PART 2 Abandoned IDs ‘Used to Rig’ Election

By Zakhele Maphosa  Published: August 6, 2013  | ZimEye

In this article ZimEye reveals the name of a woman who died in 1997 and yet she ‘voted’ in this year’s elections right from her grave. This came as it was also reported that “the oldest person who voted in Zimbabwe’s July 31 poll is135 years old and still serves in the Zimbabwe National Army.”

A total of 59 ID cards have been discovered at pollings stations in the satelite town of Chegutu since last week Wednesday, ZimEye can reveal. Of these, 75% are dead citizens.

52 ID cards were discovered at around 8am last Thursday morning and 7 others were noticed in the morning of Friday last week.

At the time of writing, more ID cards were reportedly being picked and taken to the police station.

But the MDC-T party says many MDC activists have been harassed by the police upon reporting these discoveries.

One Chegutu resident, Mr Edward Dzeka revealed to ZimEye in an exclusive interview his aunt Mrs Constance Matsvimbo whose ID card is among the 59, actually died way back in 1997 and her ID was submitted to the Registrar General way back then as is required by law when they were handed a death certificate but has since resurfaced at a polling station 14 years after her death.

“When Tete vangu Constance Matsvimbo died we surrendered the ID at the registrar to get a death certificate,” he said.

ZimEye is in the process of collating the total count of discovered IDs. More to follow…

Have you discovered IDs at a polling station? Anymore Information? Send your pics and or story via WhatsApp to 00447426863301.

via PART 2 EXCLUSIVE: Abandoned IDs ‘Used to Rig’ Zimbabwe’s Just Ended Election | ZimEye.


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    Alfred Chiukira 9 years ago

    I left zim in 2006 to seek refuge elsewhere. I checked before voting that I was still registered in Harare South Constituency which was my constituency when I was at Kabrit Barracks. I am requesting you to find out whether someone from zanu pf voted for me during their rigging spree.

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    Rudadiso 9 years ago

    So, it appears as if the MDC never learns. Why take the IDs to police stations and risk harassment when it has been proven over and over that MDC persons who make reports end up being arrested themselves? Why not phone the press first before going to the police station so they can witness the harassment? Take as many people as possible and get the press to accompany you.

    • comment-avatar

      Unfortunately this is what one is expected to do by law. Even if one takes with them reporters, friends and relatives one will still be taken in by the zrp (Zimbabwe Republic Police which has turned to be a zanu pf republic police [zrp]). This is why it is important and paramount for Zimbabwe to change the political land-scape so that there can be professionalism in all areas that make the state tick. And I believe this now goes beyond the scope and ‘power’ of politicians eg MDC but now rests in the hands of individuals [collectively] who seem so insignificant is they operate individually. Believe you me we have untold power if we come together and just resolve enough has been enough!

  • comment-avatar
    Ginga 9 years ago

    Then what do u expect Morgiza to do with all this kind of massive rigging?Only God will intervene.

  • comment-avatar
    Mashinga 9 years ago

    Dead bodies do not vote. Where did this 135yr old vote, if he is alive then his birth record was badly recorded. A person can only vote once, how do you remove the ink to vote for yourself and the dead body. By the way how many people have more than one birth certificates in Zimbabwe between period 1960 to 1981 to try and beat the grade seven screening process and rewrite.

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    ki ki ki Mashinga you have answers to our/the nation’s problem that there is a fertile ground for cheating already. For instance, if one has two/three birth certificates it follows that they can have two/three Identity Cards [IDs]. It only takes a partisan polling station to allow him/her to cast the two/three crucial votes. If parties are willing to part with US$300 to any additional vote of one with one ID, how much would a two/three ID man be worth? Am sure your guess is as good as mine!

    We need honourable politicians who can practice introspection and be able to say this is wrong I should not do it. Its unfortunate that Morgan Tsvangirai has not been able to get a chance to lead on his own – the country would have then tasted what good leadership is. That man has what it takes to be a good and honourable leader – partisanship aside.