President Mugabe’s stepson re-invades mine, seizes gold

via President Mugabe’s stepson re-invades mine, seizes gold | SW Radio Africa  by Nomalanga Moyo on Monday, October 21, 2013

Authorities at besieged Tolrose Gold Mine in Kadoma have turned to First Lady Grace Mugabe for help, after her son Russell Goreraza invaded the mine for the second time this month.

President Mugabe’s stepson Goreraza, who claimed to be acting with his mother’s blessing, also took all the gold concentrate produced for that day.

The latest forcible takeover of the goldmine happened last Thursday after the First Lady’s son allegedly scaled a security fence to gain access to the locked premises, according to the NewsDay newspaper.

As reported earlier this month, the mine is at the centre of an ownership dispute between former partners Jameson Rushwaya and ex-banker Patterson Timba.

Timba is said to have sold his shares to Goreraza, amid the protracted wrangle, which has seen the two parties in and out of the courts since 2010.

But rather than follow proper boardroom procedures, Goreraza earlier this month stormed the mine’s premises, declaring himself the major shareholder – see

Attempts to get a comment from Goreraza were futile as he disconnected his phone as soon as SW Radio Africa asked whether he had indeed taken over Tolrose Mine.

We also failed to speak to Rushwaya’s lawyer Mr Maupa, who indicated that he was travelling before his phone disconnected.

However Shame Chimusaru, a manager at Tolrose Mine, told NewsDay that Goreraza scaled the security fence, broke locks to the stamp mill premises, and seized an estimated 500g of gold concentrate.

“He came with a gang of almost 15 people in (ZANU PF) party regalia and climbed over the fence to get to the stamp mills which had been running for eight hours. He broke down locks to the gold separators and took the gold which had gathered there,” Chimusaru is quoted as saying.

The value of the gold concentrate seized by the First Lady’s son is estimated at $25,000.

The manager revealed that despite making a police report, no action had been taken against Goreraza, forcing Rushwaya to seek “audience with the First Lady”.

It is unclear whether Goreraza will retain the more than 300 staff at the mine. So far reports suggest that only those managers deemed loyal to Rushwaya have been barred from the mine.

Abednico Bhebhe, the MDC-T Mines Shadow Minister, said the situation at Tolrose Gold Mine is an “embarrassing” proof of the lack of leadership in the country.

“I am yet to get the full details of what is happening but from what I have gathered so far, this demonstrates that this country has gone to the dogs.

“This is the First Family which we should respect and who should be conducting themselves respectfully and without reproach.

“Buying something and then going on to grab it without going through due acquisition processes shows that there is an element of thuggery displaced by the son of the First Lady,” Bhebhe said.

The Nkayi South legislator said Goreraza reflects the type of leadership offered by the First Family: “With such an approach to issues, are we surprised that the country faces the kind of problems it is mired in?

Bhebhe said foreign investors will not be encouraged by such reports of ‘smash and grab’ by members of the First Family.

He said that Rushwaya’s team was wasting their time turning to Grace for help: “If she wanted to intervene, she would have done so by now without waiting to be approached. That’s what any parent, under normal circumstances, would have done when their son acts in a way that raises eyebrows as Russell has,” Bhebhe added.

Last Friday SW Radio Africa reported that Grace Mugabe herself had allegedly evicted some small-scale miners from part of Manzou Game Park in Mazowe, in what is just the latest of earlier invasions by the First Lady.

Timba, through his company Swimming Pool and Underwater Repair Company, allegedly sold his shares to Goreraza and his wife for an undisclosed fee.

A banker by profession Timba, is one of three other directors who were kicked out of the financial services group Africa First ReNaissance Corporation (Afre) board last year, amid accusations of abuse of policy holders’ funds.

Prior to that Timba had been booted out as executive chairman of Afre, following problems at his now defunct ReNaissance Merchant Bank (RMB).

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Timba may have extended a loan to Rushwaya which was used in the Tolrose venture. It is said that following problems at RMB and some repayment issues on the part of Rushwaya, Timba demanded total ownership of the mine, leading to the on-going spat.



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    gorongoza 9 years ago

    Chimbavha chaGrace, murume wake nevana vake chanyanya muZimbabwe! phuuu! vanosemesa nehumbavha!

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    dont blame the guy,he learnt from his parents.Crime does pay for sho

  • comment-avatar
    Fallenz 9 years ago

    Ya put crooks in charge, and ya get theft. DUH..!

    But, Moyo will say such as this should not be reported because to do so would be “unpatriotic”.

    No new foreign investment… and those who have are just trying to recover as much of their investment as they can so they can get out. ZANUPF thinks no one notices.

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    Dharma Appavoo 9 years ago

    We must not jump to conclusions.
    Evidence must be assembled from all sides and the Truth must be impartially adduced.

    Zimbabwe is not a Lawless Land.
    It has Police Stations and Law Offices.And it has some Cracker-Jack Legal Scholars that serve their country as Judges.

    Lest any rumour-monger rushes out to apply Graffitti on the ramparts of Harare let us avoid getting sucked up by the swirling rumours concerning Nepotism.

    And let us be wary of such duplicitous idiots as the Minister who categorically averred that there is ” an element of thuggery”. And “Smash-and-Grab by the First Family.”
    He also stated the the “Country has gone to the Dogs” And, he admits that he has :no proof”.

    In any event this scenario might go down in history as a momment of Awakening on the African Continent ….. where a Black-skinned Zimbabwean has learned to emulate the egregious misconduct that we became innured to when White-skinned Rhodesians simply and regularly laid claim to National Assets.

    How else did a fellow of such lack-lustre mediocrity as Ian Smith ever end up with so much loot?
    And why did he not encounter any obstructions when he transferred funds to those multiple offshore addresses ?.

    The Shadow Minister is correct about us needing to show respect to the First Family……especially when it is currently headed by the Greatest Patriot that has ever emerged from recorded human history !

    Which is a puzzlement: Such words of wisdom flowing from a Devil with a forked tongue.

    Finally it may end up as a Blessing if some unauthorised Agency takes over the Mine …… simply as a means of getting rid of the Double-Speak Shadows .

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    Torai hupfumi 9 years ago

    Maybe he bought the mine he can not do that if so anenge afana nani mwana uyu but hameno.

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    Chivulamapoti 9 years ago

    Dharma Apavoo had comments as silly as his name. It must be such an embarrassement to have to live with such a stupid name!

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    Dharma Appavoo 9 years ago

    Your name ends in a “POTTIE”.

    And mine ends in an “OO” …as a response to the POO in your POTTIE

    You have really lowered the Standards !