Mutoko RDC, businessman clash over US$50k refund

Source: Mutoko RDC, businessman clash over US$50k refund | The Herald

Mutoko RDC, businessman clash over US$50k refund

Municipal Reporter

Mutoko Rural District Council has been accused of refusing to refund US$50 000 paid by a man who wanted to be allocated land for a business venture.

In February this year, the then acting chief executive Samsom Zulu allegedly sold business stand number 6940 at Mutoko Centre to Mr Clemence Mweleya without following normal procedures.

Mr Mweleya deposited US$50 000 for the stand into Mutoko RDC’s CBZ Nostro account number 24148840110. Zulu was arrested and the stand was withdrawn from Mr Mweleya who is yet to recover his money. Allegations are that the current acting chief executive Mr Cuthbert Ndarukwa has been blocking the release of the money.

Contacted for comment, Mr Ndarukwa said the council was still getting advice from their lawyers on the issue.

However, a letter from council lawyers, Rubaya and Chatambudza Legal Practitioners, dated May 14, 2021 gave the council permission to refund the US$50 000 to Mr Mweleya.

“What is apparent from the foregoing is that Clement (Pvt) Ltd offered to purchase land from Mutoko RDC. The offer was supported by a deposit in the sum of US$50 000 and is subject to acceptance by council. From documents which we have been furnished, there is no proof that council accepted the offer. In the absence of acceptance, there is no valid agreement between council and Clement (Pvt) Ltd,” reads the letter.