National Youth Service to return, says minister

Source: National Youth Service to return, says minister | The Herald August 5, 2019

National Youth Service to return, says ministerMinister Mavima

Midlands Bureau
Government will reintroduce the National Youth Service which has since been rebranded to Life skills Orientation Programme, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavima has said.

Prof Mavima, who was speaking during a guidance and counselling workshop in Kwekwe recently, said the programme was rebranded to also instil cultural values, norms and discipline to the youths.

“We have to inculcate the philosophy of ubuntu/hunhu in our education system. This is why we are seriously considering coming up with a robust system of discipline now that we know we cannot use corporal punishment within schools.

“We are having Life skills Orientation Programme which is a rebranded National Youth Service,” he said.

Minister Mavima said the programme will begin next year and run for a year.

He said the abolition of corporal punishment within schools has resulted in the education sector producing indisciplined youths who are unemployable.

Minister Mavima said the programme will have various stakeholders playing a role in shaping the discipline of the youths.

“We will have various stakeholders like law enforcement agents, traditional leaders, and motivational speakers from both abroad and local who will be coming to play part in trying to instil positive behaviour from among the youths,” he said.

“My plea to all stakeholders is that let us all support the programme and ensure that it works towards the provision of quality education for all.”

Prof Mavima said the main objective for the new programme was to produce world class graduates who are employable anywhere in the world.

“This programme should be crafted in a way that benefits the nation at large and the world equally by producing world class graduates.

‘‘Above all our children should learn to put their country first, and I am hopeful that through the provision of the Life skills Orientation Programme, our children will be better placed to serve their country as we seek to achieve the vision 2030 together,” he said.


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    Mapingu 3 years ago

    Instead of concentrating on fixing the economy zanu pf government is already intending to abuse the much needed & scarce national monies to fund training of a party malitia that will terrorize masses in any coming elections. nxaaaaa!!!!