‘Only UN can deal with Gukurahundi’ 

Source: ‘Only UN can deal with Gukurahundi’ – DailyNews Live

Tendayi Madhomu      12 November 2018

HARARE – The United Nations is the most suitable organ to bring the
controversial Gukurahundi issue to finality as domestic instruments are
not fit to address the issue, a United Kingdom conference recently heard.

Former MDC legislator and ex-minister of State in the Organ of National
Healing in the Government of National Unity, Moses Mzila Ndlovu told
delegates at the conference held in Luton, located 46km north of London,
that the UN is most suitable to bring the matter to justice.

The conference was coordinated by the 1893 Mthwakazi (Matabeleland) Human
Rights Restoration Movement. “We have abandoned any faith in the
government’s National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC). The NPRC
died when the Commission of Inquiry on the August 1 violence came to
Bulawayo,” he said.

“The NPRC has been dragging its feet on the Gukurahundi issue; government
is not committed to finding a solution to Gukurahundi. The UN should
institute a commission to investigate the crime. It is a monumental task
that cannot be trusted in the hands of any government.”

Ndlovu said last week’s conference was a success, and it was attended by
Sri Lankan, Malaysian and British nationals including the Luton Member of
Parliament, Kelvin Hopkins.


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    Fallenz 4 years ago

    OK, who would ever have any confidence in ZANU-PF inquiry into a Gukurahindi inquiry.  Any thought of doing so is preposterously stupid because Mugabe and Mnangagwe would be right in the crosshairs.  Of course, any UN commission would be stonewalled by ZANU-PF to protect Mnangagwe, Mugabe, and themselves from any involvement or knowledge of the massacres.  

    But, never fear… neither they, nor any of those butchers, can ever escape the final judgment.  Then, they will wish they had confessed, accepted their punishments for all their brutal, savage deeds, and turned their lives from evil…. but, “then” will be too late.  They will plead for mercy, but there be be none, for they were not merciful.  There will be no pity, because they gave none.  You can almost hear their screams of eternal agony now.

    Lord, come quickly.