Mutamba to fight suppression of Tuku book

via Mutamba to fight suppression of Tuku book – DailyNews Live  17 September 2014

HARARE – Shepherd Mutamba, a veteran journalist and Oliver Mutukudzi’s long-time publicist, has said he will enter an appearance to defend his explosive and controversial book, Tuku Backstage.

Tuku has said he was mulling suing Mutamba over claims he made in his book that dwells on Mtukudzi and Daisy’s romance, squabbles, separation, love affairs, divorce and re-union. The singer’s first wife Melody also opens up on her marriage to the legendary musician and their eventual divorce, and also contains squabbles between the superstar and his daughters.

Tuku has said he was horrified by lurid claims made in the book by his publicist. In a statement,  it emerged that Tuku now wants to appear in court to confront Mutamba, who wrote the book, and to tell him the emotional trauma that it caused.

“We are currently consulting with our lawyers on the action to take but we are moving on with our vision as Tuku Music and won’t let these recent developments slow us down,” Tuku said in a statement.

However, Mutamba told the Daily News yesterday: “I have seen Tuku’s statement everywhere but I am just too busy working on the book to respond. People are waiting to read Tuku Backstage. But should Tuku decide to take me to court, for any reason, I promise him that I will be available any time.”

Tuku outlined how much hurt the book and Mutamba had caused him, and that the claims caused a great deal of distress to him and his family.

He said he “felt betrayed by a man I had trusted so much and brought into my inner circle.”

“Everything about the book that I have seen so far is an attack on me. Nothing positive at all. Is that Mutamba’s summary of who I am as a man?” Tuku asked.

“You can imagine the distress that this has caused my family. If he wanted to pull me down, why attack my family too?

“Our conclusion so far is that Mutamba is simply trying to generate sales for his book using a sensationalised form of journalism that is best suited for tabloids.”

The intriguing 300-page no-holds-barred book to be released before the end of the year, was written over five years and comprises 25 chapters and 200 pictures never published before.

In the book’s preface Mutamba writes: “Tuku Backstage cross pollinates four genres —  biography, criticism and photography steeped in the music and life of Oliver Mtukudzi aka Tuku but also recollects some of my own memoirs from life and work experience and woven into the context of the book.”

“From where I stood as Tuku’s long serving publicist, the book inevitably finds itself criticising the man and his character. I frankly articulate my thoughts about Tuku’s contradicting personality but I also pay homage to his honest music.”


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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Turku you took the money and adoration that came with your fame without threatening to sue, why now suddenly the rush for lawyers?

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    Nyati 8 years ago

    Mutamba has potrayed some degree of betryal. You worked with/for Tuku for those many years, surely you could have hinted and obtained some form of rapport. Tuku is no sacred cow and may love to be viewed as a saint, but Mutamba ukama hahugezwi nesipo. Peace, love and understanding.

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    Uri gamba Kutu kunyohwa bhuku uri mupenyu ende zvedadisa.Bhaibhere riderenyorewa Jeso wafa hazvinakidze.Book rizere NorthEastWestSouth dzako.Hanzi Nyamutamba wrote manegatives most.Its only that ndiwo anotengeseka.Kuseri kwesadza kune husayi mudhara.Ngaribude book tinzwiririre tegani.Segamba kudai retestiwa pa O level literature.

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    Aaagh Mutamba man,leave The Great Tuku alone.Whether he is a devil or a saint why rush and publish.Every normal man has his own weaknesses and strengths but why make a movie out of it.Anyway l wont stop loving his music

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    Tuku forgets that he is public figure. You cannot be celebrity and then want to hide your private life.

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    Hapana munhu asina his/her dark side of life. Noone is a saint. Mutamba became confidant yaTuku nekuda kwehukama hwanga hwavepo pakati pavo. By deciding to go public with Tuku’s dark part of life, Mutamba is betraying the trust that developed between the two over a long period of time. One will obviously question his motive for doing this. Zvambodii and ndiyani ati anoda kuziva nezvaari kunyora pamusoro paTuku! Either he is jealous of Tuku’s popularity or he simply wants to make money out of desperate situations. Shame on you Mutamba! I understand perfectly well the frustration and sense of betrayal Oliver might be going through. But soldier on bro. Your music has a big market share. Some of us are your loyal fans.

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    Professor Marriote Ngwaru 8 years ago

    This is quite classic. The relationship between celebrity status and private life is always in tension. Miss-handled it has often ruined celebrities and devastated fans. Given the reading culture of people in our context, it will be seen what effect the written media will have. Without details about what the contents of the book really are, it is not possible to get into any more analysis.

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    wiki.liki 7 years ago

    Ah Becho!Udoyewha peno iwe iwe Tuku pakarepaye uchirekera mhandu uchiposha nosochisi.