mujuru rally supporter Glen Norah violence

Mujuru added: “Let’s not forget that this administration came through unconstitutional means, which is a coup. So let’s not forget it’s a military government that came in through a coup d’etat and this is why they are doing this. This is not a government that will fulfil the people’s will.”

She said her party would not fight back, but would continue to campaign peacefully in order to expose “Zanu PF’s undying violent DNA.

“This should show the world that we are a party that does its business in peace. We don’t fight and we don’t want anybody to think that we are here to destroy their lives because others are used.”

Although police were not readily available to comment over the incident, Mujuru claimed her supporters had managed to apprehend some of the culprits, who included soldiers.

“Please let’s not retaliate, but let’s show them how things are done. This is the 21st century and we shouldn’t be doing things such as what happened today,” the former Vice-President said.

“Going onwards, there is no turning back. We are moving ahead and even the President said elections are going ahead and as we prepare we need to conscientise ourselves and we will fight peacefully. We don’t take weapons to fight others. We have to teach them modern politics and appeal to the people.”

NPP secretary-general Gift Nyandoro said their attackers initially shouted obscenities at Mujuru before pelting her convoy with stones.

He said after the attack, Mujuru insisted that they should continue with the campaign.

Nyandoro said they were first attacked near Chitubu in Glen Norah A and later in Glen View 8, adding Mujuru was then taken to a private city hospital for treatment.

“As we are talking now, several people are badly injured and we have colleagues who have been taken to hospital,” he said.

But Zanu PF Harare provincial chairman Godwills Masimirembwa said he was unaware of the incident.

“I have no knowledge of that at all. I am hearing it from you for the first time, but I will enquire,” he said.

Zanu PF has been accused of unleashing violence as a campaign tool against its opponents each time there are elections.


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    Once a leopard always a leopard – it will never shade its colours. This amply demonstrates to Zimboz that their salvation lies in nothing less than removing zanu pf from power & installing “a different party altogether”; not any other zanu pf in whatever name, colour or form. I mean, people need to be careful about even these many other “zanu pf-people-fired” parties. Becoz, just like ED, Chiwenga et al who are still in original zanu pf, they definitely have zanu pf DNA in their blood & marrow. Those want to doubt this are just pretending not to see how key members of these “zanu pf-people-fired” parties are busy retracing their fot-steps to rejoin Ed & co in zanu pf. Yes, they may appear to be at zanu pf’s receiving end with us now but kurumana kwembada dziri kurwira bhonzo renyama chete.

    Yes, when the leopards bite or even kill each other, as normal beings, we may feel pity for one that is badly mauled. But let’s not forget it is still a leopard. Some would also say a “bully with a bruised nose is still a bully”; isn’t it? So, yes let’s sympathise with Joice & co; but lets not forget the zanu pf DNA in them & the fact that they would happily administer same bitter medicine unto others had they been in ED & Chiwenga’s position.