Red flag over audits

Source: Red flag over audits | The Standard


LEGAL thinktank Veritas said delays by authorities to present audit results in Parliament is promoting mismanagement and corruption.

In its latest Economic Governance Watch publication, Veritas said government officials were not permitted to stop the auditor-general from auditing particular accounts or influencing her against issuing reports on her findings, by the constitutional dictates.

“The fact that the Auditor-General is independent does not mean she is unaccountable.

“The constitution does not say expressly to whom she must account, but there are provisions, which make it clear she is generally accountable to Parliament,” Veritas said.

“Despite the clarity in the law there have been serious delays in getting audit reports to Parliament.

“In the case of Zimbabwe National Roads Administration, a forensic audit report conducted by a private audit company on the Auditor-General’s behalf was not tabled in Parliament by the minister of Transport.”